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If you, too, are struggling to find the perfect Japanese neck tattoo ideas for yourself, have a look at these top 10 Japanese neck tattoos.

japanese neck tattoo
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Neck tattoos or throat full neck tattoos are, in general, associated with the communication of a person.

A neck tattoo is a symbolic representation of the open-mindedness of the person getting tattooed with it. It also symbolizes that the person is always open to accepting new challenges or even taking up new risks, and although a neck tattoo is among the most painful tattoos as it is an extremely sensitive area for getting a tattoo done, still it is chosen by people as these type of Japanese tattoos are quite in the trend these days.

Japanese tattoos have both traditional as well as historic meanings attached to them. Having them tattooed into your body is a symbolism that you are well aware of all the Japanese myths and stories about their legend, as well as their tattoo culture. Getting these types of tattoos clearly shows that you would love to speak more about the Japanese tattoo culture in detail.

Japanese Small Side Neck Tattoo

japanese small side neck tattoo
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The traditional Japanese neck tattoos are also called Irezumi. People go for this type of tattoo because they have Japanese history and ancient stories attached to them. One can expect these types of designs to have a Gakubori – character or scene that acts as the tattoo’s background. Most people believe that the tattoo’s ink will help them to have magic and power from the Gakubori. These types of tattoo art should be done by experienced artists, as they can use a combination of many colors within it.

Thus, if you, too, are planning to get a neck tattoo done, you can try out this Japanese side neck Tattoo Design for yourself.

Koi Fish Japanese Neck Tattoo

koi fish japanese neck tattoo
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In general, the Japanese Koi fish tattoo symbolizes that you have the heart and strength to endure the hardest time in your life, similar to that of a koi fish. You can have this koi fish art tattooed into your body in various designs and colors to make it more and more attractive. Japanese tattoo designs are unique, popular, and are also easily noticeable by people.

Thus, if you, too, have gone through such struggles and difficulties in life and want to narrate it in the form of a tattoo, you can try out this koi fish Japanese neck Tattoo Design once.

Japanese Dragon Neck Tattoo

japanese dragon neck tattoo
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Japanese masks are also a popular tattoo choice among all other Japanese tattoos. Oni mask tattoos are usually chosen by those people as a subject of their tattoo who keeps a strong belief in both the good as well as the evil forces all around us. An Oni mask is tattooed on any part of the body as a protective shield against all the evil forces that surround us, as well as bring in good fortune. The true meaning of the word Oni is evil demons that are used to suppress all other evil spirits. There are several other types of masks in the Japanese mask tattoo section. Getting these types of tattoos inked into your body is a symbol that you keep a belief in the fact that the world consists of both good and evil spirits.

If you, too, are interested in getting tattooed with colorful dragon tattoos on your neck, you can try out this bold yet beautiful Japanese neck Tattoo Design on yourself.

Samurai Japanese Neck Tattoo

samurai japanese neck tattoo
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The Japanese Samurai is used to symbolize goodness or nobility. These types of tattoos, in general, symbolize warriors and their fighting spirit to overcome any and every obstacle in life. Many Japanese hand tattoos feature the characters, such as – the Hannya mask tattoo, the Oni mask tattoo, and even the koi fish tattoos can be found in traditional Japanese tattoos.

Hence, give this neck tattoo a try if you keep an interest in Samurai Japanese neck tattoo ideas, which falls among traditional Japanese neck tattoo.

Good Fortune Japanese Neck Tattoo

good fortune japanese neck tattoo
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The Japanese dragon tattoo symbolizes power, wisdom, and also good fortune or good luck. These types of Japanese tattoos are also known as Ryu tattoos. Traditionally. dragon tattoos are considered greedy in the west. On the other hand, dragons in Japan are often benevolent i.e., kind-hearted beings that can manipulate the power of the universe for the benefit of human beings. The Japanese dragon tattoos usually do not have any legs. Thus, in the end, it can be mentioned that the traditional Japanese dragon tattoos are good luck and a sign of the wearer’s striving for wisdom and generosity i.e., liberality and goodness.

Thus, if you, too, keep a belief in the concept of good and bad fortune, and want your life to be blessed with all the good fortunes, do give try this good fortune Japanese neck tattoo idea once.

Tiger Japanese Neck Tattoo

tiger japanese neck tattoo
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The Japanese tiger neck tattoo displays the animal’s power and courage within you. Since a tiger is considered sacred and lucky in Japan, one can even have the art tattooed on their body to shield themselves from all sorts of bad luck and evil powers. Thus, you can also try out this tiger Japanese neck Tattoo Design for yourself.

Colorful Butterfly Japanese Neck Tattoo

colorful butterfly japanese neck tattoo
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Various types of Japanese tattoos symbolize various meanings that are linked to Japanese culture or Japanese tattoo art. A quintessential i.e., an essential part of Japanese tattoo art, is the cherry blossoms, which represent the transience of life as they bloom, fall to the ground, and are washed away. The other name that is used for Japanese tattoo designs is Irezumi.

However, still, these days, many people who are great tattoo enthusiasts like to get their tattoos done in such places so that their tattoos remain completely hidden from society. The reason behind this is that during the early days in Japan, tattoos were used as a marking to identify the Yakuza i.e., the mafia groups, and thus the culture of tattooing is considered disrespectful in the Japanese tattoo culture.

A butterfly tattoo symbolizes free spirit as well as the power of transformation. Hence, if you want a combination of both colorfulness as well as with the meaning of Japanese tattoos, you can try out this butterfly neck Tattoo Design once.

Mandala Rose Japanese Neck Tattoo

mandala rose japanese neck tattoo
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During the early days, when the style of getting a tattoo done was just introduced in Japanese society, it was used as a symbolic representation of many things such as – luck, spirituality, and even social status. The meaning of these types of tattoos was quite different in those days than its meanings nowadays.

The Sanskrit word for Mandala is Circle. Mandala tattoos are used to symbolize perfection and balance. If you, too, are interested in unique tattoo designs, you can try out this combination of mandala rose neck tattoo with both the perfection of the mandala as well as the elegance of the rose in a single tattoo.

Simple Lotus Japanese Neck Tattoo

simple lotus japanese neck tattoo
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Japanese art tattoos are not only restricted to Irezumi, they represent everything from script and symbols. The lotus, or hasu, has great significance throughout Asia as it has a prominent role in the life story of Gautam Buddha. It is most often considered an allegory i.e., an emblem of life, as these flowers rise from the mud, grows, and eventually blossom to become beautiful and multilayered flower.

If you are interested in flower tattoos and want something that will be a combination of both flowers as well as Japanese tattoos, then do give this simple yet elegant Japanese lotus neck Tattoo Design a try once that will make you feel stand out among others and also show that you are a royalty or are going through a rebirth.

Baku Japanese Neck Tattoo

baku japanese neck tattoo
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As a man, or even as a woman, the tattoos you have tattooed into your body show or symbolize that you have much insight, knowledge, and power, the aspects that one cannot expect from correct Japanese art as these designs keep on varying, like – the dragon can have a camel’s or even a fish’s body attached to it.

Baku tattoos mainly draw their inspiration from Chinese and Japanese mythologies. Baku tattoos are believed to protect the wearer from all sorts of nightmares. Hence, if you, too, want to protect yourself from nightmares, you can try out this Baku Japanese neck Tattoo Design once.

Here are some more Japanese neck tattoo ideas for you.

  • Cherry blossoms Japanese neck tattoo designs.
  • Rising sun Japanese neck tattoo designs.
  • Black Japanese neck tattoo.
  • Octopus Japanese neck tattoo designs.
  • Flower Japanese neck tattoos.

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