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If you still groove with the albums like Californication and Blood Sugar Sex Magik, then getting a red hot chili pepper tattoo must be on your list.

red hot chili pepper tattoo
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A band formed in 1983 in Los Angeles changed the history of rock music with their compositions ranging from hip hop to alternative rock.

Red Hot Chili Peppers in no time became a fan favorite and one of the best-selling bands, with more than a hundred million records sold around the world. The music band, with their tunes, influenced the modernization of rap metal, nu metal, and funk metal.

The band was formed by Anthony Kiedis, Hillel Slovak, Jack Irons, and Flea. Both Irons and Slovak were not featured in the first album but consecutively appeared in the second and the third one. The band has in its bag six Grammy Awards in 2012, was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and also received a Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2022. If Red Hot Chili Peppers is your favorite band, get music band designs tattooed to set them in your life. Find the tattoo that suits your style.

Simple Tattoo Of Red Hot Chili Peppers

simple tattoo of red hot chili peppers
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The meteoric rise of Red Hot Chili Peppers in the late nineties helped a whole lot of generations to groove to their beats. Songs like Under the Bridge, Black Summer, Dosed, Californication and many more still dawn on our playlist. Out of love and tribute, many people get the Red Hot Chili Peppers tattoos inked on their skin.

Depending on the size of the tattoo, they are placed on the body. The large ones are inked on the back, chest, and thighs, while the small ones are placed on the forearm, ankle, wrist, and shoulder. Either the symbol of the music band is inked, or any members of the band or a song name along with the symbol can also be tattooed. They are popular both among men and women and can be done either in black or colored ink.

Small Red Hot Chili Peppers Tattoo

small red hot chili peppers tattoo
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It is always a cool thing to own a small tattoo on your body but owning a Red Hot Chili Peppers tattoo is something one should be proud of. The band has provided plenty of hits to date, and inking their asterisk logo on the body is a token of gratitude one shows for their favorite band.

The best place to put these small tattoos is on the ankle, forearm, neck, behind the ear, side belly, and fingers. The small tattoo style and the music band are equally popular among men and women for their crisp design and soul-shearing songs.

Chad Smith Tattoo

chad smith tattoo
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Like many tattoo lovers, drummer Chad Smith also loved to get inked. From his photographs, you can see many tattoos on his body, which he has done for various reasons. One of the most popular among them is the octopus tattoo on his leg.

This particular tattoo content was done by Henk Schiffmacher when Smith was performing in Holland in 1991. Chad Smith did this particular piece to show his love for underwater life and scuba diving. This design of a tribal octopus is extremely cool and is mostly done by people as a large piece, just like Smith. They are often done with drums or guitars in order to remember and pay respect to Chad Smith for his contribution to music.

Monarchy Of Roses Song Tattoo

monarchy of roses song tattoo
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One of the most famous Red Hot Chili Peppers tattoos is the Monarchy of Roses. The Tattoo Design was based on the song ‘Monarchy of Roses’ and created waves among the public when released in 2011. To this date, the song has amassed 10 million views on Youtube and become a trending tune on social sites like Twitter and Facebook.

The song is known for its beautiful lyrics and is a popular tattoo choice both among men and women. The design of the tattoo is extremely invigorating, with a rose enable background inside the asterisk symbol. These tattoos are mostly done using red ink in order to both signify the color of the flower and also of the band logo.

Red Hot Chili Peppers Logo Tattoo

red hot chili peppers logo tattoo
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When the Red Hot Chili Peppers started to perform in their early days, label management asked the band for a brand logo for their promotion. Anthony Kiedis sketched an eight-faced asterisk that fans around the world can now recognize as an iconic piece of art. The best place to put these tattoos is on the wrist, forearm, bicep, calves, shin, back, shoulder and ankle.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers tattoo ideas can be either done with black ink or with the iconic red ink as the original logo design. Both popular among men and women, it is one of the most well-known music band designs around the world. Many people get this asterisk as their first tattoo as a tribute to the band, and the design, which was created out of an impulse, became the heartthrob of millions.

Red Hot Chili Peppers Matching Tattoo

red hot chili peppers matching tattoo
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Getting matching tattoos done is fun and a great way to show the depth of bond someone shares with others. Often when people share the same music taste, they get themselves inked with the logos or song lyrics of a particular band. Red Hot Chili Peppers tattoos are one such choice and are done by best friends, couples, siblings, and family members.

The best place to put these tattoos on the body is on the wrist, ankle, forearm, bicep, neck, and back. Not only does this tattoo show the love of the tattoo holders for the music band, but it also is a sign of bonding. Black ink is used for this tattoo, and the design mostly ranges from small to medium.

Psychedelic Red Hot Chili Peppers Tattoo

psychedelic red hot chili peppers tattoo
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Many tracks of Red Hot Chili Peppers were based on the psychedelic culture, which emerged in the mid-twentieth century. The concept that was incorporated into the psychedelic rock genre was the hallucination that was caused due to intake of drugs. Even in the autobiography of Anthony Kiedis, which was published in 2004, he warns about the misuse of drugs and their ill effects.

People who like hallucinating art and Red Hot Chili Peppers are the ones who get this tattoo done on their skin. People who have cured themselves from drug addiction can also get this tattoo done as a way to remind themselves of the long journey they have taken. The best place to put this design is on the forearm, back, chest, shin, and calves.

Red Hot Chili Peppers Tattoo On The Neck

red hot chili peppers tattoo on the neck
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Doing a Red Hot Chili Peppers tattoo on the neck is a great choice to show respect to the band you love. Inking the asterisk symbol just below the neck looks extremely cool and is most visible to all.

The Tattoo Design ranges from small to medium and can be either done in black or colorful ink. Song lyrics can be added with the asterisk to show the favorite song of the tattoo owner by this music band. Doing a tattoo in the back is a smart choice as it not only looks cool but also hurts less than getting done in other places.

Realistic Red Hot Chili Peppers Tattoo

realistic red hot chili peppers tattoo
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The concept of realism flourished in mid-nineteenth century France and is still regarded as one of the greatest art genres around the world. Doing a Red Hot Chili Peppers tattoo with a realistic technique is a cool way to show your love and respect to the band. This tattoo looks extremely moving and cannot be differentiated from a photograph.

Colored ink is used to do this traditional Tattoo Design of the band which is the asterisk symbol. With that, the name of the band or the face of the band members, or song lyrics can be written to further enhance the style of the design. The best place to put these tattoo designs is on the forearm, chest, back, shoulder, shin, and thighs.

Scar Tissue Song Tattoo

scar tissue song tattoo
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One of the best tracks in the Californication album of 1999 is the song Scar Tissue. This song has a particular line, ‘With the birds, I’ll share this lonely viewin’ which became an iconic quote, and many people used this song line for tattoo ideas. This Red Hot Chili Peppers Tattoo Design can be placed on the forearm, bicep, back, neck, chest, thigh, and shin.

The Tattoo Design for this song is mostly created using red and black ink and is both popular among men and women. This tattoo can be done in a variety of ways, including putting flying birds with the asterisk symbol, a single bird sitting on the asterisk symbol, or a bird inside the asterisk symbol. People who share a close connection with this song mostly get it done on their bodies.

With their new album Unlimited Love released in 2022, the demand for Red Hot Chili Peppers tattoos has gone up in the tattoo world.

The other tattoo designs that can be created using Red Hot Chili Peppers are:

  • Red Hot Chili Peppers tattoo with a skull
  • Neck Red Hot Chili Peppers tattoo
  • Geometric Red Hot Chili Peppers tattoo
  • Multicolor Red Hot Chili Peppers tattoo
  • Red Hot Chili Pepper Shoulder tattoo

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