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If you are an admirer of the card game, then getting a jack of spades tattoo on your skin is a great way to show the amount of love for the game.

jack of spades tattoo
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The origin of playing cards can be traced back to China.

In the ninth century, this game was probably invented in the Tang dynasty. By the eleventh century, this game spread across Asia and came to the African country of Egypt.

The introduction of cards was late in Europe, and mention of such games was found in the fourteenth century. As time moved on, the type and pattern of the card games changed from place to place, and today there are probably more than thousands of deck patterns available from different countries.

But the standard 52-card deck, which is based on the French model, has become the most common one to use nowadays. It has court cards, king, queen, jack, and jokers. Regarded as one of the most played indoor games, many people get tattooed with a permanent or temporary tattoo of a jack of spades for a variety of reasons.

Simple Jack Of Spades Tattoo

simple jack of spades tattoo
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People who like playing poker or bridge often get these simple jack of spades tattooed on their bodies. It is one of the fifty-two cards found on the deck with a nominal value of eleven. They can be either inked with traditional black ink or can be etched with colorful ink. These tattoos are both popular among men and women.

The design of the tattoo is simple, with a picture of a knave or jack printed on the card with a spade sign. The best place to put these tattoos on the body is the wrist, forearm, bicep, thighs, calves, shoulder, and back. These tattoos mostly represent the love for the card game the tattooer has.

Slang Jack Of Spades Tattoo

slang jack of spades tattoo
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In many parts of the world, the term jack of spades is used as slang. It is often said in a crude way to a gay person who is attracted to black males and only serves them. Though derogatory in nature, many people get these tattoos done on their skin with either traditional black ink or colorful ink.

The best places to put these on the body are the back, forearm, chest, thighs, shin, and calves. Though used as a derogatory term, some people own these tattoos with pride and are not afraid to show their sexual preferences.

Jack Of Spades Small Tattoo

jack of spades small tattoo
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The small jack of spades is an extremely cool-looking and badass tattoo. Known for their clean and crisp design, they are mostly done on the wrist, fingers, ankle, neck, behind the ear, shoulder, and back. Traditional black ink is mostly used for these tattoos and is both popular among men and women.

As the name suggests, the small spades tattoo follows the concept of minimalism and takes very little place in the skin. They are mostly inked by people who are introverted in nature and do not want everyone to show their body art or can be done by people who like playing cards. Either a picture of a small jack is created using ink, or the spades sign with the letter J is done.

Jack Of Spades And Queen Of Clubs Tattoo

jack of spades and queen of clubs tattoo
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Many people ink more than one card on their bodies to reflect varied meanings through their tattoos. One such popular design is the jack of spades with the queen of clubs. Mostly these tattoos are inked using traditional black ink, and the best places to put them on the body are the forearms, ankles, shins, calves, thighs, chest, and back.

The queen of clubs here demonstrates the meaning that the person is passionate, fun-loving, and enthusiastic, whereas the jack of spades shows that the same person in the time of need is also clever, sarcastic, and uses intelligence. When these two ideas are fused, the personality of the person looks like the two sides of a single coin.

Blackjack Jack Of Spades Tattoo

blackjack jack of spades tattoo
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The King, Queen, and Jack have 10 points, while other cards are taken at face value in the blackjack game. Only the Ace has a higher value, and when an ace is clubbed with King, Queen, or Jack, then the game is won, and it is Blackjack. People who have great luck in cards or are champions at playing this particular game mostly get these tattoos done.

In place of jack of spades, they can also fuse this Tattoo Design with either King or Queen. Depending on the size, these tattoos are put on the thighs, chest, forearm, shin, calves, and back. The word Blackjack is often inked using traditional black ink, and the symbols can be either done in black or red colors.

Jack Of Spades Symbols Tattoo

jack of spades symbols tattoo
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Some people, rather than inking a deck card on their body, tattoo symbols of the card to reflect its meaning. And one of the popular symbols among them is the jack of spades. They can either reflect the meaning of love for the game of the tattooer or can have a sexual overtone.

The symbols can be either inked as small tattoos and placed on the finger, ankle, neck, behind the ear, and knuckles or can be done as medium size tattoos and can be placed on the chest, bicep, forearm, wrist, and back. The letter J, along with the symbol of spades, is portrayed either in black or in red color.

Historical Jack Of Spades Tattoo

historical jack of spades tattoo
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In this jack of spades card, there is a picture of a man who looks like a courtier or an aristocrat from the sixteenth or seventeenth century. They were also called knaves or bower and can be associated with the English or French card decks, which are used commonly nowadays. These cards have a value in the middle between the queen and a ten.

From a historical perspective, the jack of spades is also sometimes associated with Ogier the Dane, a legendary knight of the Chansons de Geste. Many people get inked with the jack of spades for this meaning and put the tattoos on the chest, thighs, shin, back, forearm, and calves. Traditional black fused with other colorful ink is used for creating these designs.

Jack Of Spades Realistic Tattoo

jack of spades realistic tattoo
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The concept of realism was developed in mid-nineteenth-century France, and from there, it spread all over the world. Many people are moved by this particular concept and infuse them into card designs while inking the card tattoos on their bodies. The best place to put these realistic black spade designs is on the wrist, thighs, forearm, chest, back, and shoulder.

The jack of the spades tattoo meaning in the realistic Tattoo Design can range from service to black men sexually or the tattooer’s love for the game of cards. The tattoo artists deliver realistic tattoos in such a manner that they are hard to differentiate from an original photograph.

Jack Of Spades Couple Tattoo

jack of spades couple tattoo
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Couple tattoos are an excellent way of showing the love one person has for their partner. These tattoos often reflect the beautiful and unbreakable bond two people have. The jack of spades couple tattoo is one such example where ideally, both the person love playing cards and to celebrate that along with their relationship, get these tattoos done.

Mostly the symbols of the card, which contains a spade and the letter J, are tattooed on the skin. The best place to put these couple tattoos on the body is on the wrist, forearm, shin, ankle, shoulder, and back. Traditional black ink is often used for these tattoos.

Two Jack Of Spades Tattoo

two jack of spades tattoo
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It is highly uncommon, but few people get two jack of spades inked on their skin. Jack mostly represents a person who is clever and intelligent. On the other hand, two spades demonstrate withdrawal and not accepting the truth. The design has a complicated meaning and is done by a tattooer to reflect the complex personality they have.

Either black or colorful ink can be used for getting these tattoos done on the skin. The best place to put these tattoos is on the chest, side belly, forearm, calves, shin, and back. Due to the unique concept associated with the Tattoo Design, it can be found inked on the body of both men and women.

Depending on the type of card game, the jack has its own value and changes from game to game. Other than that, it also has varied meanings in the world of tarot cards.

Other designs that can be created using a jack of spades are:

  • Jack of spades with birds
  • Jack of spades with skull
  • Jack of spades with lightning
  • Jack of spades with coins
  • Jack of spades with Ace

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