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Your quest to search for the best airplane tattoo ideas ends here. Here is a compilation of some great airplane tattoos for you.

plane tattoo
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Airplane tattoos are one of the most aesthetic and demanding tattoos of all time.

Despite all kinds of preferences, this kind of airplane tattoo design is loved by a wider audience. People who love to travel must read this, as the tags open more information on airplane tattoo ideas.

The airplane tattoos has a deep-rooted simplicity which is loved by both men and women. Some people like to choose a simple airplane tattoo outline, while others choose to go bold with their airplane tattoo designs. Different kinds of airplane tattoo designs come with original ideas from a good or bad experience in one’s life.

There are many variations of airplane tattoo designs than just a simple airplane. People choose to get, airplanes, fighter planes, jets, paper planes etc. whichever fits their mood the best. So if you’re in search to find your ideal airplane tattoo ideas, you’re at the right place. Given below are some popular, aesthically pleasing airplane tattoo ideas that you can try for yourself.

The Globe Tattoo

the globe tattoo
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This is quite a simple but meaningful design of an airplane. The aesthetic of this airplane tattoo is very modern, giving a wanderlust feel. It screams “Carpe Diem”, and spreads positivity and adventure. This airplane tattoo is made free handedly, which means that the design is not crisp, rather it resembles more like a natural hand drawing. There is a huge globe portraying all continents which is overlapped by a ray of dots showing the aviation of the plane and then the actual airplane on top of the earth. Simple yet authentic.

The Classic Flight Tattoo

the classic flight tattoo
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As it can be clearly seen, this airplane tattoo is one of the most sophisticated classical designs of all time. What makes it different from other airplane tattoos is it’s finesse. A classic straight vertical line is drawn steadily with straight ends.

The airplane in the middle taking a flight attracts the main attention. A jet black ink is used to make it look bold and classy. People ideally get this tattoo at the back of their wrists, or in the forearm however it can be placed anywhere. We suggest to keep this airplane tattoo small and in a more visible portion of the body, most like on the forearm area.

The Airplane Trail Tattoo

the airplane trail tattoo
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Another staple, simple yet romantic airplane tattoo. The inspiration behind this airplane tattoo is ‘sophisticated love’ ideas. The trails of the airplane are dotted, giving it a punchy look. This airplane tattoo is quite thin-lined compared to the others. The simple designs are back.

Although the trail could have been straight, it is made more creative by making it get heart-shaped in the ends. The plane is again filled with a black ink giving it a classic look. This style of airplane tattoo is loved by both men and women.

The Front View Cockpit Tattoo

the front view cockpit tattoo
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This is a very unusual yet a creative way to express an airplane’s view. The cockpit is usually not highlighted in the tattoos, however in this tattoo, it is made with great details. Sometimes, these little details show that there can be many different viewpoints to see something.

The airplane tattoo is quite large showing the magnificence of the vehicle, which is very catchy to the eyes. The use of black ink in tattoos is back here again. . Avoiding the design of detailing the entire airplane with its back is avoided, and only the front is emphasised. An effortless yet aesthetic tattoo suitable for men.

The Old Plane Tattoo

the old plane tattoo
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This airplane tattoo is ‘art’ mixed with ‘mystery’. The visuals of this airplane tattoo hints at the Wright Flyers which is the name of the first airplane that was ever created by the Wright Brothers. The airplane is in the middle of a flight. However, in this tattoo, ideas of art is portrayed in a very visually pleasing manner. The background has also been quite emphasised in this flight tattoo.

Showing the winters, by drawing the pine trees as a backdrop and a reindeer in front of it gives it a very mysterious vibe to this tattoo. It gives the ideas of chilly winter scene, where a very well-known airplane is in flight. The airplane tattoo and the scenery has many shaded layers on top of each other. The darkness is shaded lightly and the figures are shaded in a darker tone. The contrast is very well depicted. For our creative fantasy lovers who want a special airplane tattoo, this is the best airplane tattoo idea for you.

The Airplane Terrytoon Tattoo

the airplane terrytoon tattoo
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Cartoons in a tattoo brings the fun part out. Heckles and Jeckles are a post military war cartoon, which was created to know more comical notions in the society. The tattoo shows a flight of two birds. The inspiration behind this airplane tattoo itself is very whimsical. To tattoo the plane, a solid use of colours has been made.

The use of colours in this airplane tattoo makes it lively and eye catching. The two birds have been portrayed as having fun in the tattoo. The airplane is shown as a carrier of these special guests. It is one of the fun flying airplane tattoos out there. To make these airplane tattoos the colours have been used in a subtle light layers to know more simplicity and not darkness, making it more naturally fusing to the skin.

The Filler Airplane Tattoo

the filler airplane tattoo
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This Filler Tattoo Plane is a big sized plane. There are various things sketched inside the airplane. Rather than making an outline of the world, the art here is focused on the huge airplane to add more pins of creativity. These pins of extra shading is filling up the plane with a lot of lighter and darker shades.

To beautify such a travel themed flight tattoo, the airplane is filled with textures. The large size is bolder than a simple small sized one. Usually, men like these ideas and get these types of tattoos on their biceps, necks, etc. It is a cool airplane tattoo that followers open more information on and love these ideas.

The Paper Plane Tattoo

the paper plane tattoo
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There are so many things that catches the eye in this airplane tattoo. It is a paper airplane tattoo which is shadowing over a fighter plane. It is so well exhibited by a perfect balance of light and dark shading. It looks like a simple airplane tattoo but it is actually not quite so. If you look closely, you’ll notice that the shading inside the airplanes is done in a dotted manner which gives it more edge.

These flying tattoos are crisp and the contrast is shown so perfectly. Also the paper airplane and the military fighter airplane are two very different airplanes. However, the idea of putting them together in this tattoo makes it much more complimenting. The ink used here is black again, to keep it raw and classic.

The Floral Airplane Tattoo

the floral airplane tattoo
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This is a very special floral airplane tattoo. The unique feature about this airplane tattoo is the fact that the flowers used in this flight tattoo is filled with colours, however the airplane itself has been kept black. The artist has tried to bring more significance to the blooming of the flowers. The airplane on the other hand is made in a different way too.

If you look closely, there is a special message written inside the airplane. Each customer can personalise their own messages that they want inside these airplanes, which gives the airplane equal importance in the tattoo. The customers find this pin very intriguing. It is a unique way to exhibit art in such a way. All nature lovers, men or women will find this airplane tattoo very aesthetically pleasing.

The Travel Enthusiast Airplane Tattoo

the travel enthusiast airplane tattoo
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This airplane tattoo is one of the most popular airplane tattoos. The theme is very evidently showcased in this tattoo, which is the passion of travelling. The backpack here is not an ordinary one, but one used specifically for physical adventures, hinting towards a great experience. The bag is big and bold which opens up to a stardust in which an airplane is taking a flight. It is a very mysterious yet authentic piece of a flight tattoo. The textures, shading and filling of this airplane tattoo is detailed and thin. Once again, keeping it black and classy yet very elegant.

Some more other ideas that can go well with these airplane tattoos are:

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  • The Solar System Tattoo
  • The Navigation Airplane Tattoo
  • The Astronaut Tattoo
  • The Window-view Airplane Tattoo
  • The Wanderlust Tattoo

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