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Are you looking for an animal tattoo that displays your mischievous but resourceful personality? Then here are some awesome raccoon tattoo ideas for you.

raccoon tattoo
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A raccoon is known for its shifty, fast gait and resourceful nature as it can easily find food from anywhere.

A raccoon tattoo meaning can vary based on different cultures. However, most cultures look at these masquerading mammals as resourceful animals and they are known as animals who can also deceive others when needed.

If you happen to be a fan of these masquerading mammals, you can also check out a tattoo design with raccoons. It can be a tribal raccoon tattoo or neo-traditional raccoon based on your preferences.

Cute And Adorable Raccoon Tattoo Designs

cute and adorable raccoon tattoo designs
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If you are looking for an adorable tattoo design with raccoons, then you may want to check out the cute raccoon tattoo in the picture above. The little raccoon in the picture is quite tiny and fat as imagined by the tattoo artist.

Lovely Ideas For Raccoon Outline Tattoo

lovely ideas for raccoon outline tattoo
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You can also get a raccoon tattoo drawing done with black ink on your body if you find outline tattoo designs much more preferable. You can also choose a black and grey or black and white colour palette depending on what you like.

Colourful Raccoon Tattoo Designs For Men

colourful raccoon tattoo designs for men
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If you are out to find some men critter ink ideas, then you can also ask your tattoo artist to add some wonderful colourful ink to your raccoon tattoo to make it look even more cool. Adding watercolour effect to any tattoo is known to make it look even more beautiful.

If you want some more inspiration regarding watercolour tattoos, you should look at the best watercolour tattoo designs that we have collected for you!

Awesome Raccoon Tattoo Designs For Music Lovers

awesome raccoon tattoo designs for music lovers
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If you love music, then you are probably looking for one tattoo idea that will be fun and also reflect your passion for music. Consequently, you can look at the cool raccoon playing guitar tattoo design done in black ink in the picture above, especially if you are looking for men critter ink ideas.

Funny Raccoon Tattoos With Hilarious Phrases

funny raccoon tattoos with hilarious phrases
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If you love animals like raccoons who cannot really be domesticated but are not extremely harmful or poisonous like many wild animals either – you can also get a funny raccoon tattoo done in black ink as can be seen in the picture. If you want funny critter ink ideas, you can add a hilarious phrase to the raccoon tattoo as the wearer has done here. They have added the phrase ‘Have A Garbage Day’ to show how raccoons often go through garbage cans rummaging for food.

Fierce And Aggressive Raccoon Tattoo Designs For men

fierce and aggressive raccoon tattoo designs for men
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Although animals like raccoons are not very harmful or aggressive, they might just charge at you if they feel you are posing some kind of threat towards them. If you don’t want a cute raccoon tattoo design, you can also ask your tattoo artist to create a fierce and angry raccoon in black ink for you to put on your body.

Awesome Raccoon Tattoos For Your Legs

awesome raccoon tattoos for your legs
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If you are on the search for a funny tattoo that you can place on top of your leg, you can also add some funny raccoon tattoos. As can be seen in the picture, the wearer has gotten a cute raccoon tattoo in the form of a small ghost unleashing their own creativity in making the unique and quirky design.

Unconventional Raccoon Figure Tattoo Designs For Men

unconventional raccoon figure tattoo designs for men
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Raccoons are mostly known to stir up mischief as they will enter your home or even go through your trash while looking for food. However, they can also be really friendly and funny if you don’t pose a threat to them. If you like this animal, then you can also get a raccoon tattoo. In case you are on the search for a more unconventional tattoo design, you can also be inspired by the image above where the artist has filled up the tattoo with spiral loops.

Rocket Raccoon Tattoo From ‘The Guardians Of The Galaxy’

rocket raccoon tattoo from 'the guardians of the galaxy'
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Raccoon tattoos have risen in popularity over recent years due to the success of ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ and its sequel movies as a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The character Rocket Raccoon is actually a genetically engineered entity who is known to stir up mischief and also because of his witty zingers through which he makes fun of his teammates. However, Rocket is also shown to be a very sympathetic being even though he acts really tough and rude externally. He treats baby Groot and teenage Groot like a father and also helps out the other Avengers with his extensive science and technology knowledge.

If you would like to look at some more tattoo art with Marvel characters, check out these amazing Marvel tattoo designs.

Traditional Raccoon Tattoo Designs For Your Arms

traditional raccoon tattoo designs for your arms
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top of your arm forearm best arm sleeve

If you are looking for places on your body where you can put the tattoo with raccoon art, you can definitely consider your forearm or the top of your arm as a convenient site. As seen in the picture above, the small raccoon tattoo with leaves all around it looks extremely cute.

In 2021, animal tattoos have risen in popularity as many people love these ideas of tattoos that portrays their favourite animal or their pet. A lot of people also get tattoo of an animal because the animal symbolises some qualities and values that they relate with. Therefore, if you feel you want a cool animal tattoo, go ahead and get a raccoon tattoo!

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