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Your endless search for a unique tattoo design ends here. If your interest lies in Egyptian culture you must explore these gorgeous pyramid tattoos!

pyramid tattoo
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Tattoos of pyramid images are one of the most popular tattoos which define a special source of power.

Pyramids are a symbol of hierarchy. On one hand, it is considered to be a symbol of privilege, achievement and power, while on the other hand pyramids are also a symbol of individuality.

If you are looking for an ancient magic dose in modern times, a pyramid tattoo will be your perfect choice. These tattoos are perfect to bring out your mysterious nature and comes in various poignant designs. If you are searching for what does a pyramid tattoo mean, you have already got your answer. You can get one of these amazing tattoos inked for yourself by simply searching “tattoo shops near me open” or “piercing and tattoo shops near me”

Anubis x Pyramid Tattoo

anubis x pyramid tattoo
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If religious tattoos are your call, then why not get this Anubis themed pyramid tattoo? Not only will this tattoo symbolise your strength, but it will also bring out your spiritual interests. If your choice is not monochrome, you can paint this tattoo with bright colours!

Pharaoh x Pyramid Tattoo

pharaoh x pyramid tattoo
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If you’re looking for an aesthetic tattoo to ink your arms, we have the perfect Pharaoh pyramid tattoo for you! This tattoo with intricate details will illuminate the fantastic Egyptian geometry! The pyramid comes with an all-seeing eye, which makes this tattoo inventive.

Pyramids With Book Tattoo

pyramids with book tattoo
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Are you a bibliophile who loves to be environed by hardcovers or paperbacks? Then, here is the perfect pyramid tattoo for you, where you can also show your love for books! This Egyptian pyramid tattoo within a book is unique and artistic. You can also get a tattoo of a pyramid of the sun god by replacing these Egyptian pyramids.

Creative Galaxy Pyramid Tattoo

creative galaxy pyramid tattoo
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Is simple and aesthetic the vibe for your next tattoo? Then here is a tattoo design that we would suggest to you. The tattoo has a pyramid and two planets on the top of it. The pop of colour in the tattoo catches the attention of all-seeing eyes. This tattoo art can be made in different ways as the person wants. You can get this tattoo on your arms, back or even neck.

Monochrome Pyramid Tattoo

monochrome pyramid tattoo
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This monochrome pyramid tattoo has a kind of mystery in it, which makes a person wonder. There is a window shaped which looks into the beautiful pyramids. The window also opens onto a night sky filled with stars and the moon. A person looking for peace and darkness enclosed in one place can opt for this tattoo design. There are also flowers in the background, which have been delicately detailed and add to the mystery of the tattoo.

Layered Pyramid Arm Tattoo

layered pyramid arm tattoo
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Are you looking for an out of the box tattoo idea? Then this is the one for you! This layered pyramid tattoo showcases the magic and riches of Egypt. This amazing tattoo design is perfect for the ink design, ankle, neck and back. The writings on the walls of the pyramid replicate the styles of Egyptian writing.

Pyramid Eye Tattoo

pyramid eye tattoo
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This magnificent pyramid eye tattoo speaks loudly about the person’s personality. This tattoo is for the people who are bold and want to make an impact. The tattoo has a number of different styles in the background. There is a pyramid in the middle with an eye enclosed in it. You can also choose to add the eye of your loved one on the pyramid with an eye tattoo meaning that way you get to carry your loved one with you.

Cleopatra Pyramid Head Tattoo

cleopatra pyramid head tattoo
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Have you ever seen a jaw-dropping tattoo? This Cleopatra Pyramids on head tattoo is the definition of gorgeous. This tattoo is made with bright colours, and it will have all-seeing eyes stuck on you. The tattoo art has beautifully blended the light from Cleopatra’s head to the pyramid. This tattoo of the Goddess of Egypt signifies their rich history, belief and also adds mystery.

Simple Pyramid Tattoo With Line-Art Flowers

simple pyramid tattoo with line-art flowers
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Here we have another example for a simple yet aesthetic pyramid tattoo art idea. This tattoo has been made with line-art. It showcases two pyramids and flowers arising from behind them. This tattoo design – even though not highly detailed – speaks for itself. It showcases how the person feels on the inside – delicate and simple.

Pyramid Clock Tattoo

pyramid clock tattoo
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Searching for tattoos about time? This highly detailed clock pyramid tattoo adds a mystery to the tattoo art. You can style it in your way – such as adding colours of your own choice. People go with this clock tattoo, meaning it signifies the time of life and the time beyond life – in the afterlife.

The tattoos of these triumphant triangular images are quite popular even today. These chic pyramid tattoos can be customized effortlessly and come with a Gothic appeal. But if you are looking for more creative tattoos, check out these suggestions:

  • Aztec pyramid tattoo with stars
  • Back tattoos of a pyramid with all seeing eye
  • Pyramid tattoo with a skull
  • UFOs x pyramid tattoo

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