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If you are a die-hard Naruto fan and want to carry a sign of it, then the Kurama tattoo is a great choice to begin with.

kurama tattoo
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Kurama is a fictional character that can be seen in the famous Japanese anime series Naruto.

Kurama is a fox with nine tails and one of the Tailed beasts who was sealed inside Naruto Uzumaki. The ten tails chakra was split into nine different beast bodies by Hagoromo Otsutsuki, who also gave them names.

Though Otsutsuki separated them, he mentioned that they would always be linked with each other’s destiny and placed Kurama in a temple surrounded by mountains and woods. With time, Kurama became the most sought-after beast who could destroy its enemy and create havoc without feeling remorse. Kurama tattoo has become one of the most in-demand Naruto tattoos in the tattoo industry due to its various meanings and fearsome appearance.

Simple Kurama Tattoo

simple kurama tattoo
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The simple Kurama tattoo is done using the line art technique, with the nine tails edging out to be the most prominent feature of this piece. Shading and stippling are used in a few portions of the Kurama body to make it more realistic. Naruto fans often get this tattoo done for the power Kurama exhibits while battling its enemies.

The large Kurama tattoo ideas are mostly placed on the chest, back, thigh and forearm, while the medium or small ones can be done on the wrist, ankle, calves, shin, and bicep. Black or red ink is the best choice for this Tattoo Design, where sometimes the body is done in black and the tails in red and vice versa. The Kurama in the Tattoo Design can be done as an angry one, a sleeping one, or an attacking one, and it totally depends on the choice of the tattooer.

Kurama Naruto Tattoo

kurama naruto tattoo
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One of the coolest Naruto tattoo designs is the Kurama Naruto fusion tattoo. Kurama got trapped inside Naruto’s body once his mother, Kushina Uzumaki, passed away. In situations when Naruto loses control of his temper, Kurama takes command of him and guides him to create massive destruction around him.

People who like the concept of power and its use for destruction often get this tattoo done on their bodies. Naruto fans get inked with this design for the harmonious synchronization and elegance the tattoo offers. The best place to put this tattoo is on the shin, back, forearm, chest, calves, and thigh. Either traditional black or colorful ink can be used for creating this piece.

Small Kurama Tattoo

small kurama tattoo
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If you want a minimal, clean, and crisp Tattoo Design, then the small Kurama tattoo is ideal. Though small in stature, it speaks volumes if done properly by an experienced artist. Mostly black ink is used for creating this Tattoo Design and is placed on the ankle, wrist, shoulder, forearm, foot, and neck.

The small Kurama tattoo designs are mostly done by drawing a cute fox with nine tails, and the vicious nature of the beast is not shown. Sometimes the character of Naruto is even added in the Tattoo Design inside whom Kurama is sealed. Naruto fans who want to start their tattoo journey with their first Naruto tattoo are often suggested with this Kurama tattoo.

Kunai And Kurama Tattoo

kunai and kurama tattoo
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Kunai is a typical knife made with soft iron, which was mostly used by peasants as a multipurpose cutting tool. But to make it work properly as a weapon, it needs to be in the hands of an able warrior. The fictional character Naruto used a special kunai with an extending blade by the name of Takigakure.

Now when used as a weapon of war, both kunai and Kurama are responsible for shedding blood and creating disruptions. Thus a kunai and Kurama go hand in hand for a Tattoo Design idea perfectly. People with inclinations for blade and Kurama often gets inked with this design and mostly uses colorful ink. The best place to put this design is on the chest, back, forearm, shin, calves, and bicep.

Matching Kurama Tattoo

matching kurama tattoo
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Friends, siblings, and fan club members often love watching movies or series and reading books together. Sometimes few characters drive them emotionally to such an extent that fans often get them tattooed on their body to make them memorable. One such character is Naruto’s Kurama with nine tails.

The matching Kurama tattoos can either be large or small and totally depends on the people who are getting it and blossom extremely well on the ankle, shin, calves, forearm, chest, back, and wrist. With these matching tattoos, the tattooers show their love and support for the Naruto anime series or the comics, whichever they have seen or read.

Fire And Kurama Tattoo

fire and kurama tattoo
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Both fire and Kurama are tools that can either topple a dynasty or save one from its enemies. It is important how both of them are handled and the purpose they are used for. Both fire and Kurama are thus a sign of life and destruction in a nutshell. In return, Naruto learned to respect and control the beast, so Kurama helped him in his journey.

People who have learned to control their inner demons or the fire for destruction mostly opt for this Kurama tattoo. The best place to put this tattoo is on the calves, shin, chest, back, forearm, and thigh. Colorful ink is mostly used for making this design, and objects like a shrine, a blade, or a clock are often included in this piece. Naruto fans also get inked with this tattoo for the glowing image design and the concept associated with it.

Finger Kurama Tattoo

finger kurama tattoo
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Recently finger tattoos have become extremely popular owing to their small yet elegant designs. Naruto fans often get Kurama tattooed on their fingers and design them just like a ring. Traditional black or colorful ink can be used for this Tattoo Design, depending on the tattooer.

Some Naruto fans even portray all eight beasts along with Kurama in the fingers and make it a set. But while getting a finger tattoo, one thing must be kept in mind; finger tattoos can be extremely painful due to the presence of nerve endings on the finger.

Watercolor Kurama Tattoo

watercolor kurama tattoo
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People who like extremely colorful Naruto tattoos mostly get inked with the watercolor Kurama tattoo. Multiple ink colors are fused to get these watercolor tattoos done, and they mix with each other seamlessly, blurring the edges, which are common in traditional ink tattoos. Both the cruel and humane sides of Kurama can be shown through this Tattoo Design.

Watercolor Kurama tattoos can offer a variety of tattoo designs like the angry Kurama, Kurama head, Kurama sitting quietly with its nine tails, or an attacking Kurama. The best place to put these tattoos is on the forearm, chest, thigh, shin, back, and bicep. Though watercolor tattoos are less painful, they tend to fade quicker than traditional ones.

Lotus And Kurama Tattoo

lotus and kurama tattoo
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The lotus and the Kurama support and exhibit an extreme level of symbolism. Beautiful lotus blossoms on a murky pond; on a similar note, when Kurama learns about the goodness in humanity from Naruto, the beast who hated and caused havoc to humanity, helped him. To add value in life, it is important to learn, love, and improve.

People who are trying to make better choices and improve in life often choose this lotus and Kurama tattoo. To share this tattoo with pride, the best place to put them is on the forearm, bicep, chest, back, shin, and calves. Colorful ink is mostly used for creating this piece, and it is extremely soothing to the eye for its aesthetic aura.

Naruto Kurama Seal Tattoo

naruto kurama seal tattoo
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With the death of Kushina Uzumaki, who was the host of Kurama, Minato sealed Kurama inside Naruto’s body. The seal became the gateway for the beast to take control of its host and if not handled with respect, it would create massive destruction and eventually engulf its host. Later, Naruto learns to respect and control Kurama and use it for his own advantage.

This design mostly gets inked with people who are learning or have already learned to control their inner desires. The ideal place to put them is on the chest, forearm, thigh, shin, back, and calves. Anime fans who love the Naruto x Kurama combination often get this Naruto seal tattoo using traditional black or colorful ink.

Naruto is one of the most popular manga series around the world, and its characters are often found tattooed by fans. But the demand and popularity of the Kurama tattoo from Naruto are unmatched.

The other tattoo designs that can be inked using the Kurama design are given below.

  • Lazy Kurama tattoo.
  • Naruto x Kurama eye tattoo.
  • Kurama paw tattoo.
  • Kurama with chains tattoo.
  • Kurama head tattoo.

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