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If you love the fruit of November and are looking for ideas and want to get it tattooed soon, this list of pomegranate tattoos would be perfect for you.

pomegranate tattoo
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Sport your pomegranate tattoo anywhere on your body, big or small and that is going to be a guaranteed charmer.

With November approaching us steadfastly, undoubtedly the pomegranate is in season. Not only is the fruit tasty and healthy, but pomegranates are also beautiful and so are the pomegranate flowers that bloom with the fruit.

A pomegranate tattoo can be a really pretty choice for a tattoo, and you can get them in any shape or size. Nowadays pomegranate tattoos are in vogue especially because the pomegranate seeds add to the beauty of the tattoo due to its intricacy. Opting for different kinds of inks for pomegranate tattoos is fine too, besides just red. You can experiment with it and add your own unique taste to it. From minimalism to gorgeous ones, pomegranate tattoo ideas have it all, and as it is a symbol that brings prosperity, who knows, you might feel inspired or lucky after your first one!

Captivating Pomegranate Tattoo With A Scarlet Splash

captivating pomegranate tattoo with a scarlet splash
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One can’t help but comment on the beauty of this pomegranate tattoo more than a couple of times. This pomegranate tattoo is attractive because of the bright red color, but we shouldn’t miss the rest of the detailing- the border on the seeds and the dark shades of the petite leaves. Save the fact that you might not want to experiment with colored pigment on your first tattoo, it will make a great addition to your skin and make your November a lot more special and cool.

Bright Red Pomegranate Tattoo

bright red pomegranate tattoo
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Although it is suggested that one should always go for smaller tattoos as their first one or blackwork tattoos if this is not your first time and you want to simply show off to your family and friends, this pomegranate tattoo is a head-turner. Big, bold, and bright this will stand out anywhere- from the shades of dark and light red on the pomegranate seeds and flowers to the beautiful green leaves, the hint of black and the immaculate details, make this tattoo amazing, even though it will take a lot of patience and hard work. If your family has any history of skin allergies, you can also consult your artist since red ink is known to be a little hard to work with.

Simple And Beautiful Blackwork Pomegranate Tattoo

simple and beautiful blackwork pomegranate tattoo
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Located on the forearm, this pomegranate tattoo is stunning, and the main point of this pomegranate tattoo is the genius work of shade on the seeds. An important comment on this tattoo is, as good as it is, it might take time as it requires a lot of hard work, but you can opt for a smaller size which will cause lesser pain. This tattoo is simple yet eye-catching and the location of it as well as the blackwork and shading make it really stand out. Any comment on such tattoos will be always inviting and you can fill the pages of your brain with these thoughts while you book your next tattoo appointment.

Branched Pomegranate Tattoo

branched pomegranate tattoo
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Also located on the forearm, since you will find that it’s is the most common area of skin that people get tattooed for the first time or in general, this blackwork pomegranate tattoo is a little larger and more detailed. Besides the pomegranate, the comment falls on the fact that this tattoo showcases the sweet details of the branches and leaves as well as the soft and intricate shade on the fruit, seeds, and leaves. The charm of any black colour tattoo is that it will always look bright, and lasts longer no matter how long it has been, and black ink causes the least amount of complications.

Pomegranate Flower Tattoo

pomegranate flower tattoo
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Pomegranates, besides being the symbol that November, or winter is here and being a symbol of prosperity, growth of the family, and fertility, have connections to Greek Mythology as well. Persephone, a goddess got stuck in the Underworld (or, Hell as we call it) because she was enthralled by the pomegranate fruit. Since then Persephone, the goddess of Spring and flowers became a symbol associated with pomegranate flowers or peony flowers. This absolutely beautiful blackwork tattoo on the waist is a wonderful choice if you want a pomegranate tattoo meaning something- with the attractive shade on the flowers and the pomegranate, the ornate designs on the seed and the fruit, and even the quote on the side, this would be a perfect and aesthetic choice for a tattoo on your next visit to the tattoo parlour.

Unique Pomegranate Tattoo

unique pomegranate tattoo
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The couple of times you look at this tattoo, it still remains a bit strange, but it’s super unique. Yet again a blackwork, the artist here wanted to add a fresh touch to the pomegranate- the hand with the eye is giving us total Illuminati vibes. But you can replace that with any idea of your choice, while still having the pomegranate tattoo intact. Tattoos are obviously permanent and if you decide to get something like this, you’re sure to have a comment on how unique it looked, so give it a lot of thought. Blackwork tattoos are the easiest to work with, lasts great, are hassle-free, and won’t require ardent aftercare and you will love the results always.

Persephone and the Pomegranate Tattoo

persephone and the pomegranate tattoo
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The Pomegranate fruit is said to be planted by the Greek Goddess of Love, Aphrodite which inspired the God of the Underworld to plant it in his garden, which ultimately lured in Persephone. A Persephone tattoo would look great combined with any pomegranate tattoos and you might find it pretty cool to include a different meaning to the fruit. Save the fruit, the skull represents the dead stuck in the Underworld and might make your pomegranate tattoo the deepest one yet. The red colour of the pomegranate did add life to the ravelling blackwork here and you might want to wait it out before getting this one because it will be a long process because of its size and will take a toll on your skin despite the popularity of the tattoos of the pomegranate fruit and the haunting detail of the skull.

Fruit Bat And Pomegranate Tattoo

fruit bat and pomegranate tattoo
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Fruit bats, belonging to the family of Chiroptera, are common during November, and pomegranates are closely associated, and getting this huge and colourful tattoo on your leg would be excellent. If you although wish to cancel and change it into something more simple, you can choose this design but maybe in a smaller size. Build up your confidence, and buy yourself some time to think about the several ingredients and colour combinations here- the red, black, brown, and green that make this tattoo severely alluring and a comment or two on the stunning details of the pomegranate tattoo.

Classic Blackwork Pomegranate Tattoo

classic blackwork pomegranate tattoo
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Among the several pomegranate tattoos, this particular pomegranate tattoo is small, simple yet appealing. Blackwork tattoos have a charm of their own, and the work here is gorgeous. Adding a comment on the beautiful cluster of pomegranate seeds, the thick leaves and shading make this a great choice for a pomegranate tattoo. Save yourself the time to debate, convince your family members to get this tempting tattoo, and book your visit now.

Pomegranate tattoos have become popular nowadays owing to the prosperity, broadening of the family as well as health benefits it brings besides being of aesthetic value and having mythological connections. A pomegranate tattoo is sweet and simple and will be a great way to start November while attracting a comment or two on how lovely your pomegranate tattoo is.

Buy yourself a good tattoo appointment, save the time hesitating and get yourself that pomegranate tattoo you’ve been waiting for.

If you’re looking for more ideas for pomegranate tattoos, you might want a Persephone pomegranate tattoo or a mothers approval tattoo related to pomegranate fruit or something different like a pomegranate tattoo in the shade of Maybelline colour tattoo pomegranate punk. A hineni tattoo would be great too if you want to induce a biblical meaning. If you’re going for two tattoos you can get a minimalistic pomegranate tattoo on either arm, one being decorative and the other having some deep attached meaning, maybe related to your family, a loved one, or a friend. Go commemorate prosperity and your November with your super cool pomegranate tattoo now!

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