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Are you searching for a statement zodiac sign tattoo to showcase your true self? Here are our top 10 Leo symbol tattoos for all the fierce Leo babies out there!

Leo Symbol Tattoos
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Zodiac sign tattoos are stealing the show with their charm.

Celebs like Ariana Grande, Demi Lovato, and Rihanna have long set the trend of tattooing their zodiac sign and it is not going anywhere in the near future! These symbols are cool, compact, and express one’s personality with style.

The Leo zodiac symbol in particular is causing all the rage with a variety of designs floating around. Celebrities like Demi Lovato, Cara Delevingne, and Hayden Panettiere wear the Leo zodiac sign tattoo either with lion tattoos or a Leo glyph. Leo zodiac tattoos also often feature a sun tattoo or a lion’s face as a defining motif of the fierce attitude that the Leos have.

Leos are widely characterised by their intense charisma and personality. This feisty bunch are the passionate leaders, creative individuals, and outgoing personas who get these qualities from the Sun- Leo’s ruling planet. Thus, a Leo sign tattoo will exhibit all these qualities on the skin without saying much. If you are a Leo and looking for an apt tattoo design that will show your true colours, keep reading and find your best pick in these zodiac sign tattoo ideas!

Simple Leo Symbol Tattoos

Simple Leo Symbol Tattoos
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The Leo symbol tattoo design often includes a tiny hook-like structure, called the glyph. The glyph can be of differing sizes but the shape should be akin to a ‘U’. This minimal Leo symbol tattoo design is inked with plain black ink and creates a quite handy tattoo to place wherever.

Simple Leo Symbol Tattoos ideas
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A simple Leo symbol tattoo is all the more attractive on a Leo as it balances out the individual characteristics on the skin. This mini tattoo takes the edge off with a tiny heart on one end and an overall fine lining demeanour. These simple Leo tattoo designs are particularly helpful for tattooing your ankle or wrist as they fit easily into these sensitive areas without causing much pain.

Zodiac Leo Symbol With Lion Tattoo

Zodiac Leo Symbol With Lion Tattoo
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Want to channel your inner lion in a tattoo design? Leos are as fierce as a lion and so it is no surprise that more often than not a lion will pop up in a Leo tattoo. The artist here opts for a realistic lion tattoo and tactfully inserts the zodiac sign around the left eye. The half-lion face that carries the glyph also contains a number of geometric designs to tie the Leo symbol within the whole tattoo.

Zodiac Leo Symbol With Lion Tattoo ideas
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For a more compact design, the tattoo artist here draws a half lion face on the inside of the Leo symbol. The grandeur of a Leo lion tattoo meaning is further highlighted with an incredibly detailed lion’s mane and proud visage that present a put-together image using simple lines. This black and grey tattoo design will be a great conversation starter when inked on the forearm or the upper arm.

Watercolour Leo Symbol Tattoos For Women

Watercolour Leo Symbol Tattoos For Women
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The Leo zodiac tattoo designs can also be turned into a feminine idea with a simple touch of colour. This beautiful Leo tattoo design features a red rose and the Leo constellation tattoo alongside the zodiac sign. The watercolour bleeds from the rose and partly stains the constellation and the sun sign. Use other cute flowers like a sunflower tattoo and compliment your Leo tattoo idea even better.

Watercolour Leo Symbol Tattoos For Women ideas
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Or you can just watercolour the Leo sign tattoo with a number of different shades. This Leo tattoo idea is akin to the one above but is a much more clutter-free version without many elements. You can etch both these Leo tattoo designs on the forearm offering the maximum chance of exposure.

Leo Sign Tattoo Designs With Botanic Motif

Leo Sign Tattoo Designs With Botanic Motif
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Owing to the shape of the Leo zodiac sign, Leo tattoo designs can be a clever opportunity to convey your love for nature. This Leo tattoo design showcases thin lines that make up vines and leaves around the Leo sign. This botanical Leo symbol will exhibit an added affinity to your persona with such quirky details bound within your sun sign.

Leo Sign Tattoo Designs With Botanic Motif ideas
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Similarly, this tattoo design is entirely made of a flowering vine in the shape of the zodiac symbol. This floral Leo zodiac sign tattoo marks a powerful impact with the colourful shades of red, yellow, and green. Add a little twist to your Leo tattoo design and watch them turn heads!

Cute Leo Tattoo Designs

Cute Leo Tattoo Designs
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Your personality might be intimidating, but your lion tattoos do not have to! This super adorable Leo lion tattoo design on the neck is done with a simple curved line that takes the shape of a tiny lion head. The heart-shaped nose is compensated for cat-like whiskers and the mane for gentle red strokes.

Cute Leo Tattoo Designs ideas
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The realistic lion is again swapped with a ball of fur as it is placed right in the middle of a Leo constellation tattoo. This constellation tattoo is all about featuring colours and shiny things on the canvas. The pastel shades are shiny and paint a scene straight out of a picture book. You can get these Leo constellation tattoo ideas on the forearm, the neck, or right above your elbow to get a crowd favourite Leo tattoo design.

Leo Sign Tattoo In Red

Leo Sign Tattoo In Red ideas
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Red is often associated with feminine energy and a romantic spirit. However, red can be a potent colour in Leo tattoos, accentuating the spirit of a lion and the Sun. This Leo tattoo blends the best of both these symbolisms and presents an adorable design in red ink.

Leo Sign Tattoo In Red ideas
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This Leo tattoo design takes the red drama a notch higher with hand-poked embellishments and the moon, which could mean the wearer refers to the Leo moon sign. Thus, this Leo tattoo design will mean that the wearer is compassionate, generous, and have a kind of inner light that radiates through their very being. Get these Leo tattoos near your wrist to highlight the significance of the signs in red. You can also experiment with other zodiac signs in red and add the two counterparts together in your tattoo collection.

Decorative Leo Tattoo Designs

Decorative Leo Tattoo Designs
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The beauty of Leo tattoos is that the symbol offers a number of diverse tattoo ideas. For instance, this Leo tattoo mixes with geometric shapes and designs to put the sign under the spotlight. The shading measures along with dot work create a half-and-half tattoo that is not entirely definitive and leaves room for imagination. The interplay of black and red draws sufficient attention as a Leo person would in a room full of people. This Leo tattoo is best suited to be inked on your forearm or on the back as is shown in the image here.

Decorative Leo Tattoo Designs ideas
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One of the most efficient ways to highlight a small tattoo sign is to colour it. But here, the artist takes the idea to the next level by using gold and shades of yellow. The yellow on the zodiac sign is brilliantly shaded with black and brown to resemble gold paint, while the florals have a more earthy tone of the same colour. Two of a kind, these Leo tattoos show how you can add your glam element to Leo tattoo ideas.

Elaborate Leo Zodiac Tattoo Design

Elaborate Leo Zodiac Tattoo Design
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Or take notes from this tattoo design if you wish to go all-in with your zodiac tattoos. This Leo tattoo features a sunflower tarot card with the quintessential zodiac sign. The sunflower can be a direct reference to the ruling body and produce the same effect as the sun. The colour gradient also helps the design pop up against the skin without looking obscenely over the top.

Elaborate Leo Zodiac Tattoo Design ideas
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Here the artist pairs the zodiac symbol with a cutesy lion to resemble a plaything. The sign is made with a roll of pink thread on which the tiger rests smiling. Pink, a very unusual colour in the Leo palette will produce a rather toned down Leo meaning in this tattoo design. You can place both these Leo tattoos on your limbs and let them do the talking!

Leo Zodiac Tattoo Ideas With Sign Elements

Leo Zodiac Tattoo Ideas With Sign Elements
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Speaking of maximising the grandeur of Leo tattoos, how about we bring together all the Leo symbols in a tattoo? This Leo zodiac design captures all the elements that the sign is often associated with- the fire sign, the Leo constellation, the Leo glyph, and the Leo sun. All four of these elements are tied together using red watercoloured fumes that rise from the burning fire at the bottom. Manifesting all the elements would also mean a power-packed show of your birth sign, and thereby some instances of your personality.

Leo Zodiac Tattoo Ideas With Sign Elements ideas
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Or keep the idea simple with plain black ink. The fire sign here is swapped with the lion’s face, presenting an equally charming statement Leo zodiac tattoo on the forearm.

Leo Zodiac Sign Tattoo Ideas On The Shoulder

Leo Zodiac Sign Tattoo Ideas On The Shoulder
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Sprinkle some celestial dust on your Leo sign and get a design like no other! This tattoo features a simple glyph but with references from up the sky. The presence of Saturn, the moon, and a star at the three bends of the glyph add a zing to the overall basic Leo tattoo.

Leo Zodiac Sign Tattoo Ideas On The Shoulder ideas
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Or resort to the ways of tribal art and create your glyph with bold black lines on the shoulder. This Leo tattoo looks similar to a fire-breathing dragon, especially with the red and black contrast. Tribal Leo tattoos can be well characterised by their bold strokes and abstract patterning. Both these tattoos are unique on their own and will provide a nice edge to your persona.

Leos are badass, sure, but a Leo zodiac tattoo takes it a step above. The symbol is a highly versatile tattoo trope and can be mix-n-matched with a number of different motifs for both men and women. Zodiac tattoos are on the rise, so join in while it is still trendy! Now that you know how cool Leo symbol tattoos are, start brainstorming on your next tattoo with the suggestions given below:

  • Leo birth chart tattoo
  • Leo sun tattoo on the shoulder
  • Leo zodiac sign with a crown tattoo
  • Leo glyph in an infinity symbol
  • Leo symbol tattoos for men on the rib cage

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