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Are you obsessed with letters? Want to unveil yourself through the initial of your name? Here go for best R tattoo ideas that will definitely blow your mind!

R Tattoo
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As a form of body art, the R letter tattoo has gained popularity among other alphabet letters for its crisp pattern and elegant style, which easily attracts tattoo lovers.

R letter tattoo templates fall under the single letter tattoo design category, which looks good on any part of the body. This simple letter r tattoo can be so meaningful that it can express the unspoken desires of people without revealing much.

The most prominent feature of letter tattoo designs is to celebrate the personal connection with our most beloved persons on earth. These simple but elegant initials are very special as they remind us of the most memorable moments or persons we love in our lives. Thus, this letter R tattoo should also bear significant meaning for those who get themselves inked with an R letter tattoo. The demand for this initial tattoo is very high as it carries inherent style and significant meaning rather than any mere full name or any picture

Getting yourself a simple letter tattooed is very convenient as these single letter tattoo designs require small places to be inked, and these are very economical. Many couples are seen getting R letter tattoo designs on their bodies to felicitate their blooming love. One can show his/her creativity by wearing an R letter tattoo combined with various elements – significant symbols or letters to make it more stylish and innovative. Various tattoo shops provide professional ideas on this matter. Are you looking for a perfect R letter tattoo? You have visited the right place. We have collected some specific and special R tattoo designs for you guys, which, no doubt, can steal your hearts easily.

Colorful R Tattoo With Feathers

Colorful R Tattoo With Feathers
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Who does not like feathers? Both men and women like to wear things decorated with feathers. It would be great if the feathers were colorful. Feathers symbolize wisdom, trust, power, honor, freedom, and so on, and that is why they attract people very much.

This r tattoo looks cool as it is adorned with three colorful feathers – purple, red, and blue. The feathers are molded in the shape of r tattoo, making it even more attractive. One can flaunt this small but unique r tattoo by wearing it on the wrist, neck or shoulder blade, or other parts of the body.

Cursive One Word Tattoos

Cursive One Word Tattoos
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Who does not like cursive letters? It is a great idea to get inked with the letter R tattoo. These tattoo initials are very cute and elegant as they express more weight of life than what they actually look like. This single letter r tattoo is a brilliant tattoo idea as it can signify many things – it might be the initial of the name of your love of life.

This R letter tattoo design looks complete with the subtle needlework of black ink. Both men and women can go for this letter r tattoo if they are going to ink themselves for the first time. One can upgrade his/her personality by wearing it as a finger letter tattoo or as a simple tattoo on the wrist or the ear side.

Crown Letter R Tattoo

Crown Letter R Tattoo
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Who does not think himself/herself a king or queen of his/her own life? This initial tattoo design of the alphabet letter is another name of the style to be worn in such a way on your body. Crowns are very elegant signs and carry significant meaning. It symbolizes strength and dignity.

This pure black ink letter r tattoo with a black crown looks very catchy and stylish. This simple pattern of r tattoo is one of the best tattoo templates. One can wear it on the wrist, middle finger, or other fingers. A person who likes permanent tattoos but wants them small but unique can opt for this mind-blowing crown letter r tattoo design.

R Tattoo With Infinity Sign

R Tattoo With Infinity Sign
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An infinity sign is a carrier of luck and love among people. It also has a mathematical connection to love. As the very name suggests, the infinity sign proposes the concept of endlessness or eternity. The English priest and mathematician John Walls first used this infinity sign in 1655. It also has a Biblical connection as its references can be traced back to Christian iconography.

The pattern of this infinity tattoo suggests endless love between two people who are in love. The couples can ink themselves with this infinity tattoo with the initials of their respective names on each side of this infinity sign. The love sign adds extra beauty to this elegant tattoo design. Men and women can wear this letter r tattoo with an infinity sign on the neck, wrist, or even on the ring finger.

Double R Tattoo

Double R Tattoo
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Alphabet letters have always remained attractive and mysterious among people. Thus the initial of any name is always a special thing to cherish for anyone living on the earth.

This letter r tattoo looks exactly like a mirror image of the r tattoo. The most common spot to ink this tattoo is the neck or the arm. One can also wear it as an arm letter tattoo. It can enhance the style and personality of any person who would wear it.

R Tattoo With Red Hearts

R Tattoo With Red Hearts
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Single-letter r tattoo design sometimes seems incomplete without red hearts. Letter tattoos with hearts add an extra flavor to the charm and style of tattoo lovers. The heart is directly connected to love, and the red color also symbolizes love.

This r tattoo design with hearts can easily win over the minds of people who are in love. One can adorn his/her ring finger with this beautiful r letter tattoo design to reveal his/her love to the beloved.

R Tattoo With Flowers

R Tattoo With Flowers
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Who does not like a flower? Flowers are a source of refreshment and add a sense of beauty to anything it is linked with. The alphabet letter r tattoos with a touch of flower can never go wrong.

The simple and sleek stroke of this r tattoo is really very charming. In addition, the mesmerizing violet with a pinch of yellowish touch gives the flower a realistic look. This simple but refreshing small letter r tattoo is a wonderful tattoo design that can easily blow anyone’s mind. Anyone, especially women, should like this tattoo design with flowers very much for its delicate simplicity.

R Tattoo With Wings

R Tattoo With Wings
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A simple-looking letter r tattoo becomes more attractive when funky type additional elements could be linked with it. It should be one of the basic ideas of any tattoo lover to adorn his/her tattoos with beautiful wings. Wings generally symbolize a sense of freedom, and it also has spiritual qualities as the angels are believed to have wings.

This alphabet letter r tattoo looks very stylish because of its additional beauty – its wings. And also the little ring on top of r gives it a divine touch. Anyone can flaunt his/her personality by wearing this amazing tattoo with wings on the neck or wrist.

Couples Initial Tattoo

Couples Initial Tattoo
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There are many ways to express love to your beloved. One key to these ideas could be the alphabet letter tattoo design of partners’ initials. Men and women can both wear these initial tattoos for their charm and attraction, but they should be careful before getting tattoos because these are permanent tattoos.

These initial tattoos can never go wrong with style when it is a matter of love. This alphabet letter r tattoo with another initial in black ink is really very attractive. The best places to wear this r tattoo are the chest, biceps, legs, and so on.

Combined Tattoo Design

Combined Tattoo Design
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One of the best ideas to make the alphabet letter r tattoo design more alluring is to collaborate it with other alphabet letters. This pure black inked tattoo looks very attractive and is one of the best ideas to get a letter r tattoo design on the body.

The simple strokes along the letters make this tattoo even more beautiful and attractive. One can flaunt this amazing tattoo by wearing it on the shoulder blade, wrist, or neck. It enhances the style of the person who wears it as it adds an extra touch to his personality.

A single letter is always more mysterious than a full detailed sentence. These initials are even capable of holding the secrets of people. Thus, the craze for this letter tattoo design has become very trendy nowadays. They suddenly have become more demanding than any image tattoo. Similarly, the r tattoo also has become very attractive among people for its unique designs – classic or basic. One can consult Reddit tattoo for more nuanced details and quality of various letter r tattoo designs. Apart from tattoo designs, people should also be concerned about health. Because tattoo ink often might cause delicate skin hazards – itching, swelling, redness, or even cancer. Thus, one should always be careful about post-tattoo skin care and treatment. Don’t think too much; quickly choose your favorite letter r tattoo design from the above-mentioned list and be ready to flaunt it on every social media site.

Yet not satisfied with these letter r tattoo designs? Want to explore more with creative designs and significant meaning among letter r tattoo ideas? Don’t you worry; we are here at your service. The below list contains more tempting r tattoo designs to blow your mind. Keep reading to follow the suggestions.

  • A beautiful letter r tattoo design with a guitar.
  • A decorative letter r tattoo design with a skull.
  • An amazing letter r tattoo design with birds.
  • A unique letter r tattoo design with a picture of your beloved.
  • A wonderful letter r tattoo with a cross.

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