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Looking for some beautiful lucky few tattoo designs? We have got you covered. We have collected the best lucky few tattoo designs out there for you!

lucky few tattoo
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Down Syndrome is caused by an error in the chromosomal arrangement due to an extra 21st Chromosome.

This is caused by an anomaly during cell division and can affect both physical growth and one’s cognitive abilities. Though this might affect the development of a child, these children are as special as anyone else in this world.

The ‘Lucky Few’ tattoos came into popularity in order to reinforce how special these kids are to make people aware of this condition. Even though there are health problems that kids diagnosed with Down Syndrome might face, with love and care, one can easily overcome most obstacles. Lucky few tattoos generally feature three arrows that represent the additional sets of chromosomes or the three sets of chromosomes that people with Down Syndrome possess. This has built solidarity among the parents of children with this special condition and even other moms and dads who wish the best for these special children. The pattern of these arrows symbolises the incredible feat of moving forward without getting affected and rising up. It is said that the number three is lucky in Chinese and most are aware that three is a holy number for Christians. Thus, with three arrows and a lot of positivity, parents around the world are standing together and supporting each other. Lucky few tattoos are very meaningful tattoos and getting this tattoo helps show support to all the other parents who have been blessed with special children. According to the CDC, over six thousand babies get born with Down syndrome every year. This is almost one out of every seven hundred babies. Down syndrome has been estimated to be affecting over 5.4 million people worldwide, which is an astounding 0.1% of the entire population of the globe. However, the number of deaths due to this condition has reduced by almost 50% due to developed nations fighting hard to provide the best care, support and treatment for these special individuals. With love and affection, one can easily fight the negative effects of this condition and live a happy life with their immediate family. Here is a curated list of viral lucky few tattoo designs that you can get inspired from.

Down Syndrome Tattoo

down syndrome tattoo
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This is a classic example of a Down Syndrome tattoo. This is simple and minimalistic but definitely gets the message across. Regardless of the fact that people are parents themselves, one can definitely get a tattoo such as this to show support for other moms and dads.

Lucky Few Matching Tattoos For Parents

lucky few matching tattoos for parents
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This is a beautiful example of a mom and a dad getting matching tattoos for their little baby. These kinds of tattoos are truly inspirational for other moms and dads.

lucky few matching tattoo for parents
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This is another example of a mom and dad getting inked with matching tattoos to celebrate their adorable baby. These kinds of tattoos are amazing for couples and parents.

Lucky Few Tattoo With Text

lucky few tattoo with text
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This is a beautiful tattoo with ‘lucky few’ written beside the familiar three arrows. Additionally, there is a heart on this tattoo as well, making this tattoo extra adorable.

Minimalist Down Syndrome Tattoo

minimalist down syndrome tattoo
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This is an incredibly minimalistic tattoo with very thin lines that make up the arrows in the tattoo. These kinds of tattoos do not take much time to get inked and take very little space as well. One can always choose to get this tattoo anywhere on their body, whether they wish to flaunt it or whether they wish to get a simple tattoo due to relating with the condition.

Thick Lucky Few Tattoo

thick lucky few tattoo
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This is also a simple and minimalistic tattoo but the difference in this is the width of the lines and how prominent and dark these arrows are. This tattoo looks as good as a tattoo with much thinner lines and might cater to tattoo enthusiasts who wish to make a statement to onlookers.

All Three Perfect Tattoo

all three perfect tattoo
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The statement ‘Omne trium perfectum’ translates to ‘Everything that comes in threes is perfect.’ and this directly refers to the three chromosomes children with Down Syndrome possess. This beautiful line is in Latin and many parents around the globe are choosing to get this statement inked alongside Lucky Few tattoos. This tattoo will also get people interested in what the tattoo is wanting to say, thus, helping spread the word about this condition even more.

Lucky Few Tattoo With Heart

lucky few tattoo with heart
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This is another example of a great tattoo that is meant for spreading positivity about Down Syndrome with the additional placement of a heart below the arrows. This makes the tattoo adorable and very cute to look at. These kinds of tattoos help project the love that is associated with the motive behind getting lucky few tattoos. One can also choose to get multiple hearts instead of a single one and can customise this kind of tattoo depending on one’s visual preferences.

Aesthetic Lucky Few Tattoo

aesthetic lucky few tattoo
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This tattoo is a perfect example of an aesthetic Down Syndrome tattoo. This is extremely simple and the location of the tattoo is great. One can also choose to get this tattoo on their chest, neck or back.

Cute Lucky Few Tattoo

cute lucky few tattoo
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This is an example of an adorable Down Syndrome tattoo with a heart above the arrows. One can not show enough love for this special condition that affects hundreds of thousands around the globe. About one in one thousand babies born are diagnosed with this condition.

Lucky Few Tattoo With Date

lucky few tattoo with date
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This is an incredibly innovative way to get yourself inked with Down Syndrome tattoos as one can also choose to ink the date when their child has been born alongside the arrows. In this particular tattoo, the date has been inked in Roman numerals, however, one can choose to use traditional numbers as well. This is an absolutely beautiful work of art.

Down Syndrome might cause many delays and disabilities but it does not make individuals affected by this any less skilled, talented or creative in their own way. However, Down Syndrome causes heart disease, thyroid and other appearance or developmental problems, thus, it is a great initiative to spread the word as much as possible so that more studies and research projects are initiated to help cure this condition before birth or to reduce the side-effects of this condition. People who have this condition are beautiful in their own way and with with help of educators and therapists, each child with their specific condition can be helped massively. Down Syndrome should not be treated as a curse but as a minor bump in the road that we must all overcome as a large global family. With more research and with more medical progress, we will surely be able to treat this condition much better and in a more effective manner. The three arrows symbolise progress and eventually, children with down syndrome will not be able to be differentiated among others.

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