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Are you a selenophile who loves flowers too? Then, do check out this amazing list of the moon with flowers tattoo designs curated only for you.

best moon with flowers tattoo
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Selenophile is the term used for people who love the moon and can connect with it.

Moon tattoo with flowers has been on the trend recently gaining popularity and everyone seems to love the ideas of these tattoos. People have their choices of flowers and the phase of the moon that they can connect to.

Similar to the moon, people go through many phases in their life but, but just like the moon phases, they are complete and whole. Flowers like Datura, night-blooming jasmine, moonflower, etc, only bloom in the moonlight, hence, getting a tattoo of the moon with flowers will definitely add a sense of deeper meaning to your tattoo. If you are someone that connects with the celestial body, then you should definitely try getting a tattoo of the beauty on your skin. If you are someone that loves the moon and the flowers, then this list is made especially for you to choose from.

Floral Moon Tattoo

floral moon tattoo
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This tattoo features a crescent moon with wildflowers. The symbolism of spring is vastly present in this tattoo. There is a thought-provoking meaning attached to this tattoo. The creativity behind the tattoo of this idea is noteworthy. The phases of the moon can be appreciated for eternity, for life. The top portion, as well as the bottom part of this tattoo, also features some buds and the middle portion is filled with full blooming flowers. The shading on both sides of the moon adds gives the tattoo an aesthetic look. The leaves on this tattoo are also inked in a minimalistic way, giving the tattoo a neat outlook. This tattoo is a symbol of magic. A person who loves wildflowers and the moon equally should definitely get this tattoo.

Quote With Crescent Moon Tattoo

quote with crescent moon tattoo
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This crescent moon tattoo features a moon with three flowers and a quote that says “be the best version of you”. There are quite a lot of elements in this tattoo that makes it look magical. The tattoo artist inked this tattoo beautifully. You can notice that one of the flowers is facing upside while the other two are facing forward. The shading on the ends of the moon, the flowers, and the leaves make the tattoo look beautiful. The quote in this tattoo makes the tattoo more unique in its own way and has a very deep meaning. Among all the phases of the moon, if the crescent moon is your favorite that this tattoo is definitely ideal for you.

Rose And Moon Tattoo

rose and moon tattoos
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This tattoo features a crescent moon and roses with a hanging star that is connected with dots. There are two full bloom roses in this tattoo along with a bud of a rose. The two rose petals by the side of the tattoo make the tattoo look extraordinarily magical. The tattoo artist used red and green ink in this tattoo but the shading of this tattoo makes the color looks pastel in shade and beautiful as well. The artist used multiple fine lines in this tattoo which also makes the tattoo look like a sketch. At one end of the moon, there are lines and dots as well to add more essence to the tattoo. If you love roses and the moon then this tattoo is absolutely the one you should consider getting.

Colored Crescent Moon With Flowers Tattoo

colored crescent moon with flowers tattoo
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The crescent shape of the moon in this tattoo is flawlessly done with the blending of colors. The tattoo artist used a mix of multiple colors in this tattoo and all of the colors is complementing each other. The color of the moon is made similar to the sun. The beautiful shading makes the colors look pastel which has a calming effect on the tattoo. The different colors used on the flowers on this tattoo make the tattoo look more lovely. This tattoo is the ultimate symbol of grace. If you are interested in colored tattoos you should totally consider getting this tattoo done.

Minimalistic Moon Tattoo And Flowers

minimalistic moon tattoo and flowers
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This tattoo features a beautiful bluish and violetish-colored crescent moon. The colors used in this tattoo make the moon look magical. The symbolism of this tattoo is fertility and it is conveyed in a minimalistic yet elegant way. The blending of the separate colors on both the halves of the moon looks flawless. The colors on the flowers in this tattoo perfectly complement and make the tattoo look more appealing. The shading on this tattoo makes the tattoo looks pixelated. This tattoo definitely has a fairytale magic vibe attached to it. If you are interested in minimalistic body art, then this tattoo will look stunning on your skin.

Simple Moon Tattoo With Flower

simple moon tattoo with flowers
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This crescent moon tattoo features the moon and a branch filled with blooming flowers, leaves, and buds of flowers. This tattoo is a perfect portrayal of nature in the best way. The artist placed the moon in the background and the branch of flowers in front which makes the tattoo stand out. The shading of the tattoo also highlights the fine detailing of the moon and as well as the branch filled with flowers. This tattoo can inspire you to bloom and it is just what you need if you love simple monochrome tattoos. This tattoo would also look lovely on women.

Black Moon Tattoo With Roses

black moon tattoo with roses
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This tattoo features the crescent moon and inside the moon, the artist incorporated the night sky filled with stars. This tattoo looks bold and dark because of the ink used over here. The use of black, white, green, and red ink makes the tattoo look very aesthetically pleasing. The dark color of the sky makes the tattoo look like a mystery. The flowers are contained within the moon and which makes the moon acts like a border too. The idea of this tattoo makes it unique. The shading of this tattoo is noteworthy as well. The detailing of the flowers and stars inside the tattoo is also interesting. This tattoo is a symbol of feminine power. This tattoo would look great on all the women who have strong and fierce personalities.

Moon Tattoo With Birth Flower

moon tattoo with birth flower
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This beautiful crescent moon tattoo features the moon perfectly in the crescent shape. It has one flower with multiple leaves on the moon. The artist used fine lines for this tattoo. The shading on both ends of the moon makes it look lovely. The single flower blooming in this tattoo symbolizes independence. The shading on the leaves and the flower is notable. The flower used in this tattoo is a starflower that has five petals. The fine line of the branch placed slightly outside the moon makes the tattoo look appealing to the eyes. You can incorporate your birth flower according to the month that you were born and customize the tattoo of the moon according to your personal choice.

Dreamcatcher Moon Tattoo With Flower

dreamcatcher moon tattoo with flower
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This crescent moon tattoo with roses looks stunning and magical. The inspiration for this tattoo is the original dreamcatcher and the artist combined it with the moon along with the flowers. This tattoo is the ultimate symbol of beauty. The essence of dreaminess is also perfectly captured in this tattoo. The strings of the dreamcatcher are loosely wrapped with the moon. The beads on the strings are tattooed using multiple dots. There are three large feathers hanging at the end of the tattoo with make the tattoo look ethereal. The shading and detailing of the tattoo are also marvelous. If you want a body art or tattoo that will look like a dream, then you should definitely get this tattoo of the dreamcatcher moon on your body.

Moon Tattoo With Flower On Shoulder

moon tattoo with flower on shoulder
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This amazing crescent moon tattoo is the epitome of fertility. The shading and the detailing of this tattoo make it look like art. There are two flowers placed slightly in the bottom portion of the moon. If you notice, then you can visualize that one flower is slightly larger than the other one which makes the tattoo look contrasting. The leaves are also placed and designed in a way that brings out the charm of this tattoo. The placement of this monochrome tattoo is also very appealing. This tattoo will look symbolic on your skin. This tattoo of the moon with the flowers would also look divine on all the women who are planning to get it.

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