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Are you looking for some cool Japanese tattoo ideas? We have just the same. Mentioned below are some of the best Japanese chest tattoo designs that you will simply adore.

japanese chest tattoo
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Japanese tattoos are one of the most widely recognized tattoo styles in the world.

Typically, there are two types of Japanese tattoos, traditional Japanese tattoos and modern Japanese tattoos. Both are almost identical to each with slight differences.

The art of Japanese tattooing dates back to the ancient 297 AD, when tattoos were more of an expression of folk art. In the modern days of tattooing, the introduction of several new techniques and tattoo machines have indeed eased the whole painful process of tattooing. The only difference between traditional Japanese tattoos and modern Japanese tattooing, lies in the way you apply ink for both these styles. As the name suggests, traditional tattoos are created using traditional styles, that is, without the use of any external machines. Whereas, modern tattoos are done by using various electrical tattoo machines. Here are some excellent Japanese chest tattoo ideas that are mentioned below.

Japanese Dragon Tattoo

japanese dragon tattoo
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Some of the most popular Japanese tattoo designs include, the samurai, tiger, dragon and kabuki masks tattoos. They usually feature bold lines in black and gray ink. This is a beautiful example of a Japanese dragon tattoo etched on the chest of the individual. The artist here has incorporated certain bright colors like yellow, red and orange to make the design more vibrant and realistic. The Japanese dragon is a symbol of power, wisdom, knowledge and blessings. As we all know, the dragon is one of the most powerful mythical creatures in the world. They have been interpreted in different ways, in various cultures. In ancient Japanese culture, the dragon is believed to be the bearer of good luck, and a protector of mankind.

Japanese Flower Tattoo

japanese flower tattoo
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If you are looking for something more on the feminine side, then this Japanese flower tattoo, can turn out to be the perfect design for you. Just look how beautifully the artist has created this whole look on the chest of this individual. As mentioned earlier, Japanese tattoos often involve a lot of different bright colors. Each color holds some sort of significance in the design. For example, the color green is a representation of life, Nature and energy. In this image, we can see one such similar use of different colors like yellow, red and orange, to highlight the different parts of the flower, starting from its leaves, to the delicate petals. You can also try out other Japanese flower designs, like the cherry blossoms, for your next tattoo.

Samurai Japanese Chest Tattoo

samurai japanese chest tattoo
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Japanese warriors, also known as samurai tattoos, are yet another very popular symbol in Japanese culture. Samurais are known worldwide for their excellent and impeccable skills as warriors. For this reason, many people try to demonstrate their own warrior spirit, through this unique tattoo design. It can also b a representation of all the challenges and hurdles that you have successfully managed to overcome, in life. In the above-mentioned image, we can see a very beautiful example of a samurai tattoo, etched on the chest of the individual. To give this design a more scary and creepy look, the tattoo artist has also incorporated the design of a skull at the top of the tattoo. If you like these kinds of ideas, you can try out other samurai tattoos, like Japanese samurai sword tattoo, or traditional Japanese warrior tattoos.

Japanese Tiger Tattoo

japanese tiger tattoo
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The tiger is undoubtedly one of the most ferocious beasts in the jungle. Known for their great strength and power, tigers have become quite a popular design in today’s world of tattooing. The above-mentioned image, contains one similar example of a Japanese tattoo design. In ancient Japan, the tiger was viewed in a positive light, as a protector against ill luck and evil forces. Japanese tiger tattoos usually feature a lot of bright colours and bold lines. Take the example of this picture only. Just look at the juxtaposition of different colours like blue, green, yellow, orange and red that have been used for this tattoo. It surely looks quite attractive and equally meaningful. The only downside to these kinds of colourful and large-size tattoos is that, they might be a bit more expensive than the traditional black and grey ones.

Japanese Snake Tattoos

japanese snake tattoos
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The snake tattoo is one of the most versatile of all designs. Although they are incredibly beautiful to look at, they are equally hard to make. So make sure, that before getting a snake tattoo, inked on your body, you do the necessary research about your tattoo artist thoroughly. In this image, we can see quite a striking example of a Japanese snake tattoo, inked on the chest of the individual. In traditional Japanese tattoos, snakes can hold various meanings. To some, they can be a symbol of wisdom, and good luck, while others might view them as a representation of new beginnings and change. Regardless of the different meanings, the slim elongated body of a snake, provides the perfect tattoo design for every individual. You can go for a simple black and grey snake tattoo, or if you like something more vibrant, you can also add colors to your tattoo design.

Japanese Phoenix Tattoo

japanese phoenix tattoo
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The phoenix is yet another very popular tattoo design, among men and women alike in the tattooing world. The phoenix is a famous mythical bird that is known to rise from its own ashes. But did you know that only one phoenix could live at a time? There are numerous references to this mythical creature in various cultures. In ancient Japan for example, the phoenix is believed to be a symbol of rebirth and transformation. Here’s an example of a phoenix bird tattooed on the chest of the individual. Typically phoenix bird tattoos are designed with orange and red colours to highlight the burning feathers of the bird. However, in this design, the artist has very creatively used a shade of green and blue ink. Similarly, you can also customize your tattoo design according to your preferences. No matter what colour you choose, they will definitely look great on the phoenix design, because of their versatile nature.

Japanese Cherry Blossom Tattoo

japanese cherry blossom tattoo
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If you want a more feminine look for your tattoo designs, then this right here is the perfect one for you. Etched on the chest of the individual, is an exquisite cherry blossom tattoo, that the artist has created using bright pink and white ink. To further enhance the meaning of the design, the artist has also incorporated the moon symbol into the tattoo. As we all know, the moon is often perceived to be synonymous with feminine qualities like beauty, mystery, elegance and grace. So why not include this beautiful and meaningful symbol in your tattoo design? The subtle shading of pink near the innermost parts of the flower, is truly incredible. If you want something smaller in size, you can also customize this design accordingly.

Traditional Japanese Lotus Flower Tattoo

traditional japanese lotus flower tattoo
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In Japanese folklore, the lotus is often associated with spiritual meanings. Some believe that the lotus is a representation of the eternal cycle of life and death. Simultaneously, this particular flower, also has several other religious connotations in other cultures. The above-mentioned image contains one such beautiful design of a large and dramatic lotus flower, etched on the chest of the individual. Although lotus flowers are usually colored with shades of pink, the artist here has used a mixture of bright orange and yellow colors to highlight the same. It looks incredibly aesthetic and is a must-have for anyone who likes these kinds of religious meanings behind their tattoo designs.

Japanese Sleeve Koi Fish Tattoo

japanese sleeve koi fish tattoo
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The koi fish tattoo design is one of the most common symbols in traditional Japanese tattooing. They are a classic representation of all the hurdles and challenges of life, and are an iconic symbol of perseverance and hope. Some of the most common colors used to design a koi fish tattoo, include gold, blue, white, black and red. In this image, the artist has chosen a bright shade of orange and red ink to create this unique look. The tattoo surely looks amazing, and carries deep meaning. The different colors that you use to design your koi fish tattoo, can also denote different meanings. For example, an orange koi fish tattoo such as this, is a symbol of wealth, prosperity and success.

Japanese Half Sleeve Tattoos

japanese half sleeve tattoos
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Here is another very interesting design of a Japanese half-sleeve tattoo. Half sleeve tattoos are a very popular design, especially among men. As the name suggests, a half sleeve tattoo only covers one part of your arm, usually extending from the chest to the elbow region. They are not only one of the most versatile styles of tattooing, but also equally inexpensive and easier to cover up. If you are looking for some similar ideas, then this design right here can be the perfect one for you. Alternatively, you can also try out other designs like Japanese characters tattoos, Japanese full body tattoo design and Japanese art tattoos.

There are innumerable Japanese tattoo designs available, which often makes choosing the perfect one, an almost next-to-impossible task. Don’t worry; we are here to help you with the process. Mentioned below are a few other examples of Japanese chest tattoo designs, that you should definitely check out.

  • Traditional Japanese Chest Tattoo
  • Japanese Geisha Tattoo
  • Japanese Cat Tattoo
  • Japanese Demon Tattoo
  • Japanese Octopus Tattoo
  • Traditional Japanese Peony Tattoo

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