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Want to ink the best optical illusion tattoos? Here are the 10 best trippy optical illusion tattoo designs to fall in love with!

optical illusion tattoo
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Who does not love the idea of a cool and fun optical illusion?

And what better than flaunting that very fabulous design tattooed on the skin, too real to touch? The optical illusion sign and its consequent designs are cool and fun, providing an amazing perspective of illusion on the body and offering newer contents to choose from.

So be it years ago or in the currently trending categories today, optical illusion tattoos never fail to wonder us. As visual shockers, these tattoos provide one with a vision of augmented reality, which is what makes these so very popular. Most importantly, some of these classic optical illusions around the world never get old with time. Optical illusion tattoos offer the same feel as real touch, and things that follow confuse both the eyes and the mind. This way, these designs offer an amazing twist to the plain and simple tattoo categories. Each illusion tattoo has new stories to list. So if these amazing optical illusion tattoos impress you, jump in to check out some of these crazy tattoos that are too awesome for the eyes and mind to fully understand and experience!

The Crazy Spiral Optical Illusion Tattoo

the crazy spiral optical illusion tattoo
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What more can shock your admirers than an optical illusion tattoo that looks like it just twisted your skin! This amazing tattoo works both as a great design as well as presents a distorted image of a spiral maze, all tattooed into the skin. With the use of only black ink and playing with light and shade inside the design, the tattoo artist has deftly turned it into an Escher figure. This spiral sleeve tattoo is sure to attract attention as a bold and trending fashion statement. Many would agree on how the skilled use of black ink with varying widths with a very real play of light and shade would look this surreal!

The Twisted Hand Optical Illusion 3D Tattoo

the twisted hand optical illusion 3d tattoo
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Second on the list is this 3D tattoo with the mandatory twist in the middle, looking almost like a vortex. This optical illusion 3D tattoo on the entire arm has its own enigma with the hole in the center of the skin. This illusion tattoo provides the feel of the arm or foot almost being twisted sideways, creating a gaping hole in between. It is difficult to believe this is a design tattooed on the skin. With black and gray inks and finished with grace, we would all agree on how this design truly messes with your head in a good way.

The Geometric Optical Illusion Tattoo

the geometric optical illusion tattoo
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Who does not love a neat geometric tattoo added to the charm of it being an optical illusion as well? This optical illusion tattoo looks almost like a foot armor with a sense of being bent in the knee. Like many other optical illusion tattoos, this design is inked in black and white, with the perfect shading of gray, super intricate dotted work, and clear deep black ink fills. The tattoo gives just the feel of wearing real armor in war. Go for this design in case you are looking for tattoos remotely venturing into the zone of optical illusion. This ink is sure to blow admirers away with the life-like knee bent.

The Hazy OpArt Optical Illusion Tattoo

the hazy opart optical illusion tattoo
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If you love optical illusion, tattoos like these are made for you! Op art, short for optical illusion in art, has been trending with various new creations from various artists, from a literary writer to a baker, and op art tattoos are the latest addition to the bandwagon. This tattoo is intricately inked with dotwork instead of deep fills or broad ink usage. The effect produced through this skillful art looks moving and distorted: the more you stare, the trippier the tattoo gets!

The Optical Illusion Ambigram Tattoo

the optical illusion ambigram tattoo
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An ambigram is a calligraphic design that can be written the same even upside down or flipped. Ambigrams can make for little optical illusions themselves if inked the proper way, like this cute tattoo. What seems at one glance barbed fences and thorny wires is, in reality, the word “MEOW,” readable even when upside down. Black and its shades are deftly inked on by the artists as they turn this script tattoo into a symbolic image. Optical illusion tattoos like these are subtle. So if you are looking for a mixture of many illusions, this one looks fantastic.

The Hole Optical Illusion 3D Tattoo

the hole optical illusion 3d tattoo
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Optical illusion tattoos like these are what we like to see. Filled with deep, bold black color and intense filling inkwork, this incredible out-of-the-world sleeve tattoo will make you question your own eyes! The adequate amount of light and shade inked in skill is shown through the two gaping holes that seem to protrude deeper into the hand, thereby visually making the inked arm look pressed and tightened due to the whirling center, too intense and so real to touch. The shading done via ink in the so-called “gaps” is artistic tattooing at its finest. This tattoo tops our favorite list!

The Whirlpooling Flower Tattoo

the whirlpooling flower tattoo
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A flower or a dotted whirlpool or whatever you perceive it to be: the beauty of optical illusion tattoos lies in subjective perception. This beautiful optical illusion tattoo is the skilled art of dotwork with ink. Creating a whirlpooling effect with the dots visually moving anticlockwise and reducing/increasing their intensities gives this tattoo a perfect optical illusion effect. In addition, the use of gray and black ink thoroughly symbolizing light and shade steals the show. The neatly finished edges are an added enigma to this masterpiece of an optical illusion, making it look simply out of this world.

The Animals Optical Illusion Tattoo

the animals optical illusion tattoo
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This tattoo features a classic optical illusion of seemingly a woman at first glance and a panther catching a butterfly upon a deeper look. Tangentially following most op art tattoos based on the play between white/gray and black, this optical illusion tattoo is inked in deep hues of red, crimson, and yellow colors but also with black as the primary ink color. To this extent, this tattoo is almost like a painting on the skin. Shaded with big, bold lines and intricately detailed, this tattoo is sure to blow off people at a glance!

Enter the Center Optical Illusion Tattoo

enter the center optical illusion tattoo
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One of the classics, this never-ending staircase that twists and turns down to an unreachable floor is a perfect choice if you want to go for a bold optical illusion tattoo. The neat, seamless inkwork of black leaving the rest of the skin untouched, creates narrow gaps that make the stair gaps, which shorten as the center is neared. The bold look achieved by the usage of only dark, black ink adds a double to the optical illusion and completes its trippy look as well.

The “Knitted” Optical Illusion 3D Tattoo

the "knitted" optical illusion 3d tattoo
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This insane tattoo is a level up to even your everyday regular optical illusion tattoos. This is indeed an extremely hyperrealistic way to embed an optical illusion inside tattoo designs. Including colorful inks like pink and gray, tattoo artists have inked the classic Disney character Mickey Mouse’s face with winking eyes and a broad smile. However, this tattoo looks “knitted” and not tattooed onto the skin! The effective use of light and shade in ink is commendable, and this design is sure to look rad on the skin! In addition to being a sleeve tattoo, a good place to ink this illusion tattoo is on the thighs or as a bigger one extending to the foot.

Tattooed optical illusions in your skin are simply the best level twists provided to simple tattoos. The beauty of these inks lies in the fact that they continue to improve and inspire newer tattoo ideas for a person to follow. In most cases, they remain black and white to perfect the visual shock, playing with lights and shades. However, the colored ones, too, look way trippier if you want to showcase a loud message through your tattoos. If you have any questions, keep in mind it is always best to schedule a visit to the tattoo store or have a talk with the tattoo artist about the various services provided, ink quality, etc. Including the myriad of ideas to choose from above, here are some more ideas you can share with your tattoo artist. This way, they can get to work, and you get your dream designs inked:

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