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Are you looking for some authentic Maori tattoos? Then, you can check out this list of gorgeous Maori tattoo designs we curated exclusively for you.

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Maori is a tribe based in New Zealand, and tattoos in Maori culture are called Ta moko, which are considered to be prestigious in their society.

Full facial tattoos were considered holy since Maori tribes consider the head the most sacred part of the body. In Maori culture, women usually had a Maori chin tattoo and a Ta moko on their lips, which were called Moko kauae.

The traditional way of tattooing a Ta moko was by using chisels, also known as te uhi. The different designs were made with varying widths called uhi. The Maori tattoo artist was called tohunga ta moko. However, in today’s world, modern tools are used for tattooing a Ta moko. Through the art of tā moko, Maori people represented their history, journey, identity, and cultural heritage. A facial tattoo or facial moko was only done by the people with high social status in the Maori culture. In today’s world, non-Maori people can also consider having a tā moko on their bodies. If you are searching for some Maori tattoo ideas, then you can check out the list below.

Classy Maori Tattoo

classy maori tattoo
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This amazing tattoo features the Maori tattoo art perfectly. The placement of this tā moko brings out the best of it. The intricate design throughout the tattoo is marvelous. The use of fine lines and curved lines in this tattoo is an authentic display of the Maori tattoo design.

Usually, a Maori tā moko has a double or triple twist which is portrayed in this tattoo beautifully. This body art makes the tattoo wearer look really classy. The tattoo design, along with style, is very intriguing in a certain way. If you want traditional Maori art on your body, then this tattoo is the ideal one for you.

Magical Maori Tattoo On Leg

magical maori tattoo on leg
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This tattoo design consists of beautiful Maori art. The tattoo represents the living art form of the Maori people in New Zealand. The tattooing process of such Maori tattoos takes a prolonged period of time.

This tattoo contains different elements of mother earth, like the turtle and the flower. The different patterns used in tattoo is also noteworthy. If you notice, then you might see that the turtle is tattooed in a Maori art form whereas the flower is given a realistic outlook. The whole style of this tattoo makes it look magical and brings out the true essence of the māori culture. It is one of the best Maori tattoos that you can definitely consider getting on your body.

Cool Maori Tattoo

cool maori tattoo
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Some Maori tattoos mark new beginnings and this tattoo is among such. Maori is a group of people who resides in eastern Polynesia and they can be easily recognized by their tattooed heads.

In ancient times, these tattoos were done using hand tools, but now the modern machine has made it easier for people to get exposed to Maori tattoos. The use of dark pigment in this tattoo makes the Ta moko look really cool. There are some patterns in this tattoo that represent the beautiful ferns. This tattoo has a unique expression attached to it. If you want a tattoo that will give out a fashion statement, then you should definitely consider getting this tattoo.

Full Sleeve Maori Tattoo

full sleeve maori tattoo
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This beautiful tattoo portrays the Maori artform and covers the full sleeve f the hand. There are different patterns and symbols used on this tattoo that brings out the authentic tribal art of the culture. The use of curved lines, fine lines, and circular patterns, along with many other geometrical patterns, make the tattoo look really aesthetic.

The style and the choice of patterns hold a very deep meaning which is connected to the person’s personal journey. There are certain elements of earth subtly used in this tattoo. Some Maori tattoos represent the life journey of the Maori people living in New Zealand. This tattoo will look phenomenal on the human body and this should definitely be on your list.

Gorgeous Māori Tattoo

gorgeous māori tattoo
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This tattoo consists of different elements of the Maori art style. The shading and detailing of this tattoo are spectacular. The spacing, along with the choice of patterns, is worth appreciating. The artist did a splendid job on this tattoo.

There are certain shapes and signs in this tattoo that are authentic to the Maori people. Some patterns in Maori tattoos represent supernatural powers that these people are believed to possess. The placement of the tattoo is also marvelous which brings out the best parts of the tattoo. This tattoo would look gorgeous on your body and you should definitely consider getting this one.

Aesthetic Maori Tattoo

aesthetic maori tattoo
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Due to the use of modern tattoo machines, even non-Maori people can get their choice of Maori tattoos. Some tattoos are a tribute to the spiritual guardian that protects these people. The placement of this beautiful tattoo is at the back of the leg.

The unique feature of this tattoo is the cross in the middle which represents the presence of the holy divinity. This tattoo features different shapes. The top portion of the tattoo is drawn in a circular pattern and the bottom portion of the tattoo is in a triangular form. If you are looking for a tattoo to pay respect to your spiritual guardian, then this tattoo is the one you should totally get.

Enchanting Maori Tattoo

enchanting maori tattoo
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This gorgeous tattoo features Maori art in the tattoo. The placement of this tattoo starts from the bottom of the neck and goes all the way down to the wrist, covering the shoulder along with the full hand. Some tattoos promote clear thinking in the māori culture who are settled in New Zealand.

The patterns used in this tattoo make the tattoo look authentic to the culture. The shading and detailing of this tattoo are just flawless. The selection of signs and symbols in this tattoo brings out the best. The use of bold strong strokes makes the tattoo also look unique. This tattoo would look absolutely stunning on your skin and you can definitely consider getting this one done.

Traditional Owl Maori Tattoo

traditional owl maori tattoo
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The Maori people from New Zealand use different earthy signs and symbols to represent certain aspects of life. This tattoo features Maori art in the shape and form of an owl. The owl represents good health, wisdom, prosperity, achievement, power, and growth and promotes high self-esteem. There is no definite outline of the owl, but the symbols and signs, along with the intricate designs used in this tattoo, portray the features of an owl flawlessly. The shading and detailing of this tattoo are remarkable. If you are into Maori art and if you love birds, then this tattoo is the ideal one for you and it will look lovely on your skin.

Sketch Tattoo

sketch tattoo
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This stunning tattoo features a Pae Tuara art form, and it has an intricate Maori tattoo design. The placement of this tattoo is at the lower back side of the body, which makes it perfect for the tattoo to stand out.

The unique feature about this tattoo design is that it is divided into two parts and both the parts are mirror-like images of each other. The style of this tattoo is the use of fine lines inside the beautiful pattern. The tattoo has an outlook of a triangular shape. The detailing of this tattoo is very minute and it is very pleasing to the eyes. If you want a tattoo that will look really aesthetic on you, then you can absolutely consider getting this tattoo on your body.

Funky Maori Ta Moko

funky maori ta moko
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This unique tattoo features Maori art in a funky style. The placeen=ment of this tattoo starts from the side of the shoulder to the upper part of the arm, wrapping up from the back of the shoulder, leaving the side of the shoulder empty to give it a very elegant outlook.

The patterns, symbols, and signs used in this tattoo make the tattoo look absolutely gorgeous. The unique feature of the tattoo is the style in which the tattoo is placed which brings out all the best features of this tattoo. If you are into Maori tattoos, then this tattoo would look absolutely magnificent on your skin.

If you are still wishing for the ideal tattoo, then you can also check out these amazing Maori tattoo designs below and choose one.

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  • Dog Skin Cloak Maori Tattoo.
  • Maori Unfurled Fern Leaf Tattoo On Cheek Area.
  • Traditional Maori Fish Hook Tattoo On Left Side.
  • Creative Maori Face Ta Moko.
  • Broad Toothed Combs Maori Tattoo.

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