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Ever seen a lousy pin-up tattoo design? No, cause they never go wrong! Here are our top 10 pin-up nurse tattoo ideas that will redefine elegance!

pin up nurse tattoo
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Old-school pin-up girls are a widely popular theme in the tattoo industry.

The classic pin-up tattoo designs that arose to fame near the beginning of the Second World War remain a well-preserved artefact to this day. However, in a fast-changing world of tattooing sprees, the pin-up girls are now portrayed in a number of unthinkable ways!

One such prominent design that is so trendy these days is the nurse tattoos moulded in pin-up fashion. A pin-up girl nurse tattoo design typically features voluptuous women, semi-clothed or dressed in sensual scabs. These nurses put on makeup and sexy heels to cater to the conventional beauty standards, thereby making the style even more interesting.

Though overtly sexualised, these beautiful nurses are not for fetishising the body of a woman. Both modern men and women reach out to this pretty style as a sign of tribute to the nursing profession. Basically, the meaning of a pin-up girl tattoo still continues to be a mark of service, simultaneously making rad body art. Wondering how to style these nurse tattoos? Keep scrolling to get your answer!

Black And White Nurse Pin Up Girl Tattoo

black and white nurse pin up girl tattoo
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The classic black and grey tattoo art will never go out of style, just like our pin-up nurses! The artist simply crafts a perfect portrait of a nurse holding a syringe. The only hint of colour is in the red stilettos and the cross that she wears.

If you love monochromatic designs, refer to this pin-up tattoo design and add a few elements in the background to take it a few notches higher. Place it on the upper arm or your legs and get ready to make your peers jealous!

Pin-Up Nurse Tattoo Headshot Design

pin-up nurse tattoo headshot design
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If you are new to pin-up girl tattoos, getting started with a simple headshot nurse tattoo can work wonders. The design is minimal and decorated with a pretty flower at the bottom. The use of white and grey covers most parts of the design with the quintessential use of bold black being limited to outlining and hair.

This body art is more solemn than sensual. The artist portrays the true essence of nurses who serve even during the most trying times with the woman’s eyes closed. Here, the flower becomes a symbol of benevolence and care and sets apart the connotation of this nurse tattoo design. Such a petite tattoo will fit any site of your body with ease!

Traditional Pin-Up Nurse Tattoos

traditional pin-up nurse tattoos
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Similar to the nurse tattoo above, this design portrays the softer femininity that we associate with the profession. However, on the other hand, this tattoo design is more colourful and uses traditional techniques to its fullest. Her hair features an ombre gradient instead of the pitch-black that artists typically represent.

This pin-up tattoo also inclines toward the indigenous with the use of Hawaiian flowers. The vibrant flowers and the kiss of blush on her cheeks and lips pair are combined together for an added essence of beauty to this body art.

Neo-Traditional Pin-Up Nurse Girl Tattoo

neo-traditional pin-up nurse girl tattoo
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Neo-traditional tattoos climb a step further than the course of the old school style. These tattoos include brighter colours and heavy motifs to distinguish them from their traditional counterparts.

Here the style is as vibrant as promised! The interplay of blue, red, and green throughout the design helps attract attention to the design. This pin-up girl follows the classic images and strikes a balance between the two different ways of tattooing. The use of flowers and leaves further provides a background for the nurse tattoo to bloom against the skin.

Detailed Pin-Up Nurse Tattoo Designs

detailed pin-up nurse tattoo designs
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Had enough of traditional tattoo designs? Nurse tattoos in the pin-up tradition do not only mean old school designs! This pin-up tattoo on arm is a much more realistic take on the tattoo style.

Crafted with sombre shades of blue and golden, the tattoo presents a perfect balance of beautiful colours against the skin. You can also refer to popular culture and make use of the face of Marilyn Monroe and other pretty faces of Hollywood for more variety of pin-up girls. If you are the kind of person who would sit patiently for intricate tattoos, go for these realistic nurse tattoos and thank us later!

Nurse Pin Up Tattoo Designs On Back

nurse pin up tattoo designs on back
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This nurse tattoo is a catch for men with broader backs! The pin-up girl holds a syringe and her poise is that of the classic figures. The use of roses complements the use of red in so many different places.

If not from the look of the nurse, this tattoo expresses regard for the nursing profession with the help of the quote. The lettering also keeps you from adding any more elements to avoid overcrowding. Draw inspiration from this nurse tattoo design if you wish to keep your pin-up girl hidden from the common eye!

Sexy Pin-Up Nurse Tattoo Design

sexy pin-up nurse tattoo design
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If you have a special corner for overtly sexy pin-up tattoo styles, this is your zone! A graceful pin-up girl like this one is a complete picture in itself if you wish to get a signature arm tattoo. The girl is gracefully adorned with tattoos and flowers to achieve a balance between masculine and feminine energies. Her body features are adequately highlighted without going over the top with details.

sexy pin-up nurse tattoo design ideas
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Or you can go all-in with this nurse tattoo art in grey. Flaunt your rogue soul to the world with nurse tattoos that are extremely attractive. This erotic tattoo girl will turn heads no matter where you place it!

Pin-Up Nurse Tattoo With A Stethoscope

pin-up nurse tattoo with a stethoscope
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Celebrate girl power with this simply beautiful pin-up tattoo nurse! Contrary to the old school style pin-up girl tattoos listed above, this body art shows a beautiful portrait of women in masculine shades.

The interplay of grey shading and the pop of red brings the tattoo idea to life. You can add more medical equipment like syringes or even surgical masks to paint a comprehensive picture of a nurse. Ink this body art on the top of your arms or the thigh for best placement ideas.

Pin-Up Nurse Costume Tattoo

pin-up nurse costume tattoo
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When you are falling short of nurse tattoo designs, resort to popular culture for awesome art ideas. This tattoo exhibits our very own Wonder Woman in a white lab coat! The tattoo features the classic star-studded, glimmering outfit of the character. Shading is primal to these designs and helps to add greater depth to the overall look of the tattoo.

Not just Wonder Woman, you can practically play around with any fictional character that you love and get yourself a sexy nurse tattoo. Harley Quinn and Betty Boop are great figures for these kinds of nurse tattoos.

Full Figure Pin-Up Nurse Tattoos

full figure pin-up nurse tattoos
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Ever thought a plain nurse tattoo could look so appealing? These beautiful designs exhibit the full female figure with all its charm. Here, the pose of the woman strikes the viewer. Though it is a simple presentation of a nurse in uniform, the body language paired with red stilettos and accessories is enough to do the trick.

full figure pin-up nurse tattoos ideas
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Similarly, this nurse seems significantly more attractive owing to the short length of her dress and full breasts. The pill container and the lettering further make a clear distinction of what the tattoo strives to convey. These nurse tattoos are great if you love the idea of a tattoo that is sensuous but without being too blatant about it!

Well, that closes the enchanting world of pin-up tattoos with a nurse! If any of these tattoos caught your fancy, do not hold yourself back from getting inked! Keep brainstorming with this gorgeous tattoo trope and get yourself a unique one. But if you are still wondering where to start, take notes from the following suggestions and be ready to make your friends jealous:

  • Zombie pin up nurse
  • Pin-up doll tattoo nurse
  • Mermaids pin-up tattoo nurse
  • Blowing kiss nurse tattoos
  • Vintage nurse tattoos with lamp

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