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Are you looking for a military tattoo idea? Here is a list of the 10 best military tattoo designs that you should check out.

military tattoo
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The military is a force that protects a country’s best interests and fights for them.

Army tattoos are one of the best ways by which you can honor the people who fought for your country and died while protecting it.

Men and women who serve in the military are full of pride and devotion to their country. Every military branch, from marines to the coast guard, air force, is always ready to serve their nation and risk their own lives for the sake of protecting something which they call home. They leave their loved ones behind and first think of their country. It’s common among Americans and other countries to wear their patriotism on their sleeves with army tattoos and show how proud they are of their military forces. You can see today’s generation with various kinds of military tattoos, such as American Bald Eagle. These army tattoos are badass and can never go out of style.

Military tattoos represent more than what you think. Admire the country you live in by getting these amazing military tattoos designs inked and learn what is the true meaning behind them.

The Rican 68 Tattoo Designs

the rican 68 tattoo designs
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On May 2nd, 2018, military aircraft of Puerto Rico Air National Guard, C- 130 Hercules, crashed shortly after its take-off. The plane was actually being flown to retirement but crashed before that could happen. All military personal on the plane had died in this tragic accident. The tattoo design honors the military men who died in the crash and pays due respect towards them. The tattoo artist has inked the C- 130 Hercules in a beautiful way, with the representation of the tail, wings, and body of the plane being exactly the same as actual aircraft. Additionally, the artist has added flowers and a shell.

Military Tattoo Designs With World Map

military tattoo designs with world map
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This beautiful black and gray inked military tattoo shows the world map and oceans with a compass and anchor. This tattoo design respects the navy and its sailors and coast guards who are always protecting their countries on coastlines and freshwaters. It is because of the Navy and its will to protect us against the threats from oceans that we are able to live with peace on land. A compass serves as a good luck charm that allows a sailor to find his way home. Getting this tattoo inked on your arm in the same spot as the image would be the best way for you to honor the Navy.

The Rooster Military Tattoo Designs

the rooster military tattoo designs
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This traditional-style Nashville rooster tattoo is a colorful and really cool tattoo! But there’s a deep meaning behind this tattoo. In World War II, sailors inked foot tattoos of roosters and pigs in the hopes that these would keep them away from drowning. At that time, the Navy used to ship these roosters and pigs in crates, and then the ships got wrecked; these animals would sometimes be the sole survivors. Rooster is also used as a symbol to pay homage to veterans for their service in the Vietnam war. The tattoo design also contains a beautiful blue-colored flower and green leaves. Getting this tattoo on your foot is a tradition among veterans. Most soldiers are proud of their uniform and dog tags and get them inked on their body too.

Army Tattoos With Battleship

army tattoos with battleship
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A traditionally inked battleship, the most simple and clean military tattoo you can carry. The tattoo design represents the naval battleship inked in black surrounded by birds sailing across the ocean. The bottom part of the tattoo also has a beautifully inked yellow flower with green leaves around it. The navy battleships are always protecting the waters, and the troops are always combat-ready to defend their water lines, even if it means death for them. You may get this tattoo inked on your arm or back.

The Sailor Lady Military Tattoo

the sailor lady military tattoo
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Looking for tattoo designs of military heroines? Take a look at this one. This traditional tattoo represents a strong sailor lady in the early days. The tattoo artist has very precisely inked the eyes of this lady with green color with strands of her hair being shown as well. There’s a bit of red below her eyes, and the artist has also added touches of yellow color around the whole tattoo as well. This tattoo truly has an amazing blend of colors that makes it pop out. Your arms or wrist might be an ideal position for a tattoo of this kind.

Memorial Military Tattoos

memorial military tattoos
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Incorporating a dog tag on the feather of an eagle is a great way to show your patriotic feelings towards your country. This army tattoo’s dog tag serves as a memorial for troops who sacrificed their lives in war, so their country stays protected and does not lose its freedom. The tag and eagle feathers have a touch of realism in the ink and shading style. This black and grey tattoo deserves a place on your arm or chest. This personalized idea tattoo for military brother passing away is a symbol of remembrance of the sacrifice of a fellow soldier.

Army Tattoos Of The American Eagle

army tattoos of the american eagle
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The American Bald Eagle is a symbol of freedom and liberty. The artist here has inked a bald eagle in black and grey. It is one of the most famous military tattoos among civilians, military personnel, and veterans as they take pride in their country being a land of free people and home of the brave. The eagle is considered a sign of beauty and purity, and getting it inked on your body would show dedication and love for your country. You can get this tattoo inked on your wrist or arm.

The Military Soldier Tattoo

the military soldier tattoo
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One of the most realistic-looking military tattoos on our list, it captures an image that speaks a thousand words. The artist has inked a soldier standing in the middle of a battlefield with a rifle in his hand. The soldier is inked in grey and white ink, while the flowers blooming behind him are bright red. The area which has been freed by the soldier blooms again with flowers, but the red colour reflects their sacrifice. The artist has honoured the men and women in service for bringing in peace and freedom.

The Air Force Military Tattoo

the air force military tattoo
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Tattoo artists have represented two planes flying high in the clouds protecting the land below, which thrives because of the protection offered by the air force. The red flowers bloom because Air Force men in service protect the country from aerial threats and end aerospace exploitation by enemies. Air force tattoos like these can definitely look good on your back, shoulder, or legs, as per your preference.

‘We The People’ Military Tattoo

'we the people' military tattoo
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The phrase ‘We The People’ comes from the Preamble of The United States. We the people refer to citizens of The United States, who can belong to any race or gender. The artist has inked the phrase in front of the American Flag to show the unity and strength of the citizens of the US. The military tattoo has been inked in black and grey and is a piece of art for sure. Due to its sheer size, this tattoo can fit wonderfully on your arm, leg, or back.

Military tattoos serve a great purpose, to honor men and women soldiers who dedicate their lives to serving the country and protecting its citizens. Check our suggestions if you are looking for freedom army tattoos or more military tattoos!

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