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Are you an admirer of saint paul and his teachings? If yes, then you must get inked with a saint paul tattoo or illustrations that are related to spirituality.

saint paul tattoo
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Saint Paul spread the teachings of Jesus and considered being the prime figure after Jesus in the history of Christianity, so why not ink ourselves in his memory?

Throughout his life, he has struggled to establish his own identity. However, his surviving letters have left the followers of Christianity with immense knowledge and teachings that ultimately made him one of the most outstanding religious leaders in history.

Saint Paul’s life has touched extremes, from being a man who always chased wealth to a person who lives the rest of his life in faith. He transformed from being God’s disgrace to being one of God’s noteworthy evangelists. He has been a perfect example of turning one’s life from wanting money, power, and fame to a life filled with gratitude.

In recent times, people have discovered several ways to showcase their love or to hold close to the dearest pieces of their life in some way or another. One of the modern forms of it is having a tattoo and piercing representing both style and their attachment towards a particular person or their teachings. A tattoo is an art style presented by the tattoo artist. It depends on various factors, from choosing the correct body part as per the tattoo to properly sketching it, keeping in mind the customer’s safety.

People found a way to have a mixture of both styles and to preserve the memory of saint paul by having a saint paul tattoo or anything related to him.

Traditional Japanese Tattoo

traditional japanese tattoo
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We know that creativity is subjective and the portrayal of one’s love and respect cannot be defined.

One such widely accepted idea for having a tattoo is the portraits of Dragons. It is considered to be one of the Traditional Japanese tattoos. Apart from that, it has a close relevance with St. Paul as he has spoken about killing the “dragons” (hatred or greed) to achieve victory in our life. It also signifies various meanings like good luck, peace, wisdom, strength & power.

These designs are quite popular among youngsters. The best parts of the body where a dragon tattoo would look elegant are the arms or biceps, and at the back, preferably on the spinal cord. One can choose any color while inking themselves in the dragon portraits.

The Vulture Tattoo

the vulture tattoo
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Nowadays, people ink their bodies with tattoos to illustrate their attachment to someone or something they preach. It varies from person to person but like a dragon tattoo, a vulture or eagle are also widely accepted tattoos. While it’s appealing to the eyes, it also has some great meaning attached to it, like the tattoo of an eagle means to be an overcomer and is a sign for new beginnings. It also has a biblical reference to it, where it is said that God takes care of his children like an eagle protects and feeds the eaglets.

This tattoo fits well on the backside and on any portion of the hand. The professional tattoo shop or tattoo parlor can suggest the perfect color that can give your tattoo a special flair.

Grand Bull Tattoo

grand bull tattoo
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A strong tattoo like that of a bull is a sign of spirituality as it suggests sacrifice and a desire for spiritual life. It also gives a touch of tribal culture in its portrayal.

While we talk about different saint paul tattoos, we must remember that a permanent tattoo becomes a part of us and will remain with us forever. So, before we ink ourselves, it is important for us to consult with the tattoo artist to understand where to make a tattoo. For instance, a bull tattoo would look great on the backside, on the biceps, and on the chest.

Love of God Tattoo

love of god tattoo
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A tattoo like the above one is the pure creativity of the tattoo artist. Through a single tattoo, the artist communicated layers of messages. We can sum up the whole tattoo by understanding its meaning that God will protect us from every misery we go through in this journey of life. The almighty will keep us with love and care in his heart and all of our pain will thus vanish.

This tattoo can leave its mark on someone’s mind forever with its color and design. It will serve its purpose more gracefully when sketched on the wrist, biceps, or on the neck.

Cute Bird Tattoo

cute bird tattoo
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This beautiful piece of the tattoo looks realistic and can totally be the choice for your first tattoo. The bird in the tattoo symbolizes the desire to lead a spiritual life that is free from all worries.

Sometimes it is noticed that people who are hung also prefer a bird tattoo to deal with their emotions and to remind themselves of their goal to have a peaceful life.

If you are thinking of having this tattooed on your body, then a colorful approach to this will make it stand out. You can search for the unique styles in the menu according to your preference. This tattoo will look mesmerizing on the wrist, arms, and neck, and also on the heels, which gives it a cute look.

The Triple Face Tattoo

the triple face tattoo
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This triple face tattoo serves its unique purpose by signifying the truth of humanity. It shows the different faces a human portrays in front of different sets of people. The three faces are the ones that you show before the world, in front of your friends and family, and then a face that you never show to anyone.

The clients mainly ink these types of tattoos by making special demands and giving their own creative idea. You can have these tattoos both in color as well as in black ink. Adding to that, it will look appreciable at the back just below the neck, on the chest, and on the biceps as well.

Love Over Hatred Tattoo

love over hatred tattoo
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This tattoo is again a great example of the innovation of tattoo artists who provide services that will be remembered forever. Here, in this tattoo, one can clearly see the layered message that the artist wants us to understand. It is a new way of showing the win of love over hatred that we must cleanse ourselves with all the negativity and give out as much love as possible.

A tattoo like this will look good with colors filled in it. It can get a perfect place on your chest or wrist which will make it look more elegant.

Traditional American Tattoo

traditional american tattoo
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A tattoo that is simple and appealing to the customers, both at the same time. These kinds of tattoos are broadly considered traditional American tattoos. Someone can popularly see these tattoos on people coming from many states of America, like Minnesota.

It can be inked on arms or biceps in a tattoo studio under the guidance of professional tattoo artists. You can also get these traditional American tattoos in saint paul tattoo shops or anywhere in Minneapolis. Make sure to check the reviews before inking yourself.

Lord Jesus Tattoo

lord jesus tattoo
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A tattoo with the greatest biblical reference and is also one of the most popular tattoos of all time. The tattoo clearly shows Lord Jesus in a much more colorful way than we usually see in pictures. Most of the time, people ink themselves with portraits of Jesus to find calm within. It also reflects their admiration toward Jesus and his teachings.

One can sketch this type of tattoo portrait on their biceps or chest. Moreover, the clients can also add up their own creativity to create something new that they love.

The Striving Bird Tattoo

the striving bird tattoo
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This bird tattoo differs greatly from the general bird tattoos, as here you can see the bird who is trying to take his step towards flying. This attempt at flying signifies that whatever happens in our life, despite every misery, we must stand up and fight back and fly towards our main goal.

This is a fresh attempt with originality by the tattoo artist. You can suggest this tattoo to your friend as well. It will look great on the arms, at the back, or even on the chest. The touch of colors makes it look flamboyant.

All the above tattoo designs are somewhere or other related to traditions or spirituality, which makes these an ideal suggestion for you to choose from. You can select any of them for your first tattoo or the next one, depending on your top priorities, like where and what kind of tattoo you want on yourself.

Having a tattoo is also an intimate affair and everyone wants it to be perfect. In order to accomplish that, you must remember to take a prior appointment, read reviews of tattoo shops/ tattoo parlors, and check their location and cost before jumping inside to ink yourself.

Apart from all these, here are a few more specially curated tattoo ideas;

  • Letter Tattoo represents the letters written by saint paul.
  • Torch Bearer Tattoo.
  • Lion Face Tattoo.
  • Heaven Gates Tattoo.
  • Face with a Mask on Tattoo.

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