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Want to share your love for the Gospels with the world? We have an artistic idea! Get a John 3:16 tattoo that speaks to you.

john 3:16 tattoo
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Out of the four canonical gospels available, the Gospel of John is the fourth one.

The extract chosen for tattooing her belongs to the same gospel, present in chapter three, verse 16. John was one of the disciples of Jesus Christ and a very important person to him.

The mentioned verse revolves around the idea that God loves humanity. The verse summarizes, in a sense, the sacrifice of Jesus for mankind. For many Christians, this verse becomes a basic rule where, if they believe in their God, then they will be saved from eternal damnation. The scripture tells how God sacrificed his only son to help deliver humanity from a terrible demise. The Gospel of John is taken as distinct from the other three. This is because it attempted to tell the story of Christ in a more symbolic way than the rest. He wrote it for people ‘who have not seen’, and yet believed in Christ.

Cross John 3:16 Tattoo

cross john 3:16 tattoo
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Here we have a John 3:16 Tattoo spreading over the entire back. The entire message has been inked on the skin. However, it is done in the witty shape of a cross. Few words in the message are stained bright red, calling for attention to those. There is one hidden perk to this tattoo. Back tattoos are known to hurt less than in sensitive spots such as the ankle. Hence, this is certainly a safe option to consider if your pain tolerance is generally lower than others.

The symbol of the cross is very significant for this verse. Cross is often associated with the religious faith. This particular tattoo reminds us of the sacrifice Jesus made for the people and the love he possessed for humanity. The red color no doubt emphasizes certain words and reminds us of the blood that was shed.

Simple John 3:16 Tattoo

simple john 3:16 tattoo
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If you are planning to get a small Tattoo Design that can be covered in a single sitting, this might be the best one out there. Only the mention of the Chapter and the verse number from the Gospel of John is tattooed. Along with that, Juan is written on the tattoo. However, it is in Arabic lettering.

This tattoo is quite revolutionary in itself. People often assume people from Central Asia mainly belong to the Islam faith. Hence, if you are one of the Christians, this is your time to proclaim your identity through a short and simple message to the world. Besides, the lettering does add its aesthetic charm to the tattoo. Remember that the arm tattoo may take less time, but to get the crisp lettering picture perfect, you will need the assistance of a skilled artist.

Faith In God Tattoo

faith in god tattoo
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Getting scriptures simply inked on your arm might be a bit boring. Here is a fine tattoo worth considering for those who would like to experiment more. There is a quote that reads ‘I’m a Whosoever’ as it mentions the chapter and verse in the Gospel of John at the bottom of the quote. The word whosoever is intentionally enhanced by a change not only in the font style but also in the font size.

The word whosoever no doubt refers to the verses referred to in the tattoo. The short message means that the one who flaunts this tattoo is a firm believer in the Bible and God. The real message in the gospel verse indicated how a believer will be saved, and that is what the design tries to remind people. Since this is a fairly small tattoo, you can play with different placements.

Symbolic John 3:16 Tattoo

symbolic john 3:16 tattoo
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We absolutely love the inconspicuous nature of this tattoo. Saint John certainly spoke through many symbols and metaphors, then why cannot the tattoo do the same? The tattoo shows the silhouette of people crucified to the cross in the background. On the top, the face of Jesus is obvious, who is wearing his infamous crown of thorns on his head. The face is extremely realistic. Hence, make sure to get the best quality services for this tattoo.

There is an underlying meaning in this tattoo. Hence, understanding the context is very important for this tattoo. At the least, the artistic message of this tattoo is how Christ died for the sins committed by mankind. The ambiguous face, a sign of pain, reminds us of his self-sacrifice. For a Bible-reading Christian, the suggestion of the sacrifice of God and Christ mentioned in the gospel will be apparent.

Winged Cross Tattoo

winged cross tattoo
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An elegant tattoo spread over the back will certainly make heads turn. John 3:16 is written at the bottom of the structure, while a prominent cross can be identified, with wings at the back. The bold black lines add to the beauty of this piece.

The wings not only exude a stately grace to the tattoo, but it is also very symbolic. Wings are usually a motif as a sign of someone who is now only in remembrance, who has passed to the other world. The cross depicts the firm faith in that other world. Of course, someone can be regarded as Christ in this piece. The wings also invoke a statement of religious freedom. Hence, this tattoo’s inspiration lies in the power and love for the Christians and their faith.

Written In Scriptures Tattoo

written in scriptures tattoo
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John 3:16 might not be one of the famous tattoos to get inked with, but you can certainly add an innovative touch to the tattoo designs. This particular tattoo, owing to its length, can become a great coverup tattoo. The tattoo looks like the pages have been turned in the Bible to the particular verse, which is now laid open for all to see. Beneath, a dark figure can be seen, crucified to the cross. Little details, such as the torn corner of a page added to the design, makes the piece even more amazing. Keep in mind that this elaborate tattoo will take more than one session to complete.

Pain and suffering are partly the inspiration for this idea. The crucified figures symbolize the grief that Christians felt at the loss of Christ.

Words Of The King Tattoo

words of the king tattoo
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The importance and meaning of this tattoo lie on various levels. On one side of the chest, we find the verses from the Gospel of John inked on, while on the other side, we have a splash of color. A typical image of Christ can be seen when he wears a red garment with a blue robe. He holds onto his chest, and light seems to be glowing near his heart.

The location of the tattoo is such that the image of Christ seems to be directly where the heart of the person lies, indicating that Christ is in their heart. Moreover, Christ is seen wearing a red garment, which is often regarded as a sign of martyrdom, red being the color of blood, the verse driving that explanation home.

Remember The Sacrifice Tattoo

remember the sacrifice tattoo
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Another arm tattoo idea is simple yet so metaphorical in its presentation. There are three crosses present along with the verse number from the Gospel of John.

The three crosses refer to the faith in the Holy Trinity. Moreover, paired with the verses mentioned, it reminds one of how Christ had to die, and God sacrificed his son to atone for the sins of humanity and turn them towards a path of salvation. The arm tattoo can easily be placed on the leg, back, or many other spots on the body if you use a little brainpower.

Tribute To A Friend Tattoo

tribute to a friend tattoo
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This is a beautiful gesture for a loved one. Two sets of numbers can be observed at an initial glance. In the background, there is a rose, all completed with black ink.

This tattoo is a little context-specific. A close friend is no less than a family member. In this piece, one number mentioned is, of course, 3:16 from the Gospel of John. As for the other number, it refers to the date a friend was lost. Roses are another symbol of martyrdom, in this case, remembering the one who is lost to this world.

Gothic John 3:16 Tattoo

gothic john 3:16 tattoo
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This tattoo does not need a lengthy description. It is classic with an edge. The gothic font is given a new look with a touch of calligraphy.

Since the tattoo makes no other indication, it might make many curious ones search what the numbers stand for. This is a very straightforward commemoration of your personal belief in God and the Bible. The verse makes obvious the values you believe in and treasure in your life. The tattoo screams you might be traditional, but not a prude. Spread over the arm, keep in mind that this tattoo cannot be hidden for any professional meetings.

Whether a permanent or temporary tattoo, tattoos are a way for the ultimate expression of oneself. Therefore, let that be through a short message found in the Bible or an image of Hello Kitty, whatever it may be, own it with pride.

We hope we surprised you, even if it may seem like a topic with little room for creative innovations. Here are a few more we felt deserved a spot on the list.

  • John 3:16 tattoo inside infinity.
  • John 3:16 tattooed as though on a torn page.
  • The words John 3:16 nailed to a cross tattoo.
  • ‘Forgiven’ written on the tattoo along with John 3:16.
  • The verse translated into a different language tattoo.

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