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A Pokeball tattoo design is one of a kind. You will have a lot of fun in looking at the designs that we’ve picked out for you.

  pokeball tattoo
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Pokeball Tattoo designs are very popular amongst people who are passionate fans of the 90s anime.

This compilation of pokeball tattoo ideas are great for men pokemon ink ideas. Whether you want a small pokeball tattoo or a large pokeball tattoo, you will find this pin very helpful.

Not only Pokemon was a popular anime, the fans had deep inspiration by it’s characters. Even in the year 2021, these tattoo designs for men are very prevalent. Designs like an 8 bit pokeball tattoo, a tribal pokeball tattoo, a pokeball tattoo black and white etc. are all very famous.

Pokemon tattoos not only expresses an anime fiction but the characters chosen in those specific tattoos are also very significant. There are more than 50 pokeball tattoo designs, however we have picked out some of the most creative, trendy and ideal pokeball designs for you.

The Mudkip Pokeball

the mudkip pokeball
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This is a great colour coordinated pokemon tattoo. Here, Mudkip, which is a water animal is portrayed as holding a pokeball in its hand, with drops of water on the sides. The hydra colours are very well exhibited and the entire tattoo looks bright.

This tattoo however, is a little small and is placed in the forearms or legs. It is more detailed than just being bold and loud. It is a subtle tattoo for men who like simple pokemon tattoos.

The Quartet Pokeball

the quartet pokeball
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One of the most liked pokemon tattoo by anime fans. It is a black pokeball tattoo with four special characters in the frame. Gengar on the top, Growlithe on the right, Cubone on the left and JigglyPuff at the bottom.

The tattoo indicates these pokemon animals coming out of the pokeball which is placed in the center. Each of these characters have a michevious trait, and has a grin on their faces. Quite a detailed and well comically exhibited pokeball tattoo design.

Watercolour Pokeball Tattoo

watercolour pokeball tattoo
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This is a compilation of various pokeball tattoo designs with different baby pokemon characters placed inside. The shading of this tattoo is very unique as it resembles the style of water colour painting. The colours used in this tattoo are very subtle yet punchy. The pokeball is surrounded by a mist of stardust and glitter and the pokemons inside are having fun.

It is one of a popular tiktok tattoo of 2020/2021 . However in the year 2020, it was more popular in a classic black and white shade. This very new design is an interesting style of pokeball tattoo designs.

The Pokeball Sleeve Tattoo

the pokeball sleeve tattoo
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This tattoo is a collaboration with Digimon which is another very famous anime of the 90s. The characters of both the Digimon and Pokemon are showcased, coinciding with each other.

Not only are the characters more in number but the size of the tattoo is also quite large and bold. The use of jet black ink makes this tattoo glorious and elegant.

The Dual Shade Pokeball

the dual shade pokeball
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A highly popular tattoo of a classic pokeball. Quite a very contrasting shaded version of two exciting colours- Black and Red. The shading of this tattoo is stunning as it gives it’s viewers a vibe of the pokeball spinning in a round motion.

There is a broad outline in the middle, capturing the perfect detail of the closed pokeball tattoo designs. A simple, yet creative piece of art. The pokemon fans find this pin of tattoo ideas very attractive.

The Eevee Pokeball Tattoo

the eevee pokeball tattoo
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One of the most loved characters among the pokemon animals is eevee. It is splendidly exhibited by the use of bright colours. The shape and texture of the eevee tattoo is shaded with shades of brown, enhancing its fox skin.

As for the pokeball, it is shining with a mixed guide of hot red and grey colours. Unlike the other characters, here, eevee is placed on top of the pokeball and not inside it.

The Umbreon Pokeball

the umbreon pokeball
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An Umbreon is one of the newest members of the pokemon family, which is loved by a huge number of fans. Using this animal in a tattoo, with an artistic style has been very challenging, as the artist focuses on keeping with the theme. The Umbreon is a dark grey animal.

However in the tattoo, the darkness of the animal is well balanced by the brightness of the pokeball along with blooming colourful flowers and a bright backdrop. It’s a fascinating tattoo idea that fits the style of most men.

The Pikachu Pokeball

the pikachu pokeball
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The pikachu tattoos are one of the most loved tattoos of all time. It is again very famous as one of ‘tik tok tattoos’. Pikachu after all is one of the most important Pokemons. This tattoo is made full of colours, with various textures and shadings, giving it a galaxy look. However, the pikachu on top is actually surfing on a wave.

This tattoo is more suitable for the people who like mysterious, fantasy tattoos. The use of colours is on a darker undertone, giving it a mythical vibe. With the famous dotted texture used outside the pokeball, there are fireworks all around the scene. Not only is this tattoo visually aesthetic, its large size, attracts the eye instantly.

The Charmander Pokeball

the charmander pokeball
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This Charmander tattoo is a splendid tattoo, focusing on the brightness of many poppy colours. The pokeball’s luminosity is expressed through the green beaming light indicating that it’s opening and a wonderful dragon is flying out of it.

The Mew Pokeball

the mew pokeball
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Mew is one of the strongest animal of all anime characters. This tattoo here, not only highlights the mew but also captures the beauty of the pokeball and the nature around it, which is covered in leaves.

The tattoo is a classic black tattoo, with an elegant look. The dots and shadings of this tattoo makes it very special and quite different than others.

Some other Pokeball tattoo ideas for your references are as follows:

  1. The Bulbasaur Pokeball Tattoo
  2. The Psyduck Pokeball Tattoo
  3. The Trio Villain Tattoo
  4. Meowth Tattoo
  5. Ash and Pikachu Tattoo
  6. The Pokemon World Tattoo

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