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If you ever got betrayed by someone, you may get a R.E.A.L. tattoo or “Realize Everyone Ain’t Loyal Tattoo”. This list of tattoos has been collected for you.

Realize Everyone Ain't Loyal Tattoo
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Loyalty should be a quality of character in a person.

It should never fickle or falter no matter what the situation requires. Loyalty should be an innate quality in everyone.

Nowadays, loyalty is often looked up to as something rare and expensive. The more the human race advances as a civilization, the fewer morals like honesty and loyalty are hard to find. So as humans approach a glorious future, humanity is deteriorating. Loyalty makes a person stronger and more believable. People get hurt all the time because someone very close to them has backstabbed them so brutally they cannot seem to get up. Deception and lies are common signs of disloyalty.

These two poisons leave the victim mentally paralyzed. So it is logical when someone expresses their sudden realization through art. And among the various popular artistic styles, body art is quite the sought way of expressing your thoughts. If you have gone through betrayal and treachery from the people you trusted, you may want to explore these Realize Everyone Ain’t Loyal Tattoo Design ideas.

Loyalty Tattoo On Arm

Loyalty Tattoo On Arm
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This Realize Everyone Ain’t Loyal tattoo drawing is inked on the back side of the arm. The first letter of every word is drawn bigger, and the rest of the letters of each word are posited inside the bigger letters, making the tattoo look stylish and cool. Some absurd design is drawn around the REAL tattoo to give it a special effect.

Arms are supposed to be the most seen body parts of a human. Arms are often bare and visible to everyone. So getting a tattoo on the arm promotes confidence and courage. People who have faced trauma in their past life are more prone to get tattoos on exposed body parts like the neck, arms, and legs to gain authority over their body and thus gain control over their traumas. Getting a scripture like “Realize Everyone Ain’t Loyal” on the back arm demonstrates the need to take back the autonomy of the mind and body confidently. If you are a person who needs reassurance through body art, getting this tattoo will not be a bad idea.

Colorful Realize Everyone Ain’t Loyal Tattoo

Colorful Realize Everyone Ain't Loyal Tattoo
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Even though these REAL tattoos are often etched with black ink, this tattoo on the forearm is spectacularly inked with red and black colors. The two contrasting colors give the tattoo a subtle look. The first letters of each word are written in bigger and bolder forms to let the REAL word flourish. The calligraphy of the tattoo is exceptional.

The red and black combination of this loyalty over love tattoo is deadly. It can indicate passionate anger towards someone or a betrayed love. Whatever the meaning is, it all depends on the tattoo lover. So getting the real tattoo in black and ink is not so bad if you are planning to get a symbolic colorful tattoo. Women who got ditched or cheated by their partners may choose this Tattoo Design.

Chest REAL Crown Tattoo

Chest REAL Crown Tattoo
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This tattoo is amongst the more offbeat and unique Realize Everyone Ain’t Loyal Tattoo Design ideas. It is situated on the chest area and distinguished by a huge crown on top of the words. There is a design of bricks as the background of this tattoo. Black ink is used for this REAL tattoo.

The chest is looked at as a big canvas for the tattoo artist. He or she has the full freedom of space to make the tattoo skilfully. A tattoo on the chest for men may represent their need to maintain their masculinity and strength. The crown is like the cherry on top. Crowns symbolize strength and autonomy. Or maybe the tattoo wearer is keeping these words closer to their heart as a reminder. So if you love huge tattoos and need to assure yourself with their presence close to your heart, this REAL tattoo will be a great choice for you.

Realize Everyone Ain’t Loyal Tattoo On Back

Realize Everyone Ain't Loyal Tattoo On Back
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This one is the biggest of all the loyal Tattoo Design ideas on this list. The word REAL is written in different calligraphy with black shading than the smaller Realize Everyone Ain’t Loyal underneath it. The whole upper back is first traced with the “realize everyone ain’t loyal” tattoo stencil to make it.

The back is the broadest space for bigger and more complicated tattoos. Tattoo lovers get the biggest tattoos on their backs. This Realize Everyone Ain’t Loyal tattoo is also huge and thus has more space to separate the word REAL from the rest of the tattoo. Getting a back tattoo is not just for yourself to see but also, and more importantly, for others to see. You let very few close people see your back and the tattoo on it. So getting a REAL tattoo on the back could mean the tattoo is more important to you than showing it off to the world.

REAL Back Forearm Tattoos

REAL Back Forearm Tattoos
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This back forearms tattoo has a subtle 3D effect to it, making it look real. The first letters form REAL as the other letters wrap this word like a piece of cloth.

If you ever found yourself facing a disloyal partner, friend, or even colleague, you might have questioned every move they make in front of you. Getting your gut wrenched by lies and manipulative promises is the worst feeling ever. So in order to express your pain and realization, you may need a tattoo like this.

Loyalty Out Values Everything Tattoo

Loyalty Out Values Everything Tattoo
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This Realize Everyone Ain’t Loyal tattoo on the side of the abdomen looks realistic. The shading of the fire in the backdrop of this tattoo seems like the tattoo artist has paid careful attention to it.

Loyalty is never a choice or talent. It should be an inherent quality in a person. And it definitely should outvalue everything else. If you are someone who agrees with this opinion may need a tattoo like this on your body, anywhere you want to have it.

Quarter Sleeve REAL Tattoo

Quarter Sleeve REAL Tattoo
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The shading of this tattoo is awesome. The tattoo is posited on the inner forearm. The letters forming the word REAL are hollow, exposing the lighter skin. The contrasting effect of the black shading and empty spaces of the skin makes the tattoo pop out.

Time is an effective medicine for those who have been broken-hearted because of nasty lies and disloyalty. Every wound heals if you wait it out. This fascinating tattoo is clearly reflecting this message, with the other hand showing an inspirational quote and an angel healing the broken heart. So give it some time and effort, and the pain will fade away, but a permanent tattoo like this one will not.

REAL Tattoo On Leg

REAL Tattoo On Leg
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This one is an excellent choice of all the Everyone Ain’t Loyal Tattoo Design ideas. The tattoo looks the same as the others, but it has this awesome 3D effect to it that will make it pop out on the skin more. The shading looks very realistic.

Tattoos on legs are one of the most popular tattoos in the world. Legs are almost always bare, and the tattoo bearer would have the opportunity to show it off. Having told people on their face what you believe in requires great courage. If you are one of the courageous people, go for this tattoo.

Small And Cute REAL Tattoo

Small And Cute REAL Tattoo
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Small and cute tattoos are often demanded by women. This tiny REAL tattoo (“Realize Everyone Ain’t Loyal) just under the collarbone is an appealing piece of art. The letters of this tattoo look like they are sewn together with thread. The word REAL is formed from the first letters of each word and is inked in black, whereas the rest of the words are painted in red.

Tattoos under the collarbone increase the sex appeal of women, making their collarbones look more attractive. This type of collarbone tattoo gives confidence and validation to the person having it. The neck and the collarbone areas are often chosen for meaningful tattoos or scripture tattoos. These areas are most exposed, and thus only the tattoos skillfully done can be inked there.

Under Arm REAL Tattoo

Under Arm REAL Tattoo
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This piece of tattoo art is definitely on fire. The real Realize Everyone Ain’t Loyal tattoo rarely has colors in it; it is always inked with black. But the words of this tattoo are written in black while there is an orangish fire in the background. The tattoo attracts the onlooker’s gaze easily with its bright appearance.

Tattoos on the inner biceps are not so unusual to see. However, the inner arm is a delicate body part to have tattoos on. It is painful and so much harder to go through the process. But if you are sure you are able to handle the pain, make sure to opt for this Tattoo Design to have on your inner bicep.

It is essential to know when and whom to trust blindly. People tend to betray those who depend on them the most. But heartbreak has no gender or age. Men and women often find themselves faced with disloyalty and cheating. Disloyalty is a characteristic of those individuals who were abandoned and went astray for most of their lives. They do not know the value of trust and faithfulness. They rarely get a chance in life to understand others’ pain without prioritizing themselves before everyone. So it is understandable if you have faced the same and now want to get rid of the sick feeling of betrayal. These realize Everyone Ain’t Loyal Tattoos are suitable for men and women equally.

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