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Looking for some meaningful minimalist simple hip tattoos to match your discreet and creative personality? You’re exactly where you’re meant to be!

minimalist simple hip tattoos
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(If you were not planning on a hip tattoo, take this as a sign that you should get one right now!)

Cute and chic, a hip tattoo is all about the bold femininity in you.

However, a hip tattoo can instantly be elevated by combining some minimal and aesthetic tattoo design with it. If you are someone who is bold but also is not really into showing off, a simple hip tattoo will never fail you. Hip tattoos are one of the most popular and discreet locations on the body to get inked on. One reason it is so popular amongst women tattoo enthusiasts is that it can be hidden, and even if you choose to show it off a little, it can still be an eye-catching piece of art. Another reason would be its versatility and how a person can choose to ink subtle and simple designs or large and bold designs.

Unfortunately, one of the primary reasons for a tattoo fading out is the sun. Well, the good news? A hip tattoo will barely be an issue because unless you’re at the beach in a bikini, or you’re more of a crop top and low-rise jeans kind of a person, a hip tattoo will hardly show itself.

However, if you are looking for ideas for your first tattoo, trust us, you definitely might want to reconsider. A hip tattoo is one of the body placements that are most painful, but if you think you’re brave enough and can bear the pain that comes with it, you have our green thumb!

Now, without any further delay, let’s look at our catalogue for the ten best simple, minimal, and cute tattoo inspiration pics for your hips that you will ever come across.

Floral Hip Tattoo

floral hip tattoo
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It might sound cliche, but honestly, tattoos with flowers are one of the most feminine tattoos out there. If you have been planning to get in touch with your feminine side through a tattoo design that would that is beautiful and minimal, a minimalist tattoo like this above-featured tattoo will be an attractive option. However, since a flower tattoo like this tends to be very delicate in detail, we would recommend you find a tattoo artist who is experienced in inking tattoos that deal with detail.

Nevertheless, if you wish to make your hip tattoo a little more minimal and aesthetic, you can also consider getting a line art design like the one below on your next tattoo parlour trip. So what are you even waiting for? Go find yourself an artist to have a body art like this permanently tatted on your body.

floral hip tattoo ideas
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Tiny Flowers Hip Tattoo

tiny flowers hip tattoo
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Even though a flower tattoo design like the previous one looks pretty dope, some of you might love flowers but are not a fan of a prominent tattoo like that. This is why we are here with an equally gorgeous but smaller tattoo with a rose. Roses are a universal symbol of love and beauty. Perfect symbolism for femininity, a small but pretty rose tattoo design would fit perfectly on a hip placement.

However, you can also play around with your rose tattoo and make it creative and meaningful like the one below. Portraying the life cycle of a rose, this tattoo is artistically brilliant and expressive. So, use your imagination and let it go wild while deciding on a beautiful rose flower tattoo!

tiny flowers hip tattoo ideas
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Butterflies Hip Tattoo

butterflies hip tattoo
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Undeniably beautiful little creatures, butterflies hold different meanings in various cultures around the world. In general terms, butterflies represent freedom, rebirth, new beginnings, and beauty. In China, a butterfly symbolises young love and is associated with grace and joy. In Japan, a butterfly symbolises marriage, and Aztec people believe butterflies are a reminder of the dead. For the Celts, it signifies the afterlife, while the Irish believe they are souls of dead people. So, don’t even give this tattoo design a second thought and just go with it. You can also get this tattoo with your best friend, just like the one in the picture, but you will still not go wrong even if you choose to go with it on your own.

So, what are you even waiting for? Spread your wings and let this butterfly tattoo leave you feeling bold as hell!

Roman Numeral Hip Tattoo

roman numeral hip tattoo
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We all have that one specific number that is extremely close to our hearts. So, if you too have a number that is personal or precious to you, a Roman Numeral symbol tattoo design on the hip would be one of the best tattoo ideas for you. An artistic approach to a special number, these numerals are a great way to honour something that your hold close to your heart. This is also one of the reasons Roman Numeral make a great tattoo design when you want a trendy and stunning tattoo but don’t want to put a lot of effort.

Still confused about what day to choose? It could be anything from your birthday, your loved ones’ birthday, a lucky number, your engagement or wedding day to your pet’s birthday, and honestly, the list could go on and on. We are sure you know what we are talking about. We promise a small tattoo like this would look hella cute on your hip region. So, do make sure to add this to your wishlist for the next time you visit your tattoo artist.

Cursive Hip Tattoo

cursive hip tattoo
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One of the most popular Tumblr-ish tattoo designs in the world happens to be cursive tattoos. All you need to do is pick up a word or your favorite phrase, and get it inked on your hips. And trust us, you can never go wrong with a cursive tattoo design. Cursive tattoos can also be fun to work with because of their potential to be as versatile as you want them to be. Get creative and think up a significant word or even letter in your life. Look up any word or phrase that can work as a reminder of all the good messages that you should never forget. Words like ‘faith’, ‘love’, and ‘hope’, among others, are a few of the most popular words chosen for a cursive tattoo design. For the font, you can also use the handwriting of a loved one that you want to keep forever close to your heart.

Typewriter Font Hip Tattoo

typewriter font hip tattoo
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If you want to move away from the same old cursive font for your tattoo, you should definitely check out a tattoo in typewriter font. These typewriter font tattoos can be a dope way to step away from the mundane and make your ink art look unique. You can make it even more creative by having your favourite prose tattooed on your hips. The best part of a typewriter tattoo is the vintage touch that comes with it. All you need to do is find out something that has a special meaning in your life, transform it into a cute tattoo design, and let your hips do all the talking.

Bouquet Hip Tattoo

bouquet hip tattoo
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If you are someone who is into flowers but feel like just one flower will not be enough to represent your personality? Then why not ink a whole damn bouquet? Delicate, cute, and bold at the same time, if you have been looking for a flower bouquet tattoo design to add to your tattoo wishlist, this tattoo is meant for you. And since each flower in the world has a unique meaning attached to it, a bouquet tattoo also gives you an option to choose any flower of your choice. You can also get a bouquet of a flower that might remind you of your little happy place called ‘childhood’.

However, bored of the same old black ink? Customise this if you want by making it colorful, like the bunch of flower tattoos below, and you can even add in different details of your choice.

bouquet hip tattoo ideas
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Favorite Prose Hip Tattoo

favorite prose hip tattoo
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A variation to the cursive text tattoo, you can personalise your tattoo a little more with your favorite prose tattooed on your hips. There must be at least some prose or even a quote that plays a significant role in your life or would remind you of something special. Prose like that definitely deserves to be imprinted on your body. If this particular prose is really close and personal for you, your hips are the perfect placement in case you want the tattoo hidden. So, if you have been looking for a sign to go through with this, this is it!

You can also change the directions of the tattoo and make it vertical like the one featured below to align perfectly with your delicate curves. However, you must remember that a horizontal line hip tattoo like this one won’t remain as subtle or hidden if that’s what you have been looking for.

favorite prose hip tattoo ideas
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Favorite Fruit Hip Tattoo

favorite fruit hip tattoo
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Got a fruit that you are absolutely obsessed about? We have a perfect tattoo idea for you and your best friend (or maybe just you). Here is an example of such a tattoo with a cute little avocado that you can pair with your best friend. These fruit tattoos can also be customised creatively by adding in different details to express your love for the fruit.

You can also freely alternate this avocado with another fruit of your choice, like this cute little apple in the picture featured below. You can also make it colorful and still end up with as cute a tattoo as you want it to be. Quite a cute and cheeky way to embrace your love for your favorite fruit, and we are here for it!

favorite fruit hip tattoo ideas
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Celestial Bodies Hip Tattoo

celestial bodies hip tattoo
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Of course, we saved our favourite for the last! Presenting in front of you one of the most beautiful and wholesome hip tattoos of all time. A celestial tattoo is a versatile piece of art that can be created in any way that the bearer may prefer their celestial bodies to be. You can choose to get just the sun, the moon, or just a few stars for their celestial tattoos, but all these can definitely be combined to end up with a perfectly beautiful tattoo. Celestial tattoos often represent strength, divine, magic, and purity, making a celestial tattoo a must-have tattoo.

We hope you must have found the one tattoo that has you absolutely obsessed with it. Hip tattoo designs are, of course, not limited to the above mentioned ten designs but can be created based on a person’s choice to reflect their personality in the best way possible. You can also get a good luck charm as a tattoo to help luck always be with you. Hip tattoos are fun, intriguing and eye-catching but please also keep in mind that this location will hurt a bit more than any other usual place. So, if you have been planning to ink a hip tattoo for your first-ever tattoo art, please do research before jumping into it.

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