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Want to get inked with minimalist yet impactful tattoo designs, here we have the best minimalist tattoo design ideas that are perfectly suited for you.

 minimalist star tattoo
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Star are tiny, stunning and twinkly tiny dots that we can spot in the dark night sky.

But in reality, stars are huge balls of fire just like our sun which is made up of different kinds of gases. There is plenty number of stars that are even larger than our sun and these stars are very far away from our solar system. This is the only reason why they appear to be such tiny to us.

Stars have heavily influenced our lives. Since childhood, we are extremely passionate about stars. Some people are so much in love with them that they have made star gazing one of their hobbies and therefore people have invented telescopes so that they can observe these tiny stars more closely. We don’t realize since childhood how our lives are influenced by stars, from nursery poems to our zodiac signs everything has a relationship to these tiny small celestial bodies. Stars all form constellations which are related to our zodiac signs. Constellations are imaginary patterns or images which are created by joining these tiny dots together.

In many tribes and cultures, stars are associated with the afterlife. In many cultures falling stars are considered to be lucky as it is believed that these stars make our wishes, dreams or desires come true. In many movies, you might have noticed that the main protagonists make wishes when they locate a falling star in the sky. Stars are also related to hope, freedom, and destinies.

In ancient times when people used to lead a nomadic life or had to travel from one place to another, they used to simply rely on these stars to make out the right direction so that they do not lose their way.

Presently in the tattoo arena stars are extremely popular tattoo ideas. Everyone appreciates the idea of getting a star tattoo. Minimalist tattoos are the new trend these days. People are going crazy about these little detailed tattoos and still has such a powerful impact on the viewers. Tiny and less detailed star tattoos look incredible on the skin.

Here in this article we have researched and have picked up the best minimalist tattoo designs which obviously have stars in them. Let’s drive into the list to check which tattoo is the best suited for you and your close ones.

Shooting Star Tattoo

shooting star tattoo
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A shooting star which is very famous in movies and television shows is nothing but a burning meteoroid or a rock from space that has entered the atmosphere of our earth. It is very bright yellow or whitish-yellow in colour. This star is generally related to wishes or dreams. So this tattoo symbolizes positive wishes and dreams. So if you are someone who loves to chase behind their wishes and dreams then this tattoo is the best suited for you. This star tattoo has a minimalist design in it, there is a cute and simple star and behind the star tattoo, there are two triangle-like structures that symbolise the tail of the star. This body art is placed on the ankle region and is made of simple black lines. This design and placement of the tattoo are perfect for those who want to keep the tattoo hidden from everyone.

Three Star Tattoo

three star tattoo
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This minimalist tattoo consists of three stars that are visible in the night sky. There are three big stars among with several small stars which are drawn in tiny black dots. Just below these star tattoos, there are two snow-clad mountains with plenty of trees beside them. This simple tattoo design with stars and the mountainous scene will enhance out the traveller and love for travelling that is hidden inside you. So if you love mountains and stars and you are a trekker or a travel freak then this is the most suited tattoo for you. And the tattoo has been inked just below the shoulder area which is the back sleeve area.

Small Star Tattoo With Very Masculine Vibe

small star tattoo with very masculine vibe
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Here we have a very unique yet simple star tattoo idea for men who are willing to get themselves inked with a star tattoo. Here in this tattoo, the tattoo artist has drawn this tattoo entirely in black ink. There is a straight running down from the knee portion to the ankle portion. Just at the end of the black line, there is a big black dot which is situated just at the middle of the line and the star. The star in this star tattoo is very simple yet unique in design. It is made up of eight intersecting lines, four lines are making a plus sign and the other four lines are making a cross sign. These two signs together are completing this unique star tattoo design. This star tattoo will remind you of the set goals that you want to follow in life and will try to guide you through the correct path which leads you to your goals.

Simple Star Tattoo With Deep Meanings

simple star tattoo with deep meanings
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There are plenty of minimalist tattoos that contain or convey us with very deep meaning. Therefore we have handpicked this beautiful tattoo with such a strong meaning for you guys. Here the tattoo artist has taken a small part from the famous Adam and God ceiling painting which was done by the famous Italian artist, Michelangelo. This minimalist tattoo has two hands reaching out to each other. Among these two hands, one of the hands belongs to God and the other one belongs to Adam. The hand which is drawn in the left portion of the tattoo belongs to Adam and the hand which is situated on the right side of the tattoo belongs to the god. These two hands are trying to touch each other’s fingers. The two hands are surrounded by a galaxy that is filled with tiny stars and at the upper right corner of the tattoo, there is a very bright star which is none other than the polar star. The polar star has been drawn in white ink and this is the exact reason why it is so bright and is standing out from others. The polar star is one of the most important stars because during ancient times people used to take help from this star to know the direction. And this tattoo has been made just above the wrist region that is the forearm area.

Saturn And Star Tattoo

saturn and star tattoo
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Saturn is the sixth planet of our solar system. And this planet has been named after one of the Roman Gods. It is the most beautiful planet as it consists of mesmerizing rings made up of ice around it. Just like star tattoos Saturn tattoo also has its own metaphor. Saturn tattoos are the best symbol for hard work. In this tattoo art, the artist has made a very subtle design with just a thin line of ink. The Saturn is drawn in simple blackish shades which are surrounded by a thin half curve line and there is also a small round in that line which is depicting one of the moons of this beautiful planet. Around the planet, there are three tiny tattoos that are in different shapes and that is making this tiny tattoo prettier. The tattoo is made on the forearm. Forearm tattoos are less painful and this must be an alluring design to get inked.

Colourful Star Tattoos

colourful star tattoos
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For young ladies who are in search of something vibrant and minimalist in nature. We have these perfect colourful tattoos for y’all. Here in this tattoo, we can spot a very colourful curvey wave. This wave is just similar to an ocean or sea wave. Sea waves bring out the adventurous and fun-loving personality one possesses deep inside. This wave is inked in dark blue, light blue, purple-red and orange in colour. Just above the wave, there is a branch of stars in different shapes and sizes, these stars are bright red in colour. Besides this, there is a red sun and an orange crescent moon. Moreover, this tattoo is placed in the inner belly region.

Young ladies who are full of life and want to show off that in their tattoos can definitely opt for this colourful art.

North Star Tattoo- Minimalist Star Tattoo

north star tattoo- minimalist star tattoo
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If you are searching for some wrist tattoo with minimalist designs we have something very exciting and rare for you guys.

In this new tattoo, we can find a very unique style. This stars tattoo design has an eye with the very famous or well-known pole star. Most star tattoos either consist of celestial bodies or just stars but this tattoo is unique and has a minimalist design in it. In this wrist tattoo, there is a very pretty greyish eye with some really pretty eyelashes. Just above the eye nearer to the wrist region, there is a moon-like crescent structure and just above that, there are tiny dots in black. Now below the eye, there is the pole star. The pole star is made with thin black lines. As we already know pole star was used to follow directions. The pole star along with this eye symbolizes the direction one ought to follow. Small tattoo ideas like these are very innovative in thoughts and are also stylish.

Minimalist Sun Moon Star Tattoo

minimalist sun moon star tattoo
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Here we have one more wrist tattoo for young ladies out there. This minimalist tattoo has sun, moon and star in it. These three heavenly bodies together represent a family. The sun is considered to be masculine in nature whereas a moon is always considered to be feminine in nature. And most of the time a star or stars are considered to be their child or children. So ladies who are planning to start their family life can get this tattoo inked. First, there is a star which is made up of a curvey diamond-like structure that kind of forms a cross or plus sign. Then below that, there is a black dot and following that dot, there is our sun. The sun is completely made with black straight lines. These lines together are forming this round sun. Below the sun there is one more black dot and after that, we can find the moon. The moon has its very typical crescent shape and then the tattoo ends with a wavey or curvey black line. The tattoo has been inked from the wrist area to the forearm area and the artist has used a single ink to make this tattoo.

Nautical Star Tattoo

nautical star tattoo
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Are you planning to get matching tattoos along with your bestie or partner or siblings, here we have the perfect design for you people. Minimalist tattoos are the new and trendiest tattoo one can ever have. Here we have a matching nautical star tattoo. The nautical star is generally used by the armed forces of the United States of America. And in the tattoo industry, it is mainly inked to show how brave one is. As a tattoo it also symbolizes adventure and getting this tattoo will show other people how adventurous a person you are. These nautical stars are very simple stars. In this design, the artist has done the tattoo on the outer wrist and the other has got inked just below the thumb. These stars have 5 sides and every side is made with dark and light shades. These tattoos also pay tribute to the army personnel who work for their country.

Geometric Star

geometric star

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Star tattoos are available in various options and come in different sizes as well. Here we got a geometric shaped star tattoo which men out there might like to get inked with. The tattoo has been made just above the wrist on the upper forearm. The star has five front long arms. And there are more than five arms rear to the front arms and these rear arms are smaller in size. Just at the centre of the star, there is a cone line structure which is adding a 3-D effect to this tattoo. Just behind the 3-D star tattoo, there is a pentagon made in black single lines. The stars are also covered in dark and light ink which is adding more life to the 3-D effect. This star tattoo is also looking like a compass which is generally used to navigate directions.

When it comes to star tattoos there are plenty of options available that you can choose in between numerous stylish and unique designs. Even you can get matching tattoos with your near and dear ones. Star design tattoos are loved by all so you do not have to think twice before getting yourself inked with one of these tattoos. So we have a bonus for you guys who want more unique designs for themselves. We have made a separate list for these suggestions and just blow you can read them.

Here are more basic and simple star tattoo ideas which you people will absolutely fall in love with.

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