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Do you love rainy seasons and just want to set a tribute for rain? If so, then you’d love to ink rain tattoos on your body.

rain tattoo
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Rain is an abstract design that’s generally inked on the skin and brings an important element with it – a feeling of losing oneself within the downpour that is brought with it.

Rain tattoos present the regular flow of life into everyday life decision making and their basic mantra is to ‘go with the flow’. Rain is a wonderful time to snuggle with your partner or to be with a book as you watch the world around you drown in raindrops.

Getting this tattoo may mean so many things like being a rain lover, that is, a petrichor. You can also add a number of elements like clouds and sun rays to pep up rain tattoos.

The basic elements of life to live with is Earth, air, water and fire. Given below are few realistic, metaphorical tattoo ideas you might want to ink:

Silver Lining Rain Tattoo

silver lining rain tattoo
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The outline of a cloud in the tattoo, with drops of rain falling from it, is an example of a simple yet classy ink on the body. The details on the drops of rain may symbolize the first downpour of the day, so as to bring a sense of first nostalgia that rainfalls bring. You can get this rain cloud tattoo on the arm with just its outline or ask the tattoo artist to detail it with a silver line on the outside to make it more prominent and also refer to the proverb – every cloud has a silver lining.

The Third Eye Rain Tattoo

the third eye rain tattoo
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Clouds symbolize secrecy, dreams and being easy-going in nature. But we forget about the dark clouds which symbolize storms, thunder and waves. If you are into meditation, you may feel weightless when you are deep in your mind – as if your third eye opens up. This weightlessness is best shown with a tattoo where the third eye reveals itself as a cloud. You can get this art done at the back of their neck or on their arms. The amazing detailing in the rain with the ink makes for a remarkable tattoo.

Umbrella And Rain Design Tattoo

umbrella and rain design tattoo
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A dark umbrella under which is a cloud of raindrops and thunder join together to make up a breathtaking piece of body art. The vivid use of a colour palette can add volumes to the tattoo and it can turn out to be a colourful arm tattoo. It can also show the headspace of a busy person (perhaps you?) – clouded, foggy and raining various thoughts. It can be interpreted to oneself during the turmoil that ‘it’s all in the mind’. An umbrella tattoo like this would be a great piece for a colourful arm or wrist tattoo.

Umbrella Quote Tattoo

umbrella quote tattoo
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If you love rain and literature along with it, this tattoo idea might be ideal for you! This unique rain tattoo with a quotation under the umbrella and a few drops of rain would look very appealing. Artists would find the ink very eccentric. Just put any favourite rain quote (if you have one) or any quote that you love, and just get an umbrella on top of it. This would look amazing on your arm, ankle or forearm. Whenever you look at it, it will remind you of two of your favourite things, and also you will stand a class apart.

The Sword And Rain Tattoo

the sword and rain tattoo
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Are you a gothic fan? Do you like things when it’s dark and it has a twisted thunder to it? Then this tattoo would speak to you on every level. The dagger that strikes through the cloud looks like a scene of resurrection from the cult. The sword presents the determination and strength of anybody, and over here it lines with peace and fresh beginnings. The sword pierces the cloud and is almost This also looks like Demon Slayer, one who kills demons but you have to draw the line before the kill.

Dark Clouds Tattoo

dark clouds tattoo
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Dark clouds can be a great tattoo idea as blackwork. Dark clouds are generally seen as a sign of depression and can be a rain tattoo inspiration. But the Sun is always shining above, giving a shade of colour to the blackwork and making it vibrant. We need to remind ourselves that with every storm comes sunshine. Try this tattoo with a black cloud, raindrops falling under it but above the outline of a light layer of the sun will look like an adorable and unique piece of art to adorn on your wrist or your ankle.

It Can’t Rain All The Time Tattoo

it can't rain all the time tattoo
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Are you a daydreamer? Do you like staring at the window for hours since it starts to rain and see the clouds clearing up? Then you should consider this tattoo. A simple drawing of a man wiping the window of dark clouds so as to let the sunny days come in. This metaphor is to believe in your own self to be aware of the dark days and to be liable for yourself to clear your own sorrow and welcome the bright rays into life. This can be colour coordinated tattoo might be a bit painful and time-consuming but the aftermath is worth it.

Purple Rain Tattoo

purple rain tattoo
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This tattoo is an art! But imprinting the city of Amsterdam while it rains at night, almost looks like ‘heaven in a tattoo’. The interesting detailing on it, white ink used to show rain the little windows, and the colour palette of lavender and purple looks very new and fall season. The picture is from the view of the spectator, and that is why this shall mark as an absolute eye-catcher! Get this tattoo on your arm, back of your neck, and even on your forearm, this is a must-try if you are a rain lover and can sit and stare at the scenery for prolonged hours.

Rain And Umbrella Tattoo

rain and umbrella tattoo
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A good tattoo idea that can bring about conflicting themes is a cloud tattoo and an umbrella tattoo. A minimalistic umbrella tattoo can be a cute tattoo along with another cute combination of rain cloud tattoos. It would turn out as a unique thumb tattoo, with many elements of rain brought together. Very elemental, metaphorical and a minimalist rain tattoo to get, if you consider yourself as ‘ one of a kind’.

Dance In The Rain Tattoo

dance in the rain tattoo
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This is a custom made tattoo, which clearly speaks for itself. The skeleton walking under a cloud of rain just above their head showcases the mortality of the person – one who has been through waves all their life and is still holding up. That there is light always at the end of the tunnel. Chinese people associated transformation in a person with the iconic cloud tattoo. Head straight to a new life from lots of shackles, you can get this tattoo to commemorate your struggles and to remind yourself that you can do this. The coy skeleton structure shall represent your past and what you are in form is your present. This tattoo holds a very deep meaning without even narrating your story.

Some more rain tattoo ideas would include:

  1. Umbrella Academy Tattoo
  2. Sun Behind A Raining Cloud Tattoo
  3. Outline Of An Umbrella With Leaves Growing on its Stick
  4. Thunder Inside a Cloud Tattoo
  5. A Skeleton Holding An Umbrella With Rain Inside

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