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Selena Gomez was right when she said, “The heart wants what it wants”. Let your heart speak, follow your instincts and check out these open heart tattoo ideas.

open heart tattoos
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When searching for the best open heart tattoo ideas, Why not get to the heart of the matter?

No matter whether you are a heart person or you choose to follow your brain, the matter of fact is that you have a heart, and you must have to be knowing its eternal connection with the existence of your being. And here in this article, we bring forth some of the selectively chosen open heart tattoos because your heart is worth all of it.

In her poem “A Birthday,” Christina Rossetti mentioned, “My heart is like a singing bird/Whose nest is in a water’d shoot”. If your body and soul are well nourished and looked after, your heart reflects all its goodness. Heart symbol designs are gorgeous tattoo ideas, as all the songs and poems were written to convey the human heart and its desires.

An open heart tattoo meaning can convey a wide spectrum of scenarios. An open heart tattoo can be the symbol of a brave heart’s journey of conquering some serious illness or a hard time; the open heart symbol could also represent undying love, passion, and friendship. The crying heart tattoo can be a broken heart symbol that may represent heartache which could be associated with some lorn person lamenting over their undying love for someone.

The black heart tattoos represent death, misery, pain, and suffering; they can also commemorate the death or loss of a close family member, friend, or a lost loved one. The pink or red heart tattoos are usually inked to express love, romance, longing, or passion. The yellow hearts are for the jolly people and are also symbols of friendship. The heart tattoos of the open heart symbol may sometimes be inclined towards religion and be the symbol of the sacred heart. Many people get a cover-up open heart surgery scar tattoo to get over all the pain and trauma that the surgeries or scars leave behind.

Scroll down to check out some of the deep, meaningful tattoo symbols of the heart for choosing the perfect tattoo that your heart wants.

The Red Heart And The Arrow For The Romantic Lovers

the red heart and the arrow for the romantic lovers
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Get to the link and take a quick glance at this gorgeous red heart chest tattoo from Instagram. These kinds of gorgeous red open heart tattoos are usually very popular among different cultures all over the world.

The red color of the heart representing undying love or passion also has a yellow part at the bottom of it. The yellow part is for the friends, and the yellow heart is the symbol of friendship and loyalty. Every long-lasting relationship has its fair share of love and friendship, so this tattoo expressing love and friendship simultaneously has added unique meanings to this open heart design. The arrow from Cupid’s bow passing across the heart convey that the individual has already fallen in love with their soulmate.

Get this tattoo done on your chest, arms or wrist, and surprise your loved one with this meaningful heart Tattoo Design.

The Unique Heart Tattoo Design Of The New Budding Plant

The Unique Heart <a href=Tattoo Design Of The New Budding Plant” class=”wp-image-331097 lazyload” data-eio=”p” src=”https://curatedmint.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/1664428419_657_10-Best-Open-Heart-Tattoo-Ideas-That-Will-Blow-Your.jpg” decoding=”async” data-/>
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These kinds of open heart tattoos are unique when it comes to their meanings. This particular one from Instagram has been shown with an open tag attached along with a new budding plant growing from it.

This tattoo idea may convey the reopening of the once shut down heart or a miracle that brought back life to this human heart; it could also mean that the individual has gone through a really hard time, building invisible walls of loneliness around them, but the walls are now breaking and falling apart as the rejuvenated heart springs back to life.

This tattoo is perfect for you if you have recently discovered someone or something that has made you eager to taste life like never before.

The Stitched Black Heart Tattoo For The Brave Souls

the stitched black heart tattoo for the brave souls
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This stitched black heart tattoo from Instagram has been inspiring its owner, who had his child get open heart surgery only during the first week of his life.

This black heart tattoo, along with the stitches and several knives stabbed all around the heart, conveys such tough moments of grief and fears that might have been hard to have, but the brave souls did not give up. This tattoo can be perfect if you are brave enough to handle personal loss and tough situations in your life.

The Open Mind And The Open Heart Tattoo For The Composed

the open mind and the open heart tattoo for the composed
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This beautiful design of the heart and the brain from Instagram is for the composed and well-balanced person, one who is neither an extreme rationalist nor someone who dwells in the dream world of their fantasies.

This heart design is for the one who balances the heart and mind and speaks and acts accordingly. These kinds of open heart tattoos have also been shown to be the embodiment of the mind. The flowers and ferns that sprung from the open heart and mind symbolize fruitfulness, growth, and prosperity, which are the key signs of a composed person.

The Sacred Heart Tattoo Design For The Eternal Connection With God

The Sacred Heart <a href=Tattoo Design For The Eternal Connection With God” class=”wp-image-331104 lazyload” data-eio=”p” src=”https://curatedmint.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/1664428423_739_10-Best-Open-Heart-Tattoo-Ideas-That-Will-Blow-Your.jpg” decoding=”async” data-/>
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These kinds of open heart tattoos from Instagram are for religious believers. The heart design represents love from Lord Jesus and Mother Mary. The owner of this tattoo got it inked to commemorate his 2 years old open heart surgery.

Faith and devotion to the Almighty can help one overcome any tough time with courage and patience. The purple color of the heart and the cross signs symbolize deep admiration for the great lord. According to Roman Catholicism, the sacred heart, along with the knives or the daggers stabbed in it, represents the symbolism of Jesus’s undying love and sacrifices for mankind.

The Sunflower And The Heart Tattoos For The Believers

the sunflower and the heart tattoos for the believers
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These kinds of open heart tattoos of the sunflower are quite a popular choice nowadays. Sunflower tattoos express signs of hope and good luck.

The owner of this heart tattoo is a true believer in her own powers as a mother whose love and prayers brought her child back after multiple open heart surgeries at the age of five years. This particular one from Instagram has been inked on the woman’s upper arm, and you can get your sunflower open heart tattoos configured by your local tattoo artist and get it done anywhere near the wrist, shoulders, or chest area.

The Grenade And The Heart Tattoos For The Sentimental

the grenade and the heart tattoos for the sentimental
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This small heart tattoo is of distinct shapes as the heart outline resembles the images of a grenade; the grenade being an explosive substance may convey the emotional outbursts of an overtly sentimental person.

A grenade heart design may represent heartache or passion that is filled to the brim of the heart and may explode with all the emotional triggerings. Another new meaning of this tattoo represents love and care for a lost loved one in combat; the heart in the form of the grenade may be a commemoration of a loved one dying in a war. Whether you are an overtly sentimental person or you want to pay tribute to your lost loved one, this grenade heart tattoo is the appropriate one for you.

The Broken Heart Tattoos Of Abstract Art

the broken heart tattoos of abstract art
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The beauty of this abstractly designed heart tattoo from Instagram is unmatched because of its two distinct shapes.

The two distinct shapes include the real heart and the heart outline, which has black ink smeared all over the two shapes giving an abstract appearance to the heart design. These kinds of heart tattoos convey the passion and pain of the heart that is shattered into pieces.

Have you ever felt lost in love? These kinds of heart designs are for unreciprocated love.

The Heart Tattoos And The Wings Of Freedom And Liberation

the heart tattoos and the wings of freedom and liberation
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This heart Tattoo Design with wings has a whole new story to tell. The owner of this brilliant design underwent open heart surgery because of a hole in the left ventricle of his heart and was told by the doc that he won’t be able to play any high-intensity sport in his lifetime.

Still, he had faith in his capabilities, did not surrender to the ill circumstances, got himself free from the clutches of fear, and got the chance to play basketball even in the NCAA division. This heart tattoo with a cross embedded in it and the gorgeous pairs of wings make this tattoo so special. Nothing is impossible if the soul is strong and determined.

The Heart-Shaped Fingerprint And The Heart Beating Sign

the heart-shaped fingerprint and the heart beating sign
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This cute heart-shaped fingerprint tattoo from Instagram has a little blue heart and Holter readings radiating from it. This one is of the owner’s little girl who had her first normal heart readings after her open heart surgery at the age of 3 years. Surprise your loved ones with this cute heart design and let them know how special they are.

Once a heart person, forever one! Whether it be desire, faith, devotion to God, friendship, or the lovers’ call, heart tattoos are for every feeling that a human might express. If you have more to offer to your heart, you are welcome. Here are more heart tattoo ideas for you to check out.

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