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Need a constant reminder to move on? Here is a list of the best moving forward tattoo that you need to check out now!

moving forward tattoo
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There are always certain obstacles in life that halt us from moving forward.

There is always a choice in life, we can either feel discouraged from our experiences or use them to learn something and move forward. There is always space in our lives to grow, no matter how old we are or at what stage of life we are.

Growth is always constant. Getting a tattoo as a constant reminder can be a great idea if you love tattoos. Tattoos prompt us to work towards our life goals, dreams and they are a great way to communicate our feelings. There are several symbols that resonate with the fact that one should keep moving forward, look for everything good in life and hope for a brighter future. In this article, we have curated a list of the 10 best moving forward tattoos that may be what you are looking for!

Butterfly Tattoo

butterfly tattoo
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A butterfly symbolizes transformation, faith and freedom. They are nature’s gorgeous creatures that represent growth. They are recognized and appreciated by cultures all around the globe. Some Asian cultures believe in butterflies being the symbols of love and soul and some western cultures see the butterfly as the symbol of personal development. They remain a constant inspiration and motivation to choose the right path.

Butterfly tattoos are versatile and the size and colours can be adjusted in any way you want. This particular tattoo is made with thick and thin strokes of black ink. One half of the butterfly shows the regular wing, the other half, however, has the outline of a wing but the face of a person is drawn within. This very clearly shows that the person wants to be free and transform into something beautiful inside out. A great tattoo idea if you want something so wholesome.

Self Love Tattoo

self love tattoo
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This is one of the most common and popular mental health tattoos. “Self-love” is something that should come from within. A script that reminds you to stay committed to yourself no matter what and always hope for the best for yourself. This is a simple tattoo trend that started when a French artist posted a similar tattoo symbol as her Instagram post in 2016.

This tattoo is small and is placed on the hand below the thumb, an ideal place for such a tattoo. You can place this tattoo anywhere according to what suits you. “Self-love” is written in black ink and handwriting script font, you can however add some colours to it, maybe make the heart red to add a little charm to it.

Keep moving forward arrow tattoo

keep moving forward arrow tattoo
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The arrow symbol is most symbolic of growth and can be broken down in several different ways.

One meaning is that there are things bound to happen in your life that may pull you back, but it is up to you how you deal with it. You may let it pull you back or fly free just like an arrow.

The bow and arrow tattoo is also symbolic of the journey of life that may bring you enlightenment. Yes, you may face difficulties, but looking at a bow and arrow tattoo, you will get the motivation to move forward.

There are many variations of an arrow tattoo, however, this tattoo has a bit of a geometric shape. There is a diamond tip, some dots and other shapes. This is done completely in black ink, but you can choose a colour of your choice or even add some background to it.

Lotus Mandala Tattoo

lotus mandala tattoo
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This is one of the most meaningful tattoos. The lotus is a symbol of enlightenment and a pure soul. The mandala can be adapted in not only a lotus but any other flower of your choice. Mandalas and flowers make a beautiful combination that represents love, empathy, charm, hope and development. The lotus mandala represents the same thing.

This tattoo is a symbol to always remind you to keep pushing yourself in the right direction and you will finally be on the right path.

This tattoo is made with black and grey ink and geometric designs for the mandala. A great and wholesome tattoo for a person on the journey to peace.

The Phoenix Tattoo

the phoenix tattoo
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The phoenix is a powerful and the most prominent symbol of rebirth, growth and transformation. Most people consider the phoenix to be a mythological creature that encouraged them to get through the hardest and most difficult times. As the phoenix rises from the flames of its ashes, it symbolizes new beginnings and opportunities for them. This helps them overcome the battles of life.

Phoenix tattoos mean the same thing all around the world and are greatly appreciated. Usually, they are medium to large tattoos with bright colours in all their glory. This particular tattoo looks like the phoenix is in flight mode. It is placed on the back of the upper arm. Made with black ink, it has a splash of other bright colours like blue, yellow, orange and some shades of red. A beautiful keep moving forward tattoo symbol.

The Seedling Tattoo

the seedling tattoo
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This is one of the most meaningful small tattoos. The end result of a seed converting into a plant is a beautiful natural process. which symbolizes growth and new beginnings. The sprout the emerges from the seed marks a new chapter in one’s life. Starting from a new job to new relationships, this is one of the best tattoo meanings for moving forward.

This particular tattoo has a very simple and delicate design. Its made in black ink on the back of the upper arm. You can get this as an ankle tattoo or even behind the neck. If you want, you can also add some colours to this stunning tattoo.

A Semicolon Tattoo

a semicolon tattoo
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A semicolon tattoo of the punctuation mark conveys a message of solidarity against all kinds of mental health issues like suicide, depression and addiction.

This is a moving forward symbolic tattoo. When an author uses a semicolon, they mean they could have finished the sentence, but they did not. It means that one may want to end their life because of the difficult times they have been through, but they choose to move forward and complete their story. This particular design is made in black ink on the finger. It looks simple and elegant with a deep meaning.

This Too Shall Pass

this too shall pass
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These words can have a deep impact on someone who wants to put their life back on track by forgetting the past. The nature of this phrase can be extremely personal.

You can make this tattoo more personal by asking the artist to get this in your handwriting or of someone that matters to you. You can add a little infinity symbol or any other design that will help you get past the tough times. All you have to do is look down.

Be Brave Tattoo

be brave tattoo
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A very beautiful and simple design, isn’t it? This tattoo will remind you to be brave even though you have given up and feel like all is lost. This design, again, is made in all black ink. There is a sapling with two roses attached to it. The two roses are symbolic of beauty, togetherness and how two hearts can be connected forever. Under the design, the words, “be brave” is written.

To make this tattoo more charming and effective, you can colour the roses in red or pink shades.

Sunflower tattoo

sunflower tattoo
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This tattoo is one of the many symbols of hopeful and everlasting love. In some cultures, it is also meant to bring good luck and joy to the wearer of this tattoo.

This tattoo shows the beautiful soul of the owner. It has style and is a very chic design. This particular tattoo is made in shades of black and grey, however, you can add some shades of yellow and brown to make it more beautiful.

If you liked the above suggestions, here are some more design ideas for you to choose from –

  • Buddhist symbol moving froward tattoo
  • Moon phases moving forward tattoo
  • Arrow tattoo on foot

A moving forward tattoo can be a constant reminder to not be stuck in the past, focus on the present, believe in growth and lead yourself to the right path forward. So if you want a new beginning, get one of these tattoos now!

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