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Losing a loved one can be extremely traumatic and the best way to keep them close is a tattoo. Check out these amazing memorial angel tattoo ideas for you!

memorial angel tattoo
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Do you know that the best way to capture your deepest emotions is a beautiful memorial tattoo?

A memorial tattoo gives you a great opportunity to acknowledge the death of your close ones like your parents, your grandparents, your partner, or even your pets. There are a lot of designs that are made in honour of these closed ones and some of the famous designs are a heart tattoo, portrait tattoos, butterfly tattoos and many more.

The most common design yet is that of a memorial Angel tattoo. A lot of cultures believe in the fact that once a person is dead, they go to heaven and become angels, and that is their way of guiding you through life. They believe that these angels are with us through thick and thin moments of life, and will keep us happy and healthy. To keep them close forever, such people like to get Angel memorial tattoos on themselves.

These memorial Angel tattoos are not only a way to celebrate your relationship with your loved ones, but also a way to celebrate your relationship with God. Whenever you look at these statues, it will reinstate your belief in life knowing that the person you love the most is there to guide you.

We have curated a list of some amazing memorial Angel tattoo designs. So what are you waiting for? Select the design that will keep you close to your loved ones forever and make your next body art now.

Memorial Angel Tattoo

memorial angel tattoo
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Going through the death of anybody who has ever been close to you is a difficult process. However, using a parent is one of the most traumatic things a person can go through. There are some deaths that you just can’t get Hoover and losing a mother or a father is a very similar feeling. According to the Christian faith, it is believed that once a person passes away, they become guardian angels of other people.

This tattoo is a perfect representation of that. This tattoo is actually a very simple design. It has the word mum written in the center of the design. Behind mum are Angel wings representing the fact that your mother is now your Angel. Below the word is the birth date and the death date of the person who has died. The entire tattoo has been made with shades of black and grey, and to highlight certain areas, white ink has been used. If you want a design to honor your mother, then this is something that you can consider.

Rose And Angel Wings Tattoo

rose and angel wings tattoo
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This tattoo is another very beautiful design that is used to pay tribute to a loved one. There are 2 different elements in this design. The main element is the Rose which is placed in the center of the title. A rose is not only a beautiful flower, it is also a representation of deep and passionate love. Insert and cultures or rose is seen as a symbol of devotion to God as well. The other elements of this design are the Angel wings attached to the rose.

The Angel Wings represent the fact that the person who you lost is now an Angel and will guide you through. To give this tattoo are more beautiful effect. There is a Halo made on top of the Rose which looks like the Angel Halo. The entire tattoo has been made with shades of black and grey. If you are looking for a sweet and simple design to honour your loved one who has passed away then this tattoo is for you.

Matching Angel Tattoos

matching angel tattoos
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This design is a matching tattoo of 2 baby angels. A baby Angel tattoo is a representation of innocence and the link between Earth and heaven. It is also a symbol of the love of God and protection. Many people prefer to use this design to honor the birth of a child, or even sometimes the untimely passing of a child. This tattoo represents the fact that your child is now in heaven, protected by God, and will guide you in this life.

The tattoo artist has used simple strokes of black ink to make this design. It is a small design and the placement is such that whenever you look at it, you will be reminded of some happy times. This design is a beautiful way to pay tribute to your child who is no longer with you.

Memorial Angel Tattoo For Pet

memorial angel tattoo for pet
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A pet becomes a part of your family no matter how long they’ve stayed with you. Especially dogs. Dogs are a man’s best friend, and it’s a true saying because you will never find something as loving and as loyal as a dog. When a pet dog passes away, it feels like you’ve lost a family member. There are many people who like to commemorate these pets by getting tattoos on them.

This particular tattoo is a design of a dog that has Angel wings and a Halo. The tattoo artist used simple black ink to make the design. This is one of the best pet tattoo ideas you will find on the Internet and you should definitely consider getting this if you want to honor your pet.

Simple Angel Wings Tattoo

simple angel wings tattoo
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This is one of the simplest Angel memorial tattoos that you will find on the Internet. The design includes only 2 elements, the Angel wings, and a Halo. These 2 elements are a sign of showing that the loved one who has passed on has now become your guardian angel. This design is placed on the rest of the wearer, where it is visible at all times. The artist has used fine line work of black ink to make this tattoo. Whenever you look at this tattoo, it will bring back some beautiful memories and will remind you of your loved ones.

Remembrance Tattoo

remembrance tattoo
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This is a beautiful remembrance tattoo by the tattoo artist. Losing a child at a very early stage is extremely traumatic. Over here, the tattoo artist has tried to recreate something very beautiful. They have made an imprint on the legs of the child who was lost. Along with this imprint, there are Angel wings and a Halo. To add to the element of the design, there are clouds in the background which highlights the feet mark. The artist used black, grey, and white ink for the entire design. The best part of the design is the name of the child ‘Selena’ written below the feet. It is a beautiful and meaningful design to honor your baby.

Small Memorial Tattoo

small memorial tattoo
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This is another very beautiful way of honoring your pet. The tattoo artist has created a beautiful design that includes a heart Angel wings, a Halo, and the name of the pet. The best part about this tattoo is the pop print that is on the center of the heart. The artist has used shades of black, grey, and white to create this design. It is a very small design and the body placement is such that you can look at it at all times. This is the design to go for if you are looking far away to honor your pet cat or dog.

Memorial Angel Wings Tattoo

memorial angel wings tattoo
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This is one of the most minimalistic Angel tattoo designs on the Internet. It is so small and simple that it was probably made in just one sitting with simple strokes of black ink. The placement of the tattoo is such that it is not painful at all. This design includes Angel wings and a halo and is a memorial design made for someone who is no longer with you. Search tattoos show that you are still dedicated to those people, even when they have passed on. If you are looking for an extremely small and simplistic design, then this one is definitely the one you should consider.

Baby Angel Tattoo

baby angel tattoo
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This tattoo is a great design that has been made in the memory of your child. Instead of going for the traditional brag, grey and white colours over here, the tattoo artist is used bright colours. To make the feathers they have used pink and blue ink. Reviews black ink to make the feet of the baby and a yellow Halo is on top. To add to the element of this design, there are the words ‘carried for a moment, loved for a lifetime’ also written in black ink. This is a sweet and simple design that will honor your baby’s memory forever.

Silhouette Memorial Tattoo

silhouette memorial tattoo
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For this design, the tattoo artist has made an entire sleeve on the arm. They have created the silhouette of the person who has passed away in the center of the design. Along with it, there are other elements like Angel Wings, Stairway to heaven, and folded hands. For the entirety of this design, the artist has used black, grey, and white ink. This tattoo is a beautiful way to honor and dedicate something special to your loved one. If you are a tattoo junkie and want to honor somebody then this is the way to go.

Getting a tattoo with permanent ink on your body is a decision that can be very intimidating. However, getting a memorial tattoo for your loved ones is also one of the best ways to keep them close. You can ask your tattoo artist to give you a temporary tattoo first, and then you can convert it into a permanent one if you like it. We hope that you liked the ideas given above, however, if you would like to check out more memorial tattoo ideas, you can also look at –

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