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Planning to get a tattoo that reflects your love for mother nature? Well, this list of amazing mother nature tattoo designs will give you some cool ideas.

mother nature tattoo
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Mother nature tattoos are mainly done by people who like bold designs on their bodies.

Tattoo designs portraying all the elements of nature, and other different cosmic elements like the sun and the crescent moon (to give it a spiritual touch) are generally stated as mother nature tattoos. They basically come with earth symbols, planets and sky symbols that reflect life and spirituality.

Over recent years, passionate people have inked their bodies with tattoos of nature showing off their love for the planet and life. They are mostly seen in people who are bold and are inspired by nature. Trees, birds, flowers, bright colours, floral designs – all become part of the tattoo. These floral designs are very common when it comes to mother nature tattoos. But most importantly, they are all large images drawn on bodies. Not everybody can pull off nature-inspired tattoos since it requires a lot of details. The minute and subtle details always carry special significance. these mother nature tattoos are bound to connect you to your inner environment-conscious self, all the while bringing your love for tattoos out.

The Long Unconventional Mother Nature Tattoo Sleeve

the long unconventional mother nature tattoo sleeve
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This long tattoo design is an absolute favourite for wildlife lovers and if you are a fan of off-beat styles, then this is a perfect match for your personality. The more are the characters the better is the tattoo. This one comes with mother nature carrying an opossum. It can also feature other animals like a toad, centipede, raccoon, snake, beetle, rat and a bird adorned with flowers and branches.

The Powerful Fox-Mother Nature Tattoo

the powerful fox-mother nature tattoo
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A detailed presentation of nature with a fox in front and the bird on the crown of mother nature can be the best symbol of power. This tattoo design subtly reveals the desire of attaining the epitome power of the person. The crescent moon on the forehead brings out the relevancy of the desired power. The butterfly, big flowers, plants and freckles reflect the raw and vibrant character. And of course, you need not be cunning for this one!

The Badass Mother Nature Tattoo For The Uncompromising Personality

the badass mother nature tattoo for the uncompromising personality
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One of the major admirers of the mother nature tattoo is the badass, strong people who know their minds clearly. The artist did true justice with the tattoo that will warn people not to mess with this tattoo owner. The serpent and the necklace wrapped around mother nature is a deadly combination of badass personality.

The Tender Mother Nature Tattoo For Tender Minds

the tender mother nature tattoo for tender minds
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When it comes to mother nature, it automatically brings out the caring side of a mother. Mother nature here carrying earth in her arms gives a vibe of a strong woman; for who doesn’t know that a mother is the strongest human being. The earth symbol here stands for life. The sun and moon convey the eternal relationship of nature with earth and the stars.

The Simple Yet Elegant Mother Nature Face Tattoo

the simple yet elegant mother nature face tattoo
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If you do not like the classic heavy ink tattoo or the bright colourful ones, go for this outline tattoo design. Notice the big details of how the design reflects royalty and power in a clean and bold way. The flower crown makes her the queen of the forest. You can also add the Medusa with snakes in her head. It can be the same clear outline tattoo and selected as a companion piece. It gives away the vibe of a strong and wild personality. You can make it wild with flowers like roses and dandelions.

The Bright And Colorful Sleeve Art of Mother Nature

the bright and colorful sleeve art of mother nature
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You can also opt for vibrant tattoos with lots of colourful ink. This stunning mother nature tattoo design comes with a perfect picture of nature. Beautifully drawn by the artist, the tattoo is hued with blue, green and pink with the careful addition of animals like deer and tigers reflecting the idea of innocence and experience in a single picture. The butterflies and the green add to the beauty of the tattoo.

The ‘Messenger of Death’ Mother Nature Tattoo On Arm

the 'messenger of death' mother nature tattoo on arm
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Besides being the strong, beautiful and caring mother, nature tattoo also alarms with the darkness of death and doom. This tattoo is a combination of life and death. While the face with a flower ring is the symbol of youth and beauty of life, the other side reflects ageing and death. The bright stars create the vastness of the solar system, the emptiness.

The Conventional Tattoo Of Mother Nature

the conventional tattoo of mother nature
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If you do not want to convey any special meaning through your mother nature tattoo, then you can go for the very popular tattoos of pretty girl nature tattoo. A young nature girl with butterfly and flower clothing is an easy yet stunning idea to deliver your love for nature tattoos and your yearning to be a forever young girl. The eyes of mother nature are of a young and innocent girl.

The ‘Save The Earth’ Mother Nature Tattoo

the 'save the earth' mother nature tattoo
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As we all know how grave the problem of global warming is, the caring mother nature tattoo is the best possible way to spread the awareness of saving the world on one hand and a small and amazing tattoo idea for the new members of the mother nature tattoo community. The only coloured earth held by mother nature seizes the attraction towards it. It also reminds us that our earth needs care.

The Ultimate Mother Nature Tattoo

the ultimate mother nature tattoo
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The last one has to be the ultimate and definite example for nature tattoos. This amazing tattoo is the absolute reflection of the passion of the artist. The deliberate use of such vibrant colours is a stunning performance. The face tattoo with wildlife surrounding it is an apt definition of mother earth. The green face and the yellow sunflower are enough to grab one’s attention, but the blue kingfisher and the huge rose do not overdo the design. All the other figures are just perfect for the wholesome design of this tattoo. This one may be among those very common and popular tattoos, but it surely proves the owner’s love for nature.

Even in today’s date, getting a massive tattoo is a daring thing to do. Tattoos carry meaning and significance. And getting the mother nature tattoo is a bigger commitment. Now, these tattoos need not be always so dynamic or huge. Also they need not to convey any special message. But, if you want one such tattoo on your body, you need enough confidence to pull of the earth tattoo designs so that they can easily fit into your character. Hence, choose wisely before getting one. Here are few suggestions that you can go through before you finally make a choice! Happy inking!

  1. The Gothic Style Mother Nature Tattoo
  2. The Pregnant Mother Nature Tattoo
  3. The Floral Design Sleeve like Dandelion
  4. The Butterfly Eyed Mother Nature Tattoo
  5. The Showering Aqua Divine Lady
  6. The Typical Earth Tattoo Design On Shoulder
  7. The Classic Black And Grey Mother Nature Tattoo
  8. The Mother Nature Tattoo Meaning Life And Death
  9. The Mother Nature Tree Of Life Tattoo On Thigh
  10. The ‘Empress Of The Mountains’ Mother Nature Tattoo

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