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A lion is known as the “King of beasts” for a reason, if you are looking for a lion on hand tattoo then let’s have a look at some of the mindblowing designs.

lion on hand tattoo
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Big cats, particularly lions, have always been popular designs.

However, in the recent timeline, there has been an increase in the number of people with lion tattoos wandering the streets of Toronto and Vancouver. Lion tattoos are rich in symbolism and offer limitless design options.

Humans and lions have decided to share territory in some parts of the globe for up to 200,000 years. It is of no surprise that the king of the jungle is rife with symbolism and meaning. A lion’s sheer power has made it a popular symbol of power, strength, and masculinity. Killing a lion was a part of growing up for Maasai warriors in Tanzania.

Killing the personification of strength and power represented one’s own power and maleness. Despite the fact that declining lion population levels are putting an end to this practice, lions continue to stay a symbol of strength and power. Lions have long been associated with royalty and nobility. Because of their regal appearance, we call a group of lions a pride. Despite their strength and ferocity, lions are a famous symbol of peace. In part, this adds to the royalty image because the lion could choose harmony even but they have their might to succeed solely through their strength. For many, a lion tattoo symbolizes one’s own linkage or idealism towards aristocracy, or leadership.

The Lion Face Tattoo On Hand

the lion face tattoo on hand
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The beautiful simple lion tattoo on hand is literally stunning. If one is looking for a men’s lion tattoo then this is a perfect lion tattoo for men. Among animals, the lion is the most popular tattoo choice and according to people’s opinions roaring lion is the best for tattoos. A lion tattoo is also related even to royalty. In the Rastafarian religion, the lion is prayed to and is considered as good.

The way this tattoo is made shows hows the lion is wearing a crown on its head showing the true meaning of the king and its royalty. These realistic lion tattoo designs are perfect for men and women and the green color that has been used to make the eyes and the emerald stone that has been used in the crown has made the tattoo look more attractive and gives it a royal look.

The Lion With The Crown Tattoo

the lion with the crown tattoo
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This lion crown tattoo shows the true identity of the lion king and the tattoo artist has done a brilliant job making the tattoo give a realistic lion tattoo vibe. The lion represents strength, bravery, and power. The male lion is always regarded as the protector of the female lioness. The tattoo shows the lion wearing a crown. The lion’s eyes look as if it is full of life, this lion head tattoo has covered the entire top hand.

The tattoo can also be made in other parts of the body. The way the grey and black ink has been used is marvelous and the dealings used to make the tattoo is literally stunning. One can even add different elements and can make a geometric lion tattoo.

The Roaring Lion Tattoo

the roaring lion tattoo
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This roaring lion tattoo is an incredible work of art. This can also be called the tribal lion tattoo on hand. This is a realistic lion tattoo design that showcases the emotions and feelings of the lion through the tattoo. The anger cannot be seen physically nor can the roar be physically heard but the tattoo is enough to make us imagine all about it.

The tattoo is so perfectly done that it looks as if it cannot be hand made but someone must have printed and stuck a picture on the hand. The work has been so professionally done that is beyond commenting upon. One could always make changes by adding a crown or showing the saliva dripping from the mouth.

The Lion Tattoo With The Blue Eyes

the lion tattoo with the blue eyes

This tattoo is amazingly made by the tattoo artist. This lion hand tattoo is a brilliant way to express one’s feelings. The way the blue color has been used in the eyes of the lion tattoo is the main attraction of the entire lion face tattoo. The serious face of the lion and the look in his eyes of the lion gives a very stern and strong feeling of positivity.

This tattoo can also be made as a full sleeve or a half sleeve tattoo. One can even make a female lion tattoo. This tribal lion tattoo for men is perfect if anyone is thinking about getting a lion tattoo then they should for sure think about this tattoo.

Lion Hand Tattoo Ideas

lion hand tattoo ideas
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This tattoo band in itself shows the real image of royalty. This is an excellent way of making the lion tattoo. The colored ink that is used in the crown tattoo looks as if someone has added precious gemstones, ruby, and sapphire. The crown is what is making the tattoo look so very attractive. This tattoo is made in such a way that it symbolizes a warrior.

This armband tattoo can be made on the bicep area or even on the arm. The tattoo artist has done a really amazing job making this tattoo. This tattoo is mainly men-centric but if someone makes changes like adding a flower ban or making the male lion a lioness then it will also be perfect for women as tattoos.

Ferocious Lion Hand Tattoo Body Art

ferocious lion hand tattoo body art
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This eye-catching piece of art is beautifully made and can be considered a masculine symbol. The deep lines seen on the face show the emotions of the lion. This roaring image of the lion shows the anger of the dispair, one can just see the tattoo and say what the lion is feeling because this tattoo is so clear and prominent about the feelings.

The tattoo artist has done a pretty amazing job the patience that was required to make the tattoo must have been immense and it can be seen in the picture. The minute detailing that was used to make the tattoo requires a lot of dedication towards work and it can be seen through the work of the artist.

The Large Design Of The Lion Showing Courage

the large design of the lion showing courage
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This roaring lion hand tattoo idea is perfect for anyone who is thinking about getting a lion tattoo. The strength, the power, and the energy can be seen through the tattoo of the lion. The way the black and grey ink is used to make the tattoo leaves a bold impression on the viewers’ minds. We can imagine the wildlife that the lion must have been in the way the lion roars and the surrounding that it lives in.

The lion’s connection to life extends beyond their position at the top of the food chain. Their resilience, power, and energy represent youth and vitality. They are healthy, strong, and bold, all of which our culture associates with youth. Their maleness and vigor exemplify virility by giving birth to new life. They are frequently a symbol of or have a connection to the sun, which is the foundation of life and power on Earth.

The Geometric Lion Tattoos

the geometric lion tattoos
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Lions are important symbols in many cultures and religions around the world. From the ancient zodiac to the conception of Rastafarianism, the lion has been a significant symbol. The lion is frequently depicted alongside cannabis in Rastafari tattoos. Cannabis is believed to be the Tree of Life from the Bible. Its use is a gateway to understanding rather than a high-producing drug.

The Rastafari flag, Bob Marley, and a lion are all popular Rasta lion tattoo designs. Tattoos of a foo dog are prevalent on the shoulder, back, upper arm, and leg. Chinese lion tattoos are frequently inked as traditional Asian tattoos, with an orb to represent life’s duality and along with flowers to depict the balance of fragile nature and strength. In addition, the lion played an important role in their mythology. The Nemean Lion is one of the most well-known. Hercules confronts the Nemean lion, the epitome of strength and power.

The Lion Eyes Tattoo

the lion eyes tattoo
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Lion tattoos can also be made by people who have Leo as their zodiac sign. The lion is the fifth and final zodiac sign. It is the Leo astrological sign, which runs from July 23rd to August 22nd. It is the fire component and is closely related to the sun. The lion symbolizes adventure, leadership, and justice in astrology.

It is believed that those born under the sign of Leo inherit these characteristics. Leo, like the other zodiac signs, is a star constellation. The lion, in fact, is one of the largest and oldest documented stars and planets, going all the way back to ancient Mesopotamia. This tattoo design can be made by both men and women and there can be changes made accordingly.

The Lion Sleeve Tattoo Designs

the lion sleeve tattoo designs
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A wild animal face tattoo appears to be majestic and wise. If you like animals or want one’s ink to look photorealistic, this is the design for you. While some lion tattoos may appear intimidating, a lion’s face reveals the animal’s more mysterious and peaceable side.

Black ink and geometric shapes are frequently used in African tribal art. Meanwhile, the traditional tribal tattoo style features more curved lines, which will give your lion design life as well as movement. In any case, a tribal lion tattoo seems to be eye-catching and unique.

We couldn’t get enough of the lion’s hand tattoos. We have curated a few more for you.

  • The lion’s big head hand tattoo.
  • The lion with the mandala tattoo design.
  • The lioness tattoo design.
  • Lion chest tattoo.
  • Lion’s tattoo design on man’s hand.

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