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Are you afraid of needles or getting inked for the first time? Then you may want to consider a palm-size tattoo to get started on the journey!

palm-size tattoo
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Getting inked for the first time can be scary, but the results are always worth it.

While everybody is free to choose their dream pattern, getting a small tattoo in the beginning is a safe bet for many. While we bring you an assortment of palm tattoos, you might be wondering how big is a palm-size tattoo and how to determine that for yourself.

Well, to put it simply, a palm-sized tattoo will be able to fit within your palm. Since the size of a palm may vary from person to person, palm tattoos are usually four to six inches long, which are considered medium-sized tattoos as a general rule. The tattoo size matters not only because it determines the look of your design but also because most artists in the tattoo industry charge for tattoos based on square inches. You can measure your tattoo if you simply multiply the height by the width at the longest points. However, do not think you need to hinder your imagination because of the size; let us show how versatile palm tattoos can get.

Diving In Blue Tattoo

diving in blue tattoo
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This palm-sized Tattoo Design is strongly symbolic; in terms of palm tattoos, it can be considered a large tattoo. The bamboo is colored not only for an aesthetic style but also to indicate it is frozen. Along with that, we have jadeite fishes swimming in a pair. The mastery of the tattoo artist is obvious in this work, with the detailed glimmer found on the tail and fins. Different shades of blue and purple help to make this tattoo so eye-catching.

Each element holds a meaning. The bamboo denotes many things in different cultures, but largely, it is taken as a symbol of good luck and flexibility. Further, the jadeite fish in the Chinese culture stands for wealth. Hence, together, it represents the conviction of a person to be accommodating and flexible to achieve the fulfilling present they have now.

Japanese Crane Tattoo

japanese crane tattoo
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If you have some interest in art, you already know this tattoo in palm size has a strong Japanese style influence. A crane is visible in a pose that suggests it is about to take flight in the background of a bright red sun. The black and white crane is certainly accentuated against the red background.

The crane is a motif for happiness and eternal youth in different cultures across Asia. On the other hand, the sun being red is very specific to Japanese culture. Since the country is close to the sun in terms of its geolocation, bright red is common in their art. Moreover, it also points to the sun goddess Amaterasu.

German Fairytale Pair Tattoo

german fairytale pair tattoo
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If we are chatting about a couple of palm-sized tattoo ideas, this design is certainly one to get people interested. However, battles might be fought on who wishes to be the rabbit and who the hedgehog! This line work pair is inspired by a German fairytale. If you like, you can even turn this into a custom design with a splash of colors, for which you will need to pay extra.

The story is somewhat similar to the rabbit and tortoise story except, here, the wealthy rabbit loses to the worker hedgehog, as indicated by their clothes, the moral being to work smarter. The apt details of a pipe, hats, and the bowtie has our heart, both the tattoos running up to the fingers.

Yin Yang Koi Fish Tattoo

yin yang koi fish tattoo
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Here is an intricate palm-sized shoulder tattoo that will look stunning on women. A pair of koi fishes can be seen arranged in a circle. One fish has a crimson hue, while the other has blue. Beautiful floral patterns can be seen all over their body. The small tattoos certainly deserve to be called body art.

The yin-yang in Chinese culture advocates a balance of good and evil forces. It also shows how there is a little good in evil and a little evil in good. Further, koi fishes are a symbol of endurance because of their tenacious swimming strength upstream. Hence, this individual is a fighter who refuses to give up against all odds. Because of the intricate pattern, you should make sure to go to the best shop and get the best artist if you want to nail the details.

Straw Hat Forearm Tattoo

straw hat forearm tattoo
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If you have been watching anime or reading manga, this piece needs no introduction. The tattoo is inspired by One Piece, it is none other than Luffy’s hat. When we talk about palm size tattoo ideas for men or women, this unisex piece is one great example.

The secrets behind the hat are not revealed yet, but inheriting this hat is an honor at the least. The realistic touch on animation or manga styles is an intriguing addition to this Tattoo Design. From the tattered condition of the hat to the little note given by Ace, the artist has worked hard to create every square inch. Since the tattoo size is not too big, you can place it in many other places, from the feet to the wrist.

Porcelain Body Art Tattoo

porcelain body art tattoo
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This dainty tricep tattoo has us swooning. There are three separate small tattoos lined up one after the other. You can get them all or just ink one of them on your skin, which will cost you less. All the pieces are paper origami, one being the paper boat, one a paper plane, and a paper crane. All the tattoos have a style commonly found in porcelain objects as their very unique traits. Adorned with blue floral designs, gorgeous is an understatement for this palm-sized tattoo.

Each element also possesses a deep significance. The paper boat represents life and its uncertainties. Against this, the paper plane teaches us to soar high with imagination and creativity. Finally, the crane hopes for good fortune, along with upholding noble virtues such as honor and loyalty as long as the gift called life is present. Together, they aptly tell the story of the one with the tattoos on their skin.

A Moment Captured In Life Tattoo

a moment captured in life tattoo
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The tattoo size might be smaller than the palm, but a lot is going on in this tiny piece. If you are an art fanatic, you recognize this style already. It is a painting of Edward Dufner titled ‘Summer Morning’. Two little children can be seen sitting on the ground, wearing white. The ground is covered with grass and flowers. Beside them, a river can be spotted, on which ducks are seen swimming. The calm picture is brought to life with the deft usage of colors by the tattoo artist.

The personal touch of the tattoo artist is adding a circular shape instead of the square ones we generally find. The tattoo size and design make it eligible to use as a fine cover tattoo. A secret bonus is that shoulder tattoos hurt less compared to other spots, making them great for those scared of needles.

Nike Of Samothrace Tattoo

nike of samothrace tattoo
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All the Greek mythology geeks assemble here! This palm-sized tattoo is a work of art down to every square inch. The depiction is, of course, from the famous sculpture, the only original Hellenistic sculpture available. Nike, the winged goddess of victory can be seen with her body draped by a cloth flowing in the wing. However, just like the tattoo artist, you can opt to customize this tattoo. Unlike the original sculpture, here, it is sliced in half, with the top suspended in the air. Water can be seen forming ripples at the back as well.

It is not an easy task to fit such immaculate work within such a small space. Make sure to clear your schedule for the day. Even though the artist intended to use only black ink, the detailing on the piece makes it look life-like.

My Neighbor Totoro x Spirited Away Tattoo

my neighbor totoro x spirited away tattoo
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Any Ghibli fans out here? This is the best thing, a great specimen of a palm-sized tattoo that pays tribute to Ghibli. The little white creature was a character in one movie, commonly known as mini Totoro. The creature runs holding a violet flower that symbolizes loyalty and truth.

Behind the mini Totoro, a black ball with eyes, also known as soot sprites in Spirited Away, can be seen following mini Totoro. The simplicity and pastel colors on this palm-sized tattoo are one of the winning ideas for us. Moreover, this is one of the tattoo ideas which will not be as painful, and men and women can equally rock it.

Spirit Of Nature Tattoo

spirit of nature tattoo
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Here we have another classy piece for the ankle. The impression of a reindeer can be seen with its eyes closed. Flowers and leaves are growing out of their horns. In the middle, a perfect crescent moon is observed. While this piece is very chic, keep in mind that ankles are sensitive spots, so this might hurt more than usual.

Reindeers have often been used as a motif for the spirit of Nature, one that can control and keep everything in balance. The convenient tattoo size makes it a great match for palms or other inconspicuous spots.

Remember, since the palm is very sensitive, the tattooing may be slightly more painful if you do it on the palm, so you can also do a palm-sized tattoo on any other corner of the body.

Seeing as there are so many ways to play with palm tattoos, we could not help ourselves from adding a few more worthy candidates before concluding this chapter.

  • Sun and moon palm tattoo.
  • Mandala collarbone tattoo.
  • Intertwined palms on the ankle tattoo.
  • Matching couple swallow wrist tattoos.
  • An eye with a tear back of arm tattoo.

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