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Are you looking for tattoos that will reflect your religious faith and belief? Then here are some amazing Religious Tattoos for you to check out.

religious tattoo
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People who are devoutly religious often carry different symbols with them to express their faith and belief.

A lot of people often ask ‘What is a religious tattoo?’ but the answer is quite simple. A religious tattoo reminds one of their religious beliefs and faith whether they belong to Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism or any other religion in the world.

Many people put symbols from their religions as tattoos on their body in the form of a chest tattoo or sleeve tattoos. Some people also get tattoos of holy words or phrases from religious scriptures or books. During dark times, these tattoos offer them peace, solace and encouragement to keep going.

Simple Religious Tattoo Designs

simple religious tattoo designs
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For thousands of years, the human race has believed in the idea of one or multiple Gods through their unique religions. They have also written texts and scriptures that are holy to them along with worshipping other elements that may act as a significant symbol to them. Regardless of what religion you belong to, if you also believe in God and the act of worshipping, you should go ahead and look at a religious tattoo design that you would.

If you are getting a tattoo for the first time, you may want to try out a simple or minimal tattoo design.

simple religious tattoos designs
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Consequently, you can get a tiny Cross tattoo or even a simple tattoo near your wrist that might be small but elegant enough to stand out in the crowd. If you are not satisfied with simple tattoos, you can also get large shoulder tattoos or a chest tattoo that look like body art.

Religious Tattoo Ideas With The Biblical Angels

religious tattoo ideas with the biblical angels
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One of the most popular tattoo designs for those belong to the religion of Christianity has to be the angels who are mentioned in the Bible. The Bible mentions a number of angels who helped God make the Earth and the humans in them. If you are of Christian faith, you must have grown up reading the Bible and other holy texts like the Old Testament and New Testament that consists of different stories about God and these angels.

Consequently, if any of the Biblical angels and their stories have stood out to you, you can also ask your tattoo artist to create a detailed and intricate tattoo design as seen in the picture above. The artist has done a stunning job and has added heavy shading as well to make the tattoo more realistic and authentic.

If you are looking for some inspiration regarding religious tattoos from ancient, historic cultures, check out these amazing Eye of Ra tattoo ideas which has tattoo ideas about the Egyptian sun god Ra.

Amazing Virgin Mary Tattoo Ideas For Christians

amazing virgin mary tattoo ideas for christians
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If you are looking for Christian tattoos, then the Christian tattoo of Virgin Mary is also a popular option. For anyone who is undergoing a spiritual journey, the figure of Virgin Mary stands out as a kind and maternal entity who will forgive us for any sin and give unconditional love. The Virgin Mary is also revered as the mother of Jesus Christ.

As seen in the picture, the wearer has gotten a tattoo of Virgin Mary in an entirely black, monochromatic design. They have also added a flower below the figure of the Virgin Mary to add to the tattoo and make it seem less incomplete. Therefore, if you are looking for Christian religious tattoos, you should check out some Virgin Mary or Jesus Christ tattoo ideas.

Religious Tattoo Designs With The ‘Om’ Symbol

religious tattoo designs with the 'om' symbol
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One of the most important symbols in Hinduism, the ‘Om’ symbolises the entire universe and our reality. When chanted from the scripture during prayers, it is also considered to be a sacred syllable that is the holiest of all mantras. It is also used in Buddhist and Jain mantras.

Consequently, if you want to express the kind of peace and solace you feel in life while chanting the religious mantras, you can get the ‘Om’ symbol inked on your chest or arm. As seen in the picture, the tattoo artist used a casual, freehand and artistic style with the symbol and drew it in a wonderfully, free-flowing manner.

Religious Tattoos With The Praying Symbol

religious tattoos with the praying symbol
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The symbol of praying hands is well known throughout the world as a sign of someone in deep prayer, worshipping to their God to ask for forgiveness for their sin and blessings in life. If you are a Christian, you may remember how many Christians also use the rosary beads with their folded hands while praying. Many statues of the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ also show their hands folded in the praying posture. Consequently, if you also want to display that part of faith and worship through your hand tattoos or chest tattoos, you may want to get the praying symbol inked on your body.

Unique Ideas For Cross Tattoos

unique ideas for cross tattoos
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For people who are looking for Christian tattoos, the religious Cross tattoo is also a well-liked option. The Cross tattoo means the Crucifixion upon which the body of Jesus Christ was hung during his death. Christians believe that before Jesus Christ went to heaven, he suffered a painful death on the Crucifixion to absolve the sin of humankind. If you go to church, you will also find the statue of Jesus Christ on the Crucifixion hung for all to see the sacrifice and death of Jesus Christ before he went to God. If you are not looking for an elaborate Cross tattoo like in the picture, you can also pick a simple Cross Christian tattoo.

If you are looking at Cross tattoos for men but are confused regarding what kind of a tattoo you should choose to put on your body, you should definitely check out these amazing Cross tattoo designs for men.

Intricate Jesus Christ Religious Tattoo For Followers Of Christianity

intricate jesus christ religious tattoo for followers of christianity
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If you are looking for a Christian tattoo, you can also try to see if you would like a Jesus tattoo. Among all Christian tattoos, the tattoo of Jesus Christ is quite popular because it signifies God’s love upon the mortal humankind.

If you choose to get the face of Jesus Christ tattooed on your body, you may need to consult an expert and proficient tattoo artist who you know does excellent work and can be trusted. As seen in the picture, the artist has successfully captured the essence of Jesus through his face and has done incredible detailing work that even makes his tears look absolutely realistic and authentic.

Detailed Religious Tattoo Ideas For Followers Of Hinduism

detailed religious tattoo ideas for followers of hinduism
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If you are looking for spiritual tattoos from Hinduism, you will first have to choose which deity, god or goddess you want to display through your tattoo. There are numerous deities in Hinduism with different gods and goddesses – all of whom have separate, unique powers. As seen in the picture, the wearer has gotten an extremely detailed tattoo of the Hindu god Shiva, who is known for his immense power and the ability to foresee things because of his third eye. Along with the figure of the Shiva, the wearer has also added a lion to the tattoo as the lion is the faithful companion of Maa Durga, another powerful goddess in the Hindu pantheon.

If you feel your tattoo looks incomplete, you can also add religious quotes tattoo along with it. After all, many holy scriptures and sacred books are full of quotes and phrases that guide us through the tough times in our lives. Consequently, you can also add a religious quote tattoo to make the tattoo more meaningful.

Awesome Religious Tattoo Ideas With Folk Deities

awesome religious tattoo ideas with folk deities
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If you are looking for a religious tattoo forearm, you can also choose to display any folk deities or gods that you may worship. As can be seen in the picture above, the tattoo artist has drawn the figure of Santa Muerte, a Mexican folk deity who is also the Saint of Death. Different cultures in the world follow a variety of religions which may or may not be very mainstream or famous. Consequently, if you belong to such a sect or tradition of religion, you can also choose to honour your beliefs in your own unique way.

Religious Tattoo Sleeve Ideas For Tattoo Lovers

religious tattoo sleeve ideas for tattoo lovers
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A lot of people prefer to get tattoo sleeves as they offer maximum potential for visibility. In addition to that, the fully covered-up sleeve tattoos also look amazing from a distance. Tattoo sleeves are normally one continuous, large tattoo based on the same theme. Sometimes, a tattoo sleeve can also consist of several images and pictures that look great one after the other. Therefore, if you are looking for a complex and elaborate religious forearm tattoo or religious arm tattoo, you may think of getting religious tattoo sleeves. A religious forearm sleeve tattoo can be one full tattoo of the Virgin Mary or Jesus Christ or the Biblical angels or they can also be smaller tattoos joined together.

Everyone around the world in their daily lives affirms to some form of faith where they pray to God, whether it is Christianity, Islam, Hinduism or any other religion for better understanding, hope and blessings in life. If you are also someone who turns to Jesus Christ or any other deity during your dark times for hope and remedy, then you may want to get a religious tattoo as well. The religious tattoo will be a mark of your faith and devotion.

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