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Are you searching for some amazing OCD tattoo ideas for you? Keep reading to discover some of the most meaningful OCD tattoos.

ocd tattoo ideas
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People suffering from diagnosed obsessive-compulsive disorder know how difficult it is to survive with a mental illness. 

An OCD tattoo is a way of conveying your story about your life and struggles with the world. An OCD tattoo is a symbol of acceptance and imperfection. 

Mental health tattoos are always a courageous choice. Having OCD is accompanied by dealing with intrusive thoughts that take a toll on your daily life. People having OCD have described the feeling as the ‘perfection nightmare.’ The constant urge to control and make everything perfect is like a nightmare for people suffering from OCD. We have your back if you are searching for some fantastic OCD tattoos. We have mentioned some of the most meaningful OCD tattoo ideas for you to convey your story to the world. 

Fine-Line OCD Awareness Tattoo

fine-line ocd awareness tattoo
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If you want an OCD tattoo that showcases precisely how OCD feels, then this tattoo is the one for you. Suffering from a severe mental illness like OCD is accompanied by a lot of pain. Life for a person who has OCD becomes challenging. It is a constant struggle inside the mind to fight the symptoms of OCD. This tattoo showcases what a person suffering from OCD feels. The tattoo has been created using a fine line needle to achieve the subtle-looking tattoo. 

The tattoo artist has showcased what the inside of the brain of a person suffering from OCD feels and looks like. The tattoo has an outlined face with all the thoughts shown in a haphazard manner. This is exactly what suffering from a mental illness feels like. All these thoughts inside the brain feel like a lot and sometimes cannot be explained to anyone. The tattoo also has a serotonin molecule created at the bottom of the tattoo. Serotonin is a happy hormone, and it helps people suffering from OCD.

Mental Health Meaningful OCD Tattoo

mental health meaningful ocd tattoo
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The struggles of living a life with severe mental disorders such as OCD come with a lot of fear and shame. It can often be challenging to express how you feel or what is going on inside you to the world. This tattoo serves as a reminder that in this journey, you have to be your number one support system. You must nurture yourself and help yourself grow when things get tough. 

This is an outlined tattoo that shows a body-hugging onto oneself. The head of the body has some flowers and leaves coming out of the head. This tattoo means that during tough times, holding on to yourself keeps you going. The tattoo also has a beautiful quote inscribed around it. The font used is gorgeous, which increases this tattoo’s beauty. The quote also has a lovely meaning associated with it. When the mind plays tricks on you with its intrusive thoughts, you just need to remind yourself that everything will be fine and everything is under control. 

Struggles Of OCD Grave Tattoo

struggles of ocd grave tattoo
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Mental illnesses can take a toll on people’s lives. It can be challenging to convey to the world what is happening inside your head. If you feel you have OCD, it is always best to get yourself clinically diagnosed by a doctor. Having OCD is accompanied by a lot of pain, and people who have OCD get hurt during many moments of their life. 

People often get angry with the thoughts that go on in their heads. You can get this tattooed to let out your anger for this mental disorder. People with OCD want to put their thoughts at bay and never think about them. This grave tattoo is perfect if you want to let go of the feeling of anger and burden.

Intrusive Thoughts Mental Illness Tattoo

intrusive thoughts mental illness tattoo
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Suffering from OCD is accompanied by anxiety and depression. This is a very uncomfortable feeling that people have often described as a thousand thoughts going on simultaneously at a very high rate. People with OCD often fail to explain what it feels like on the inside, even though they might pretend to be okay in front of the world. This tattoo is one of the best anxiety tattoos to showcase how you feel. 

The tattoo is a fine line tattoo created to look perfectly imperfect. The tattoo artist has made half a face with the head showcasing scribbled thoughts. This tattoo is perfect if you are searching for a subtle minimalist tattoo to tell your story to the world or represent who you are. Make sure the tattoo artist uses a thin needle to create the perfect look of the ink. 

Sitting With My Thoughts OCD Tattoo

sitting with my thoughts ocd tattoo
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Having OCD makes you aware of your surroundings. The constant thinking makes the head feel too heavy to carry. This tattoo is for those whose battle is with themselves, with their own thoughts. It’s a very bold decision to sit and fight your own thoughts because you often look for escapes, but sometimes all you can do is sit with your thoughts and sort through them. 

The tattoo shows the head of a person created in a larger size and the beheaded body sitting on top of it. The recovery process is a very tough and personal journey in which you sometimes fail to explain how you feel to the world. This tattoo is the perfect way to explain how OCD sometimes makes you feel. The link was created using a black outline with little detailing.

Colorful Semicolon Tattoo For OCD

colorful semicolon tattoo for ocd
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A semicolon tattoo is created to honor the story of someone, a friend, or a family member with anxiety, depression or OCD, or any other mental illness. It is created to raise awareness about mental illness. This gorgeous semicolon tattoo showcases hope that even though life has not been easy, you are still here and fighting every day. 

The tattoo has been created just in the form of an outline. The border of the tattoo has been made using colors of the rainbow. The tattoo looks very subtle and beautiful. Using gorgeous colors and keeping the inner side blank makes the tattoo look gorgeous. 

Lost In Thoughts Anxiety And OCD Tattoo

lost in thoughts anxiety and ocd tattoo
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No matter how hard you try, with OCD or any other mental illness, you cannot be sure what your day is going to look like. Some days are very tough and make people drown in their intrusive, obsessive thoughts. This tattoo is created using black ink. It shows a face cut in half. One half of the face is being pulled into what looks like the pool of thoughts. 

This ink is perfect if you want a tattoo to honor the tough days of your life, where you survive the constant fight with your thoughts. You could create this ink on your back, legs, or chest. Make sure you are getting this ink created by a professional tattoo artist to achieve the perfect look of the tattoo. 

Semicolon X I Beat OCD Tattoo

semicolon x i beat ocd tattoo
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A semicolon tattoo is very significant for any individual who is fighting any mental health issues. This tattoo is a little special because it also has a powerful quote. The words ‘still here, still fighting’ have been inked in alignment with the semicolon. Your fight with OCD or any other mental illness is going to affect every aspect of your life. This tattoo is perfect if you want to convey to the world that you are strong and are still fighting. 

The link has been created with black ink to maintain the subtleness of the tattoo. However, you can make this tattoo with a bit of color of your choice. If you want to tell the world that this journey has not been easy and you are still fighting it every day, then this tattoo is the best way to do so. You could create this ink on any part of the body. 

Beating OCD Journey Serotonin Tattoo

beating ocd journey serotonin tattoo
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People suffering from OCD often get a serotonin molecule tattooed on their bodies. This tattoo is the perfect serotonin tattoo for people suffering from OCD. Research shows that OCD is a type of anxiety disorder due to low serotonin levels. A serotonin tattoo is like a symbol of happiness for people suffering from OCD. 

This tattoo has been created with black ink fine-line tattoo. The tattoo artist has done very effortless work and looks clean. The molecular structure of serotonin has been shown in the tattoo with tiny flowers and a butterfly on the edges of the molecules. This happy hormone tattoo will serve as a reminder for every OCD survivor to try and be satisfied. 

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Mental Health Tattoo

obsessive compulsive disorder mental health tattoo
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People who suffer from OCD from a very young age know that OCD also affects their childhood. This tattoo is for those battling OCD from a very young age. The tattoo showcases a child sitting with their thoughts, fighting the intrusive thoughts in their mind. The adorable tattoo is created with brown ink, a unique idea. 

The artist has done excellent work in creating a charming tattoo. The kid is seen cradling their legs. He seems to be worried about the thoughts in his mind. The intrusive thoughts have been shown in the tattoo over the head of the child. You can always customize this tattoo to look just like you, making it perfect for you. 

Living with any mental illness is not a joke. It’s an everyday struggle where people must constantly fight what is going on in their minds. Here we have listed some more OCD tattoos to honor your journey with this mental illness. 

  • Outlined figure looking out the window with OCD quote tattoo.
  • Rocket over a planet with OCD written tattoo.
  • Brain in a jar to fight thoughts tattoo.
  • Faint hugging the mirror image tattoo.
  • Wrap around ‘You are here, and you are fine’ tattoo.

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