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Looking for some cool Lorax tattoo ideas? We got you covered. We have collected the best tattoos out there from the popular book and movie we all love!

Lorax Tattoo
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‘The Lorax’ is one of the most popular books written by Dr. Seuss and is an extremely loved movie for kids.

The plot of ‘The Lorax’ revolves around environmental damage caused by the cutting of trees and the greed that fuels this destruction. Lorax is the titular character in the movie and is extremely popular as a tattoo among fans of the book or the movie.

Lorax speaks for the environment and the trees of the valley where the plot is centred around, thus, helping children learn the importance of nature and trees. The specific tree in question is the Truffula, a fictional tree that helps in producing ‘Thneed’, an extremely versatile garment. This final product is acquired by cutting down the Truffulas and using their silky foliage in order to knit these special garments. The book takes readers through the experience of a young boy who finds this out from the Once-ler, who himself was responsible for the destruction of the Truffulas. Dr. Seuss tattoos are extremely popular and so are tattoos that feature various characters from his books. Lorax experiences a similar level of popularity, if not more than other characters. Thus, it is a great idea to get ‘Lorax’-themed tattoos or tattoos of Lorax, the fictional being. The book was initially published in 1971, followed by many adaptations and reworks. The movie based on the book came out in 2012 and absolutely cemented this unforgettable story of the Lorax in the hearts of millions of children and even adults. The Lorax is representative of the trees and the entire point of the novel is to put out a strong message that we must protect our environment and especially our trees. This is one of the most important reasons why many environmentalists and tree-lovers choose to get a tattoo from this beautiful work of fiction.

‘The Lorax’ ‘Unless’ Tattoo Designs

'The Lorax' 'Unless' Tattoo Designs
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‘Unless’ has a deeper meaning that relates to the main focus of the book and the movie. Fundamentally, unless one takes any action, one cannot fix things or improve the condition of the environment (in this case). However, this reference can be used for all sorts of situations and problems. This is a great tattoo to have and Doctor Seuss fans will definitely recognise this while others will definitely have a lot of questions about the meaning of the tattoo as they do not know what comes before or after ‘Unless’.

'The Lorax' 'Unless' Tattoos Designs
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This is another example of a beautiful ‘unless’ tattoo. Here, the words ‘unless’ are written beside a beautiful pink and violet Truffula tree.

Lorax Tattoo Designs

Lorax Tattoo Designs
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Lorax is a truly lovable character and extremely cute, thus, is a great tattoo to have. This is especially the case for children and adults who have watched the movie, thus, getting the opportunity to see Lorax interacting and going about his tasks visually. This is an amazing example of a tattoo where we can see Lorax telling his story on the trunk of a fallen Truffula tree.

Lorax Tattoos Designs
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This tattoo is absolutely adorable and features a furry Lorax crossing his arms and looking away. Lorax’s moustache is truly highlighted here and looks extremely cute as well. Lorax has an unforgettable moustache that fans can especially never forget.

Truffula Tattoos

Truffula Tattoos
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The Truffula trees are symbolic trees for both environmentalists and Dr. Seuss lovers. These trees have been used in many rallies for saving trees and for stopping deforestation. This tattoo features beautiful pink, orange and yellow Truffulas that together look absolutely amazing. The word ‘unless’ has also been used in this tattoo for symbolism.

Truffula Tattoo
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This is another example of a great tattoo of Truffulas. Here, the trees are blue and purple, appearing to be moving (or spinning of sort) due to the wind. ‘Unless’ can also be noticed carved into a few rocks that are there below the colourful trees.

‘At The Far End Of The Town’ Tattoo

'At The Far End Of The Town' Tattoo
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This is a beautiful tattoo featuring the Lorax and two colour Truffula trees. Here, the Lorax has been depicted to be speaking for the trees to protect them. The popular line, ‘At The Far End Of The Town…’ has also been tattooed. The beautiful valley where the Lorax resides comes after this far end of the town.

Dr. Seuss Tattoos

Dr. Seuss Tattoos
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The popular line taken from Dr. Seuss’s personal favourite out of all his works is truly something to think about and gives us a very important message. This line speaks about the fact that nothing will change, improve or get better unless someone, especially the person reading the line does something to change the current state of affairs. This can also be said for something that is inclining towards destruction where the only way to save something (the Truffulas in the case of ‘The Lorax’

Tattoo Artist ‘Lorax’ Recommendation

Tattoo Artist 'Lorax' Recommendation
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This is the kind of tattoo, tattoo artists will definitely recommend if you ask for their opinion. This tattoo is funky and introduces a fun twist inside a tattoo that features a black and white sketch of the Lorax but also introduces a colourful silver key and a beautiful blue flower.

Colourful Lorax Tattoo

Colourful Lorax Tattoo
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This is a fantastic example of a very colourful illustrated tattoo of the Lorax. The trees from The Lorax tattoo alongside the sky and the grass together make the scene very colourful. This is a beautiful tattoo that lets us have hope about a beautiful future where we coexist with nature while not affecting the environment too much.

Black and White Lorax Tattoos

Black and White Lorax Tattoos
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This tattoo is a black and white version of the Lorax trying to save the precious valley by preaching to those who would listen and especially to those who would try to cut down the Truffulas.

Black and White Lorax Tattoo
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This is another black and white tattoo that features the different cute and friendly animals from the valley where the Lorax belongs to. This is an extensive tattoo featuring multiple animals and even some Truffulas.

Beautiful Lorax Tattoo

Beautiful Lorax Tattoo

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This is also another very colourful scene where we can see many Truffula trees of an assortment of colours as well as the Lorax. This is a beautiful tattoo consisting of many colours and is extremely pleasing to the eyes.

Meaningful Lorax Tattoo

Meaningful Lorax Tattoo
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This is a very meaningful ‘The Lorax’ scene featuring the Lorax, Truffula trees and other creatures from the valley. One can also understand the concern and hope in the Lorax’s eyes if one decides to look closely. This concern is for the well-being of the environment and the Truffula trees.

‘The Lorax’ is a fun book with extremely attractive illustrations that provide enough inspiration for hundreds of tattoos of the Lorax and other visual images from the movie. Dr. Seuss’s character, the Lorax is a master of getting the attention and the affection of children. Thus, the character is able to speak to children and even adults through the life of the protagonist in the book. This fictional character is able to speak to us about many concerning factors about our environment and pushes us to be a part of a positive change in a light and fun way.

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