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If you are a fan of Stephen King or his monumental creation IT, then getting a loser lover tattoo is a great way to honor the writer.

loser lover tattoo
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Getting tattoo ideas from movies or books is not a new thing in the tattoo industry.

From inking cult classic movie ideas on your body to personal favorites, tattoo plays a great role in providing the idea about someone’s taste in movies. Some popular movies from which lines, ideas, or images have been used for tattooing are ‘Harry Potter’, ‘Pulp Fiction’, ‘Her’, ‘Fight Club’, and many more.

The concept of the loser lover tattoo originated from the horror and thriller movie ‘It’ (2017) which was directed by Andres Muschietti. It is an adaptation of the book with an identical title by Stephen King. The movie became extremely popular among millions of audiences and from 2017 onwards loser lover tattoo became a high demanding tattoo design around the world.

Simple Loser Lover Tattoo

simple loser lover tattoo
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People who have enjoyed the movies ‘It’ (2017) and ‘It Chapter Two’ (2019) and were especially fascinated with the horror and thrill it gave them mostly get the simple loser lover tattoo. These tattoos can range from small to medium and are put on the skin accordingly. The small ones are inked on the ankle, wrist, finger, shoulder, and behind the ear, while the medium ones are done on the forearm, back, chest, calves, and thigh.

The tattooer pays their tribute with this design to the movie and wants to show everyone their type of choice in the film genre. All the alphabets in the tattoo design are written in black except the V which is written in red. These tattoos are both popular among men and women who are fans of the It movie.

Clown Loser Lover Tattoo

clown loser lover tattoo
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Not only a movie-inspired tattoo but to be more specific a character-driven one. This tattoo was found on the body of the Pennywise clown in the movie It(2017) played by Bill Skarsgard. The lovers of this movie or the fans of Bill Skarsgard often get the loser lover tattoos with the clown. It looks extremely fierce and gruesome and mostly colorful ink is used for creating these tattoos.

The best place to put these tattoos is on the calves, chest, forearm, back, shin and thighs. This pennywise clown with a loser lover also symbolizes the darker side of life and not the happiness or fun associated with circus clowns. From the very design of the image in the tattoo people will be scared and get an idea about what the tattooer wants to portray.

Loser Lover Wrist Tattoo

loser lover wrist tattoo
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One of the most in-demand places to get tattoos on the body is the wrist. Ancients believed that the inner wrist was a portion of the body that emitted spiritual energy and thus doing tattoos on the wrist is a great choice. Putting a loser lover tattoo on the wrist became extremely popular after the IT movie and for the right reasons.

With the wrist tattoo of a loser lover, the tattooer wants to portray that they are not scared of anything as they believe their spiritual faith would guide them in the right direction. Often a cross, a chain of beads, or a lotus is added to further highlight the meaning of spirituality.

Moth Loser Lover Tattoo

moth loser lover tattoo
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The moth loser lover tattoo is extremely symbolic and has layered meanings associated with it. The moth has long been associated with death, transformation, and ill luck. The shape-shifting clown who had the lover loser tattoo in the It movie used to scare people before eating them. A notion of ill omen and death can be found in both the concept of moth and lover loser.

This is the reason the idea of moth and lover loser synchronizes beautifully and the tattooer wants to highlight the uncertainty and fear related to death. The best placement for these tattoos is on the forearm, back, chest, shin, thigh, and calves. Mostly these tattoos are created using traditional black ink with a tinge of red to highlight the concept of death.

Loser Lover Tattoo With IT Book

loser lover tattoo with it book
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Many may have inked the loser lover tattoo after watching the It film but there are also quite a few owners of the loser lover tattoo who have done this after reading the novel by Stephen king. A great choice of novel and tattoo idea for someone who loves dark fantasy and horror fiction. They mostly share the tattoo pictures by holding the book in their hand to reflect the inspiration behind the tattoo.

The tattoo is mostly done in black with only the alphabet V in red. The best place to put these tattoos is on the wrist, forearm, hand, ankle, and chest. Insecurity, betrayal, or the victim of bullying can be extremely related to this design and that is exactly the meaning the tattooer can reflect with this tattoo.

Loser Lover Small Tattoo

loser lover small tattoo
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The word loser lover has become a sign of betrayal, insecurity, and bullying after the It movie boomed at the Hollywood box office making millions of audiences scared. Many people after that get inked with the loser lover tattoo in minimal style to reflect the same ideas.

The small tattoos are known for their crisp and clean design and blossom best on the forearm, wrist, shoulder, finger, ankle, foot, and behind the ear. Often the tattooer uses objects like a balloon, a knife, or a scar to further highlight the meanings associated with the design.

Lover Loser Tattoo With Balloon

lover loser tattoo with balloon
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The lover loser tattoo with a balloon may look very simple but is one of the scariest tattoos one can own. Balloons, in general, have been associated with the symbol of letting go or holding on. But when done with lover loser tattoos the meaning frightfully changes into something horrific. These tattoos are done using traditional black with a red balloon and red alphabet V.

The red balloon was the sign of the monster clown Pennywise in IT who used to lure his victims with the use of this red balloon before killing them. So this tattoo can be like a warning by the tattooer to not follow anyone blindly. The color red is also iconic here as it can be very much associated with death and blood. The best placement for this artwork is on the wrist, forearm, bicep, back, chest shin, and thigh.

Friendship Loser Lover Tattoo

friendship loser lover tattoo
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Friendship has been highlighted as one of the key themes in both the ‘IT’ movie and the book. The greatest weakness of Pennywise the clown was when his victims showed courage and to defeat it, destroying his heart was important. And if friends stay in a group to battle the clown then he will surely be defeated.

This is exactly what transpires in the book and the movie, where the friends together, the losers group defeat the monster clown together. The lover loser tattoo can be portrayed by constructing it in the form of two friends holding hands together or with the word ‘friends ‘ written along with the lover loser design. The best place to put these tattoos is on the wrist, forearm, shoulder, back, shin, calves, thigh, and bicep.

Bicep Loser Lover Tattoo

bicep loser lover tattoo
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The bicep loser lover tattoos are a great choice for people with a good physique. Both inner and outer biceps are a good place to get inked with the lover loser and these tattoos are mostly done using black ink with only the letter V in red.

People who are either fans of Stephen King’s book ‘It’ or the film mostly get these tattoos done for their love of the ideas in the book or the movie. Often a red balloon is attached to the tattoo design to make it simple yet scary.

Loser Lover Tattoo With Compass

loser lover tattoo with compass
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An extremely meaningful tattoo design is the loser lover tattoo with a compass that shows passion and hope. The word loser lover is greatly associated with Pennywise the clown a dangerous entity that is the symbol of ill fate and death. Now, this idea of a loser lover is often inked with a ballon which Pennywise used to lure his victims in the wrong direction and ultimately kill them.

Compass tattoos were quite common among sailors and fishermen who believed that this tattoo would bring them home safely along with good fortune. Now when a compass is inked with a loser lover tattoo the tattooer symbolizes the meaning that it would steer them away from ill luck and bring them to their destination safely. The best placement for these tattoos is the forearm, wrist, thigh, shin, calves, bicep, chest, and back.

If you have a leaning toward dark tattoo ideas then the loser lover tattoo is a great choice that highlights mostly the negative side of life.

The other tattoo ideas that can be created using loser lover are:

  • Loser lover sleeve tattoo.
  • Knife loser lover tattoo.
  • Mask loser lover tattoo.
  • Loser lover tattoo with a smiley.
  • Loser lover tattoo with an anchor.

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