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Are you looking for some amazing rose hip tattoo ideas? Then, you are in the right place! Here is the archive of ten unique rose hip tattoo designs for you!

rose hip tattoo
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Hips are quite an unusual place to wear a tattoo, but if you are one of those people who love to experiment with tattoo designs and body locations, then a hip rose tattoo is just what you need.

Rose tattoos are famous for their various symbolic meanings. Rose tattoos are pretty popular among women tattoo enthusiasts, but recently men have also shown interest in getting unique rose tattoos by combining them with other cool elements.

Roses carry different symbolic meanings in different cultures across the globe. But it is, of course, known to us all that red roses are the prettiest symbol of love, romance, passion, and affection. The meaning of a rose varies according to the colours. For instance, blue roses represent a sense of royalty and mystery, while white roses usually stand for chastity, purity, calmness, etc. However, a rose tattoo can convey your purpose and inner thoughts about something when incorporated with other meaningful elements.

Now, just read the article without much ado and select your favourite rose on a hip tattoo design for your next tattoo endeavour!

Rose On Hip Tattoo With Snake Design

rose on hip tattoo with snake design
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If you are looking for a bold tattoo design that can baffle the onlookers, then this fantastic rose and snake tattoo design is the right one for you. Snakes carry both good and evil meanings in different cultures all over the globe. It is one of the most feared reptiles in the world. In many cultures, snakes are considered to be the symbol of fertility and rebirth. Snakes are also believed to convey the traits of seduction, intelligence, and analytical skills. On the other hand, roses are quite a common emblem of passionate and seductive love.

In this tattoo art, the tattoo artist has done an incredible job inking the serpent, and the rose on the hip and thigh area of the tattoo holder. The monochrome tattoo has a huge cobra coiling around a bunch of roses. A beautiful dream catcher clock is inked just by the snake’s side.

Rose, Wolf, And Butterfly Hip Tattoo

rose, wolf, and butterfly hip tattoo
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Wolves represent different symbolic meanings in different cultures. In North America, wolves are simultaneously seen as a symbol of creation and destruction. In many cultures, wolves are believed to represent power, strength, strong bonds, and determination as well.

This gorgeous hip tattoo features a fine-lined picture of a wolf. The wolf has a cluster of big roses with leaves drawn on its left side. The leaves and the fur of the animal are done using pendulum shading to give it a realistic appearance. There is a butterfly right at the top of the tattoo. The butterfly here symbolizes beauty, freedom, and also transformation. You can ask your tattoo artist to highlight the butterfly with some vibrant colours to give the tattoo a sharp look.

Abstract Rose And Portrait Hip Tattoo

abstract rose and portrait hip tattoo
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Abstract tattoos are a very new tattoo form, and they have made huge popularity because of their uniqueness. In this surrealist abstract tattoo, the artist creatively inked the portrait of the woman in a different way. The portrait looks realistic, but the upper part of the face is detached from the lower part. There is a huge realistic rose above the portrait. The rose is nestled inside an obscure box.

This classy and unique tattoo fits best on the hip and thigh area. If you want to add some colours to this abstract tattoo, we advise you to ink the rose in vibrant red colour so that the entire tattoo will become more eye-catching.

Rose And Tiger Hip Tattoo Design

rose and tiger hip tattoo design
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Needless to say that tigers are one of the strongest, most powerful, destructive, and most feared animals in the world. A tiger in a tattoo always symbolizes strength, fearlessness, prosperity, and good fortune.

In this massive hip tattoo, a realistic tiger has been inked amidst a bunch of big roses. The tiger looks fierce and looks as though it is about to roar. Several white stripes across the tattoo made the tattoo look unique and bold. The two roses are inked using the pendulum method to make them look natural.

Rose And Skull Hip Tattoo

rose and skull hip tattoo
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Skulls are one of the most common tattoo designs, and it carries various unique symbolism. A skull in a tattoo can represent decay, death, and danger. It can also symbolize rebirth and strength.

In this amazing tattoo, a massive fine-lined skull has been inked, surrounded by a cobra and some fully bloomed roses. The skull looks old and broken, while the roses look fresh and new. This tattoo is absolutely the best one for Harry Potter fans since it almost replicates the Death Eaters sign. The artist has given the tattoo another dimension by adding minute detailings. The hip area has given the artist a huge canvas to show his/her creativity. You can add some colours to the roses to make a contrasting appearance.

Rose And Koi Fish Hip Tattoo

rose and koi fish hip tattoo
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This is probably the coolest design of this lot’s rose hip tattoos. Koi fish carries many rich symbolic meanings in Japanese culture. The koi fish is believed to bring good luck and is also considered to be an emblem of perseverance. Koi fish is one of the popular designs in Japan, and people there really love to incorporate cute or unique koi fish in their tattoos. Koi fish tattoos convey the story of the struggle the tattoo holder must have gone through.

In this colourful tattoo, a blue koi fish has been linked by the side of a red rose. There are some weaves in the front and back area of the fish. The yellow eyeball of the fish, against its blue body, looks very attractive. You can change the colour of the fish to your liking and add mini roses to make the tattoo look even more attractive.

Rose, Seashell Hip Tattoo

rose, seashell hip tattoo
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Seashell tattoos are one of the unique designs available in the tattoo world, and they are getting popular these days because of their simple and elegant look. Incorporating a seashell in the tattoo distinguishes a person from the crowd of common tattoo designs. Moreover, seashells offer numerous positive symbolic meanings, which serve as one of the major reasons why people are getting fond of seashell tattoos these days.

In this mind-blowing hip tattoo, a seashell is linked with intricate designs entrusted to it. The contours of the shell and the perfect shading of the roses, along with other beautiful flowers, have done the magic. The tattoo stands apart from any common designs and can catch the attention of people with utmost ease.

Realistic Rose On Hip Coverup Tattoo

realistic rose on hip coverup tattoo
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If you have old and fading tattoos on your hip area and badly want to cover them up with some simple and beautiful design, this gorgeous rose tattoo design could be the best solution for you. There is nothing more beautiful than a bunch of beautiful roses. As the image shows, the old tattoo has been covered perfectly well. The roses are inked using pendulum shading, and the leaves are done using the colour pacing technique.

You can also add some more elements to your tattoo. You can incorporate some fairies, butterflies, and stars to make this tattoo look magical. You can also ask your tattoo artist to use some dot shading technique which will give your realistic rose cover-up tattoo a new dimension.

Rose And Rope Girl Hip Tattoo

rose and rope girl hip tattoo
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This mini rose on the hip tattoo is unique in its way. This tattoo will perfectly suit your style if you love bold and edgy designs. In this tattoo, a BDSM seen has been depicted by the tattooist. There is a girl entangled by a rose. The girl is hanging upside down from the rose. Her hair almost looks like a snake. This small hip tattoo looks extremely sensual and edgy.

You can add some cobwebby designs around the dangling figure of the girl to make the tattoo look gothic and attractive at the same time.

Fine Line Rose Hip Tattoo Design

fine line rose hip tattoo design
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This is perhaps the simplest rose tattoo on the hip design on this list. If you fall under the category of those people who have craved a tattoo for ages, but are unable to get one because of the fear of pain, then this simple fine-lined rose tattoo is just what you need.

This small tattoo features a fine-lined rose with a stem and two leaves. The artist has done an incredible job tattooing the rose with one single line. No colour has been used except black ink, which has made the tattoo bold and edgy by several degrees. You can also dedicate this tattoo to your loved ones by adding their names on the stem of the rose.

The hips are one of the most attractive areas of the body. Therefore, adorning the thigh and hip area with a fascinating rose tattoo can enhance one’s style statement by several degrees. A hip tattoo is also believed to represent women’s strength, independent mindset, and boldness as well. And if you are willing to express your bold self, then nothing could be more appropriate than to get a sexy rose hip tattoo this year!

Still not satisfied with the above designs? Nothing to worry about. We have compiled another set of some unique rose on the hip tattoo designs. Check out below!

  • A sexy red rose tattoo on the hip.
  • Magnificent blue rose with wings tattoo on the hip.
  • Cute rose and fairy hip tattoo.
  • Gorgeous rose and phoenix hip tattoo.
  • Amazing burning black rose hip tattoo.

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