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What better way to highlight simplicity than getting a picture outline tattoo! These creative and stylish tattoos will blow your mind. Let’s check it out.

picture outline tattoo
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Picture outline tattoo designs use photos of the fondest memory or the most nostalgic childhood pics as inspiration.

It is a special kind of tattoo where pictures of loved ones are portrayed, such as family, kids, mom, dad, son, daughter, or any specific object with dear memories. An outline tattoo is also called a line art tattoo.

Rather than depicting any random art, these tattoos are more sentimental to the wearers. There are more options involved in this category as it solely depends on the personal interests of the customers.

Butterfly Inspired Word Art Outline Tattoo

butterfly inspired word art outline tattoo
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In this tattoo, the tattoo artist has made use of the picture of a butterfly as a symbol rather than making the whole tattoo revolve around an image. The details of this tattoo are very intricate and clean. It looks quite minimal and simple. The tattoo says ‘always’, but various customers can customize it with their own personalized text.

What’s more unique about this tattoo is its small size. It can be placed on any area of the body easily. The outlines of the tattoo are drawn light-handedly, which makes it look faded and not quite dark. People can use various signs and symbols instead of the butterfly, such as rose, heart, and others. Overall, it is a great reference for a picture outline tattoo.

Family Inspired Picture Outline Tattoo

family inspired picture outline tattoofamily inspired picture outline tattoo
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This is one of the most in-vogue designs for a picture outline tattoo. This tattoo holds many emotions as it reflects the bond of a loving family. The tattoo artist has very efficiently made the tattoo look like a picture frame. The family sharing a special bond is perfectly captured in this tattoo.

The tattoo artist has outlined the figures of a mother sitting on a swing with two of her children on her lap. It is a well-shaded tattoo with the perfect depth of black ink used. Thin and thick strokes have been maintained to keep a balance between the outlines, and the outcome looks effortless. The use of fine lines in this tattoo makes it more intricate and brings out the details more delicately.

Dainty Photo Outline Tattoo

dainty photo outline tattoo
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This is a very creative approach to a traditional style picture outline tattoo. In this tattoo, the tattoo artist has used colorful inks to portray amazing scenery. The tattoo is a depiction of a sunset scenery with a man standing in front and immersed in the view. The portrait looks like a living scenery, where anyone who sees the tattoo will relate to its content.

The man drawn in the tattoo has simply been outlined using black ink. The rest of the scenery is drawn using overlapping outlines, which look like a shaded texture. Various colorful inks have been used to achieve the end results. It is a bright tattoo that has been carefully placed at the back of the neck. The tattoo has been inspired using a real image that the tattoo artist has transformed into a great memorable tattoo.

Retro Style Moth Face Outline Tattoo

retro style moth face outline tattoo
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This is a very delicate tattoo with a botanical theme. Have you ever seen a moth on your visit to a botanical garden or any forest region? This tattoo brings back memories. It is a mysterious tattoo with intricate ink outlines. Not only has the tattoo artist outlined the picture of a moth perfectly, but they have also added creative elements to make this look more amusing.

There is a symbol of a skull right at the top of the moth. It is such a great complimentary symbol that fits the theme of the tattoo. It looks more like a Gothic tattoo. There are two roses that surround the moth, and they look quite appealing. Lastly, the tattoo artist has also done some shading to bring more depth to the images.

Duo-chrome Dragon And Snake Outline Tattoo

duo-chrome dragon and snake outline tattoo
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This is quite a popular tattoo for those who like to play with colors yet maintain their classic themes. In this tattoo, the tattoo artist has combined red and black inks to portray the dark theme. There are two characters that have been inked using different colors. One is a snake, and the other one is a dragon.

The snake has been drawn using black ink, and the dragon has been drawn using black ink. Together, they complement each other as a whole tattoo. The animals are drawn in the entire arm, which gives it an effect as if they are crawling on the skin. The borders of the outlines are thick-lined and have been executed splendidly, with utmost precision.

Animal Inspired Best Friend Outline Tattoo

animal inspired best friend outline tattoo
@bloodyink.edinburgh via Instagram

This tattoo right here is a twin tattoo that has been drawn on two different arms but with a similar theme. Both the tattoos have the characters in common, but the atmosphere is different. On both arms, the tattoo artist has drawn a dinosaur and a turtle who are sitting together and watching the sky.

On one arm, the turtle and the dinosaur are watching the setting sun, and on the other hand, the turtle and the dinosaur are watching the moon and the stars. In short, one picture portrays the daytime, and the other portrays the nighttime.

The vibrant use of colors in this tattoo is more focused on the scenery than the characters, which highlights the difference between the tattoo. Overall, it is a unique way to recognize a twin tattoo but with different yet complementary elements.

Sun And Moon Photo Outline Tattoo

sun and moon photo outline tattoo
@julietafromtheblock via Instagram

A very detailed design of two heavenly bodies which serve the opposite purpose to the world. Sometimes the themes behind such creative tattoos outshine the details of their making. Would anyone ever dare to think of drawing a crescent moon inside the sun? No. Such ideas are definitely rare and special. The tattoo artist, in this tattoo, has drawn a giant sun which has detailed monumental styles rays.

There is an inclusion of the moon inside the face of the sun. The facial expressions of both the sun and the moon are commendable. It is a giant tattoo, with careful outlining and a great ink execution. Although completely black, it makes the tattoo look more traditional.

Scorpion Sign Outline Picture Tattoo

scorpion sign outline picture tattoo
@wyldishbambino via Instagram

This tattoo design is unique in its own style. Many people love deadly animal signs such as snakes, scorpions, spiders, etc. In this tattoo, the tattoo artist has portrayed one such creature with all its details. It is a giant black outlined scorpion that has been placed at the back of the forearm area. It has been given ample space to look gigantic and have a bold moment.

The outlines of this tattoo are thick lined which makes the picture look bold and striking. It is definitely an attention-grabbing tattoo with its clean execution. The scorpion is headed towards a setting sun which makes the scenery more endearing.

Collarbone Skin Outline Tattoo

collarbone skin outline tattoo
@inkedbylina via Instagram

Unlike the other tattoos, which focus more on a scenic representation or a particular object, this is an abstract outline tattoo that is more focused on beautifying the area. The placement of this tattoo has been very thoughtful, as it looks as if it is a necklace wrapped around the neck.

The initial design itself is not quite difficult; rather, it’s just branches of leaves that have been intertwined perfectly to look more beautiful. The tattoo artist has used fine outlines to enhance the delicate design. It is made using jet black ink, which makes the tattoo quite endearing. Overall, it’s a great tattoo design that has been drawn on the collarbone of the client.

Usual Gesture-Inspired Outline Tattoo

usual gesture-inspired outline tattoo
@ninareymondtattoo via Instagram

The most unique feature of this tattoo is that it is made using one line. The tattoo artist has made the entire picture using one line and has continued to adjoin it in various angles to make the picture look whole. It is a simple design of a hand that is holding a mug with a hot beverage inside.

The continuous line in this tattoo has been drawn very delicately. At no angle does the tattoo seem queer or chaotic. The outline has been made using a thin stroke, and the placement of the tattoo makes it quite visible to all. Overall, a simple yet unique picture outline tattoo.

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