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Looking for some bright Light bulb tattoo ideas that will instantly remind you of what lights up your days amidst all the struggle? Your search ends here.

Lightbulb Tattoo
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Lights signify knowledge and a path out of darkness.

And we say Lumos for the light to be lit. Light bulb tattoo designs are a popular symbol of radiance, enlightening human thinking, evasion of darkness and the brightness in life.

The first incandescent light bulb being devised by Thomas Edison, the meaning of light bulb has been generally regarded as an invention that produced a path in the dark. The concept of a light bulb but, comes with a wide range of symbolism that is related to science alongside being a moral symbol of all that is a bright idea and the connection to the brightness in the world. A small bulb can help us find a way through the maze of night, so light is a way to find our way to hope in life amidst survival. Therefore a light bulb tattoo can signify passion and the art of of finding meaning in the state of our being when things do not go the way we want it to. Light bulb tattoos as a whole, bear categories to it on account of the bold designs that a person can find a tattoo artist creating based on various ideas and individual concepts. If one is wondering as to how a scientific invention of Edison can pose such a wide array of meanings associated with it , then let us just say that the light bulbs themselves have paved the path for the illumination of the ideas – bright or dark.

Broken Lightbulb Tattoo
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The incandescent light bulb is a beautiful piece of a light globe which if broken is generally seen as a symbol of misfortune as per the reviews. But for a bold choice, the meanings that can also be associated with a broken light bulb is the practicality of a person breaking in their lifetime due to the pressure of survival. It signifies that amidst the break, there can still be a streak of light that can enlighten the surroundings. For the tatttoo of a broken lightbulb , it is better to choose a long place on the body therefore the side of the arm or calves or even the sides of the chest work perfectly for the broken light bulb tattoo designs.

Black And Grey Acquatic Light Bulb Tattoo
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As seen in almost every tattoo site , there is a different kind of brightness in the very known Black and grey tattoo work. The black and grey combination bears a undeniable connection with any symbolic tattoo because of how earthy it looks. And creating this tattoo where the bulb tattoo is shown to be lit with an intelligent whale, the bulb looks marvellously unique especially on the arm, chest or back.

Light Bulb With Flowers Tattoo
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A light bulb with flowers is a bright idea in itself. A bright tattoo with colourful flowers elevate the mental energy of the person owning it. The floral design along with the concept of a broken bulb and flowers emerging from the same bulb gives the impression of a growth from a emotional break.

Fluorescent 3-D Light Bulb Tattoo
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What a wonderful idea a 3-D tattoo is. This fluorescent 3-D tattoo in the prospect of a lightbulb tattoo meaning will accentuate the symbolism and will be an absolute visual treat for anyone viewing it. This is the kind of tattoo perhaps Thomas Edison would view and be proud of discovering light bulbs altogether.

Astronomical Light Bulb Tattoo
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People love astronauts and as humans we are often drawn towards space. To put that in the perspective of a light bulb, we can see space as a place of knowledge and our expedition to space has always brought new knowledge to us. Hence, astronauts in a bulb is a great symbolism for innate knowledge.

Neon Portrait In A Light Bulb Tattoo
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Neon is the trend now. Imagine a neon bulb glowing from the arm. It can look amazing! So if one wants to turn heads with a smirk of quirk, this light bulb tattoo is the tattoo you need in on your your arm or even the sides of the face of neck or ankles.

Skull In A Light Bulb Tattoo
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Goth lovers, we have got you covered too. If one has seen a light bulbe, it is shaped exactly like that of a skull. So if both combined , there is no reason for this out-of-the-box, dark skull in a light bulb tattoo to not be a hit.

Minimalistic Rainbow In A Light Bulb Tattoo
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Nothing but just the rainbow streaks emanating from a light bulb is a classic. And not only does this light bulb tattoo look beautiful and radiant , a rainbow can stand for several social recognition and relevance. A popular symbolism to this is the Pride community lighting up the society, once and for all. So waste no time and get it inked on your wrist or somewhere on the arm or even on the chest, right where the heart resides.

Eye In A Light Bulb Tattoo
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All gothic, scary tattoos aside but just an eye staring back at the person in front is one of the great ideas of eerie tattoos. But apart from the spine-chilling ideas, this tattoo can also be interpreted in a different way as to how the eye inside the light bulb is a significant symbol of light and glory watching over one to guide them. So if understood and looking for something unnerving but with an underlying spiritual meaning, this lightbulb will surely gain all the attention with good reason.

Fall Trees In A Light Bulb Tattoo
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Autumn is great and the fall trees look like paradise. With the perfect shade of tangerine, autumn shadiness and the trees during Fall, this tattoo is unique as it sheds light on the brilliance of colourful Autumn season.

Imagine days without a light bulb. And suddenly there is darkness in the room. The tattoo business has had a raging demand for light bulb tattoos because firstly it is a widespread design idea which poses as an important symbol. Secondly, it looks aesthetically pleasing with a range of innovative ideas that can be customised with it. Thirdly, it is easier and more convenient for the tattoo artist to ink compared to many other designs therefore because of which, a light bulb tattoo takes lesser time compared to others. For more bulb tattoo ideas , one can refer to these :

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