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If you’re looking for some cool queen crown tattoo ideas, take a look at this list created especially for you! These tattoos will bring out your inner queen.

queen crown tattoo
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Body art is a great way to channelise your inner queen!

You may also consider getting queen crown tattoos to honour a strong woman in your life! This type of tattoo is always a good idea since they don’t take up too much space and require minimal effort.

A queen crown is symbolic of royalty, power and victory. The meaning of a queen crown tattoo depends upon the person and their reason for choosing this type of body art!

Crowns have been worn as a sign of power, royalty and wealth since times immemorial in different parts of the World. With monarchies being abolished in different parts of the world by the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, the last remaining famous crowns can be found amongst the Crown Jewels of the British royal family. Worn by various members of the royal family to state banquets etc., this piece of jewellery is always a grand addition to the opulence of a bygone era.

Made with precious metals, Crowns, tiaras and diadems have been symbols of queen and princess since ancient times. But the good news is, you don’t have to be a royal to get a crown tattoo inked on yourself! Extremely popular with women, this tattoo idea is a perfect option even for men who wish to be in touch with their feminine side.

This kind of tattoo can also be made as a matching tattoo with a person who is close to your heart either with both queen’s crown tattoos or a king and a queen crown!

A crown is also a religious symbol in Christianity. It signifies that the queen or king has been entrusted with the divine power to rule her or his subjects and lands. A crown of thorns was placed on Jesus’s head when he was being crucified!

If you are looking for tattoos that are classic yet provide a deeper meaning to your existence, then you must check out the list of queen themed crowned tattoos below!

Traditional Crown Tattoos

traditional crown tattoos
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This is a beautiful traditional crown design for the classic queen! The intricate design of the twirling leaves and the jewel-encrusted centre is truly mesmerising. Such design is Victorian and could be made into a small or large crown tattoo as per your choice. The black shading is easy to achieve and the stars forming a tiny triangle on top of the crown adds some mystical charm to this queen tattoo.

Queen With Crown Tattoo

queen with crown tattoo
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This stunning tattoo is for those obsessed with Roman or Grecian themes. This beautiful crown tattoo design is reminiscent of true beauty. A beautiful princess is depicted in shades of grey and black with a sombre expression. The stunning golden crown is melting like a beautiful river and flowing onto the princess’s forehead. The halo around the central figure’s head is symbolic of her divine nature. This queen tattoo wearing her crown is truly a work of art!

Crown Arm Tattoo

crown arm tattoo
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While this uncommon queen themed crown tattoo can have multiple placement options, it is best suited for the arm. The tattoo of the fox is intense with its eyes gazing straight into yours. It almost feels as if it pierced your soul! The wreath of flowers around the fox’s face adds to the aesthetic look of this tattoo. The crown is literally the crowning glory of this tattoo! What is truly special about this tattoo is that it combines the fox which is a symbol of good luck with the regality of the queen’s crown!

Crown Ring Finger Tattoo

crown ring finger tattoo
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This queen themed crown tattoo for the ring finger is minimalistic to the tee. If you are a king at heart, you may choose to get this cute tattoo to always remember the queen of your hearts. If you are the queen herself, you must get this cute tattoo to remind yourself of your true identity and royalty whenever you look at your finger!

Crown Index Finger Tattoo

crown index finger tattoo
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This is yet another petite tattoo design that is a permanent reminder of the fact that you are a true queen! The miniature version of the traditional crown design fits perfectly on the index finger. The white crosses on the base of the crown stand in contrast to the overall black colour palette and add some extra shine to this gorgeous tattoo for the finger.

King And Queen Crown Tattoo

king and queen crown tattoo
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This tattoo is the perfect match for a power couple! The wearer of these tattoos will always be reminded of their significant other no matter how far apart they are. The king tattoo design is clearly masculine with the cap on top of the metal holding the crown together. The female crown is a delicate diadem with floral details. Both tattoos are created with black ink. This is a simple crown tattoo design that is well suited for couples!

Black Queen Crown Tattoo Idea

black queen crown tattoo idea
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The intensity of the ink is what makes this classic queen tattoo stand out. While most queen crown tattoos are delicately designed with a single thin layer of sketching, this tattoo goes all out in the usage of charcoal black ink! The crown tattoo design has a gothic look to it. The collar bone or the shoulder is a popular location for getting a queen tattoo that women can flaunt like a pro at parties. A combination of an off the shoulder top and this tattoo on the collar bone can prove to be quite the lethal combination!

Skull Crown Tattoo Idea

skull crown tattoo idea
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This is one of those queen crown tattoos that is the perfect choice for the queens with a dark side. The rose motifs on both sides of the skull add a nice touch to the tattoo. The placement of this tattoo is quite apt since this crown tattoo is a bit more elaborate as compared to the rest of the options. Although not meant for everyone, this is a bold tattoo choice that can be quite rewarding if executed properly. The ink and the shading are impeccable. The combination of the skull and the flower is symbolic of life thriving even in decay! People opt for this unconventional queen tattoo design when they realise they have one life and want to spend it admiring both the rot as well as the beauty blooming in it.

Cross Crown Tattoo

cross crown tattoo
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This cross crown tattoo looks like it’s straight out of a fairy tale! The colour palette is a magical ruby red and a blackish bronze. The design is full of minute details and the ink used is a unique tone. If you wear this tattoo at the back of your neck it will look absolutely stunning. The back of the neck will provide enough space for the cross to be created and will look absolutely divine! The rose-hued colour of the rubies makes this crown tattoo design appear regal and classy!

Blue Sapphire Crown Tattoo

blue sapphire crown tattoo
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This is one of those crown tattoos that is truly magical. The colour palette is azure and reminds you of the untamed blue seas that one can roam in one life! The beautiful sapphire tiara is fit for a princess! The central piece of this ethereal tattoo is a crystal blue heart that will dazzle your skin and body like a charm! The little blue butterflies just add to the mystical design of this crown tattoo!

Thorn Crown Tattoo

thorn crown tattoo
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This is the most unconventional of all the crown tattoo ideas you will find on the internet. The back makes the perfect area for this to be tattooed given the large circumference of the tattoo. Fit for a medieval Prince, this tattoo is similar to the one Jesus Christ is pictured wearing on the cross. As intense as it is, you will require a skilled tattoo artist to achieve that perfect shading and scale on this beauty!

If you are still looking for more queen crown inspired tattoo ideas, check out the list below!

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