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Were you born in the month of October and are looking for the perfect floral tattoo? Then go ahead and check out these October Birth Flower tattoo ideas!

october birth flower tattoo
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You may have often heard people speak about the May birth flower or the April birth flower.

This is because every month of the year has a dedicated flower associated with it. These are usually known as the birth flower, and some common examples would include the sweet pea flower or aster flower.

If you were born in October, or someone you love has an October birthday – then you must be curious to find out the October birth flower. October has two birth flowers associated with the month – the cosmos flower and marigold flower.

If you were born in October, or someone you love has an October birthday – then you must be curious to find out the October birth flower. October has two birth flowers associated with the month – the cosmos flower and the marigold flower. Cosmos flowers are a symbol of order, harmony, and peace, as they were named so because of the evenly positioned petals that have a sweet fragrance. The marigold flower represents optimism and joy, as is clearly reflected through its bright yellow and orange color. The marigold flower is also associated with the sun and its rejuvenating powers.

Consequently, if you were born in October and are looking for a floral tattoo, you will definitely want to look at some beautiful cosmos tattoo and marigold tattoo ideas.

Simple And Minimal Marigold Flower Tattoo Ideas

simple and minimal marigold flower tattoo ideas
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October has two birth month flowers – marigold and cosmos flowers. People born in October are usually lively, cheerful, joyous, and graceful. Therefore, the marigold becomes the perfect representation for their personality. So if one is looking for flower tattoo ideas, then a small October birth flower tattoo in the form of a marigold tattoo would be a great idea!

If you are looking at marigold tattoo ideas, then you will find a number of designs – some of which will be quite simple and minimal, while some will be quite large and complex. If you prefer a minimal tattoo idea, then you should ask your tattoo artist for a simple but stunning marigold tattoo.

Colorful Marigold Tattoo Designs For People Born In October

colorful marigold tattoo designs for people born in october
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If you are looking for a Marigold October birth flower tattoo, chances are that you are looking for a vividly colorful tattoo. After all, a marigold is known for its exceptional yellow and orange hues and for being a cheerful flower. Consequently, your marigold tattoo October birth flower should also reflect the beauty of the flower. You can either choose bold, neon colors for filling in the flower or choose a softer and more subtle color palette where the shades look like they have been filled in with oil pastel crayons.

You can also add some words or phrases important to you with the tattoo to make it more personal. The wearer in the image has added the word ‘ineffable’, but you can also add a motivational quote that inspires you to get up every morning and face the day.

Stunning Marigold Tattoo Ideas With Other Objects Or Figures

stunning marigold tattoo ideas with other objects or figures
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If you are looking for stunning October birth month flower tattoo ideas, then you may want to take some inspiration from the picture above. The wearer has gotten a lovely marigold tattoo that encompasses most of their forearm area and has added a cute black cat to it as well. Similarly, you can also add other objects or figures to your marigold tattoo if you want.

In the Hindu culture, these flowers with bright colors are used in most auspicious and holy occasions, including in places of worship. So if you are a believer in these customs and traditions, you can get a beautiful marigold tattoo as your birth month flower as well.

Flower Bouquet Tattoos With Marigold And Cosmos

flower bouquet tattoos with marigold and cosmos
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If you want October birth flower tattoos, then a wonderful way to combine them together would be to get a flower bouquet tattoo with marigold flowers and cosmos flowers. A flower bouquet tattoo with both the birth flower tattoos will definitely be a thing of beauty.

flower bouquet tattoos with marigold and cosmos ideas
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People often look for tattoo ideas through which they can express more about themselves or the people they love. While some people may get birth flower tattoos based on their own birthdays, others may get birth flower tattoos based on the birthdays of their loved ones. Hence, a lot of parents often opt for tattoos of birth flowers. If you are such a parent who wants to combine the birth flower tattoos of all your children, simply choose a flower bouquet tattoo.

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Marigold Tattoo Designs That Are Easy To Place Anywhere

marigold tattoo designs that are easy to place anywhere
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The best thing about floral tattoos is that one can place them anywhere they like on their body. However, that depends on the shape and size of the proposed tattoo idea. So if you want a smaller marigold tattoo, then you can easily fit it anywhere you want to – from your collarbone or chest area, on your ribs, on your ankle, or even on your hips. For slightly larger birth flower tattoos, you may want to place them on your thigh or on your forearm. You can also place them on your back.

Creative And Unique Marigold Tattoo Designs For Women

creative and unique marigold tattoo designs for women
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A birth flower associated with each month can have different meanings, such as wisdom, innocence, passion, hope, and joy in life. Consequently, the daisy, rose, violet, and lilies are all flowers of beauty and may also be a sign or symbol of various positive qualities and meanings.

In many cultures, marigold has often been associated with death and funerals. However, these colorful flowers have a more positive connotation now as people focus on the bright, cheerful hues. The marigold has been associated with the sun and emphasizes on the need for an optimistic attitude in life. So if you want an October birth flower tattoo with the marigold, you can unleash your inner creativity and make a beautiful Tattoo Design.

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Stunning And Beautiful Cosmos October Birth Flower Tattoo Ideas

stunning and beautiful cosmos october birth flower tattoo ideas
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If you want a floral birth month tattoo for the month of October, you can also choose to get a cosmos flower tattoo. More young people prefer getting a cosmos tattoo as it is more unique and unconventional. The different colors of this flower signify different qualities. For example, the bloody red color of the petals of this flower is a sign of peace. While the pink cosmos flowers reflect motherhood and maternal love. The white cosmos flowers usually symbolize purity and honesty. Therefore, you can pick and choose the color of the cosmos tattoo you want depending on the meanings associated with them.

Large And Complex Birth Flower Tattoo Designs

large and complex birth flower tattoo designs
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If your favorite designs for tattoos are usually large and complex with various intricacies and nuances, then you can definitely pick a birth flower tattoo. As can be seen in the picture, the wearer has gotten a whole bloom of birth flowers, including lilies, daisies, violet, and roses, in the form of an extensive tattoo sleeve. This tattoo might take a lot of time to complete, but the end result will be a piece of art and beauty.

Wonderful Cosmos Tattoo Designs For Your Arm

wonderful cosmos tattoo designs for your arm
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If you are in search of October birth flower tattoo ideas for your arm, then you can definitely look at cosmos flowers. These flowers usually symbolize innocence, joy, wisdom, honesty, and balance in friendship and in life. They can also bloom in different colors, with each colorful petal having different meanings. As can be seen in the picture above, a cosmos tattoo would look amazing on your forearm. You can also ask your tattoo artist to use the fine line style of tattooing if you want a cleaner and more precise look for your floral tattoo.

Cosmos Tattoo Ideas With Other Symbols Or Motifs

cosmos tattoo ideas with other symbols or motifs
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A lot of people around the world believe in the concept of birth month flowers. For example, the daisy is the birth flower for the month of April, while the daffodil is the birth flower for March. These flowers signify several meanings and values like hope, joy, prosperity, peace, and new beginnings. The best thing about getting a birth flower tattoo is that you can add other symbols or objects to it according to your wish. You can add a butterfly in the garden, or the sun, moon, stars, or any other symbol that is personal and meaningful to you.

Floral tattoos become even more beautiful when associated with more personal and deeper meanings and connotations. Hence, an October birth flower tattoo will look amazing on your skin and carry special meaning.

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