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If you are looking for flower tattoos with deep symbolism and are into roses, then this list of realistic rose tattoos is definitely for you.

realistic rose tattoo
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One of the most complex yet beautiful flowers of nature, the rose symbolises the highest level of passion.

With a mix between passion and beauty as well as a deep-rooted cultural symbolism and historical significance, the rose remains one of the most popular flowers. Due to its complex nature and importance across various cultures, realistic rose tattoo designs remain a constant favourite among tattoo artists as well as tattoo enthusiasts.

Roses have ancient connotations with passion, excess, love and notable cultural respect across various cultures worldwide. In Roman culture, rose petals and incense were used to exhibit wealth. They also invented the term ‘sub rosa’ which literally translates to ‘under the rose’ that was used as a phrase of confidentiality. Placing roses in banquet halls means that the conversation being held there was meant to be confidential. Various Roman emperors added rose petals to different types of dishes since they were edible.

If Greek mythology is to be believed, the Greek deity of plants and rebirth, Adonis, is from where roses originated. A deceitful union between King Theias and his daughter Myrrha had resulted in the birth of Adonis. Upon realising that he was deceived by his own daughter, a furious Theias chased Myrrha with a sword. But Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of sexuality, came to Myrrha’s help and turned her into a tree. Adonis was born from this tree and was raised by Aphrodite and was attacked by one of Aphrodite’s past lovers, Ares, disguised as a boar. As Adonis died, his blood trickled onto the ground and transformed into roses. Another version of the myth narrates how Aphrodite’s suffered a cut on her feet from the thorns of the roses, while running to dying Adonis, and her blood stained the flowers red.

Whatever legend or culture you choose to believe is your prerogative, but it is undeniable that the realistic rose tattoos make for a fascinating tattoo choice. If you are looking to get a realistic rose tattoo inked on your skin, then this specially curated list of realistic rose tattoos is definitely for you.

Black And White Realistic Rose Tattoo

black and white realistic rose tattoo
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As we will go through this list of realistic rose tattoos, we will come across a host of rose tattoos of various vibrant colours that is sure to catch everyone’s attention. With the advent of new technology in the tattoo industry, innumerable tattoo ink colours have propped up including neon ones. Yet the classic tattoo ink colours of black and white still remain the favourite among tattoo enthusiasts with many opting for the white roses or the black rose tattoo instead of the colourful ones. This realistic rose tattoo black and white design is a piece of beauty with a delicate balance maintained in between the classic black and white ink colours and its extensive use of shading. Go for this one or the realistic rose tattoo black and grey design if you wish your tattoo to be a classic and subtle one.

Realistic Violet Rose Tattoo

realistic violet rose tattoo
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This vibrantly rich violet coloured rose is an extremely rare flower and very hard to spot. This is why it is known as the ‘mystical rose’ in many cultures across the globe. Due to its extreme rarity, this type of rose is usually associated with royalty. While the dark violet rose is for people in your life whom you admire, look up to, and whose opinions you value more than others, a lighter shade of the flower is a symbol of love at first sight. The use of vibrant hues and subtle shading gives this realistic rose tattoo a majestic look and is sure to create a lasting impression.

Realistic Pink Rose Tattoo

realistic pink rose tattoo
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Pink is a classic rose colour and the colour tends to bring out the absolute elegance and gorgeousness of the beautiful flower. While the lighter shades of the pink rose are symbols of pleasure, gentleness, grace, charm, and other feminine qualities, the darker shade of pink usually represents gratitude and appreciation with subtle connotations of passion and romance. Both shades of pink blend perfectly in this pink realistic rose tattoo and can be a great gift for your partner or a loved one on their birthday to say thank you to them for being there in your life. Go for this unique realistic rose tattoo if you want to convey your true feelings to a loved one.

Realistic Watercolour Rose Tattoo

realistic watercolour rose tattoo
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Watercolour tattoo designs have been trending in the tattoo community lately with more and more tattoo enthusiasts opting for watercolour themed tattoos instead of regular designs. This unique rose tattoo, with its stunning display of colours and extensive shading, looks like something that should be drawn on a canvas instead of human skin. If you are a professional painter or painting is your hobby, then this watercolour themed realistic rose might be something you are looking for to flaunt your artist self to the world.

Realistic Red Rose Tattoo

realistic red rose tattoo
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The classic red coloured rose is a sophisticated and elegant flower and an ideal way of expressing your love to your partner. The vibrant red colour is a symbol of love, desire, and lust and has been a sign of commitment throughout history. The traditional red rose with its deep red petal colour stands for appreciation and affection and this realistic red rose tattoo is a stunning artwork and a must-have for all tattoo enthusiasts who are looking for this combination of emotions and symbolism in a tattoo.

Timepiece And Realistic Black Rose Tattoo

timepiece and realistic black rose tattoo
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Black roses are generally more for funerals and mourning the death of a loved one. It symbolises grief and loss like no other flower and a black rose tattoo is something you might want to get to honour the memory of someone you have lost recently. However, in various cultures and professions, black roses have a different meaning altogether. Irish used the black rose as a sign of strength and rebellion against the mighty English and sailors look upon this rose as a sign of courage and hope. A timepiece tattoo, on the other hand, usually symbolises mortality and the time between life and death. Hence, the timepiece and the black rose tattoo is a unique design owing to the juxtaposition of two different symbols that are ladened with deep cultural meaning and significance.

Butterflies And Realistic Blue Rose Tattoo

butterflies and realistic blue rose tattoo
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A blue rose is one of the rarest flowers and hence has an atmosphere of mystery surrounding it. These mesmerising roses are not found in nature and are made artificially. The blue rose symbolises vision, fantasy, imagination, and the yearning for the uncertain and impossible things in life. It also stands for new opportunities as well as miracles. Butterflies are a wonder of Nature and the vibrant hues of their pretty wings complement the rich blue colour of the rose tattoo. Get this blue rose shoulder tattoo if you are someone interested in the beauty of Nature. This amazing blue rose tattoo is also unique owing to its coupling of an artificial yet beautiful object with that of the wonder of Nature.

Realistic Yellow Rose Tattoo

realistic yellow rose tattoo
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The vibrant yellow roses stand for innocence, hope and positivity. It is a symbol of friendship and a perfect gift for family and friends. This yellow realistic rose tattoo is a work of beauty with a delicate balance of warm yellow and darker tones of pink and is apt for almost all skin colours. Get this yellow realistic rose tattoo in honour of your buddies, acquaintances, or relatives and to whom you want to end all those cheerful and warm vibes.

Realistic Rose Outline Tattoo

realistic rose outline tattoo
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Many people prefer subtle tattoo designs over vibrant and showy designs as they believe a tattoo is something personal and not to be flaunted in front of others. They prefer monotonous and nondescript designs and this outline of a realistic rose is perfect for such people. This realistic rose tattoo outline uses basic and clean but bold lines to generate a crisp design and the lack of any extra shading or dots give it a modern and minimal look. Because of its small size, this realistic rose hand tattoo can be done anywhere on the skin, from shoulders to the wrist.

Minimal Realistic Rose Tattoo

minimal realistic rose tattoo
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While most of the realistic rose tattoos on this list are pieces of absolute beauty, they might be a bit too overwhelming for those getting inked for the first time or are on a tight budget, owing to the large size and complex design of the tattoos. Most of the rose tattoos are of vibrant hues and boast extensive shading and detailing that will need a large skin space, lots of time and money as well as a professional and experienced tattoo artist. But this minimal realistic rose tattoo is apt for all those first-timers and those on a shoestring budget as it will require none of the aforementioned things. Minimal tattoos are trending owing to their versatility and this minimal realistic rose tattoo can be done anywhere on your skin – from fingers to the wrist, or behind an ear.

Rose tattoos have been in vogue since time immemorial and, judging by their popularity within the tattoo community, they will continue as a popular trend for years to come. However, it is important to select the proper rose tattoo colour before getting one tattooed on your body. While black roses are for mourning death within your circle, the yellow rose is to display hope and friendship and the traditional red rose tattoo is best to express your love and desire for your partner. There are loads of other colours available when it comes to rose tattoos and so it is important to know beforehand what each colour denotes and represents. As always, opt for an experienced and professional tattoo artist to get your tattoo and to save yourself for future skin issues. Consult with your artist about the design and colour of the rose tattoo and measure all the options carefully before you decide which one to get. Happy inking!

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