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Trying to find a satanic tattoo that goes well with your persona? Here are some wicked satanic tattoos that are bound to wow, listed just for you!

satanic tattoo
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Satanic tattoos are slowly becoming trendy with time.

A lot of Satanists and sometimes even non-Satanists or atheists have been seen getting satanic tattoos. It represents someone to whom Satan is a symbol of pride, liberty and individualism.

Satanists always emphasize on the importance of symbolism and art. Hence, getting a Satan-inspired artwork tattooed on your body will show that you worship the devil. A satanic tattoo can have a number of different meanings. Years ago, satanic tattoos were associated with Satanists. But today, at this point, satanic tattoos represent the wickedness and rebellious nature of the individual getting inked. According to Christianity, Satan is a horned, red, demonic human figure with a pointy tail and sometimes hooves. Satan is often linked to Baphomet, a satanic symbol or sign, a horned goat deity, which provides us with innumerable tattoo ideas. Scroll down to check some of them out.

Frontal Baphomet Tattoo

frontal baphomet tattoo
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Baphomet is a satanic figure who is a combination of animal-human, good-evil, and male-female. And the detailing of this intricate tattoo represents it all. It also incorporates a fiery sigil and the two-finger salute. And if you are brave enough to pull this scary tattoo off and endure the pain, go for this one. This might take quite a number of tattooing sessions and a hell lot of your money, but we promise it will be worth it.

The Winged Satan Tattoo

the winged satan tattoo
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If you are looking for a satanic forearm tattoo, this is a perfect example of what you should go for. This is one precise tattoo that is exactly what we call a satanic imagery. This tattoo depicts Satan how Christianity does. The wings and the talons are the only additions to his figure. If your faith in satanism is strong enough, getting this tattoo is only a matter of a few hours.

Satanic Tattoo for Hands

satanic tattoo for hands
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This is a very basic satanic tattoo design that you would find on the internet. But if you are a rebel and have been one from the very beginning of your life and absolutely hate authoritarian people, then this tattoo is something you can sell your soul for. Go ahead and flaunt you love for satanism with this tattoo on the back of your hand.

Baphomet’s Skull Tattoo

baphomet's skull tattoo
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If you wanna change the way the back of your body looks and absolutely love satanism, you should not waste your time being lost in thoughts and get this inked on your back already. This tattoo is a beautiful yet ferocious one. This hairy skull of the goat deity has the curled up horns of a kudu and a satanic pentagram engraved on it. Go on and find an artist you can trust and you’ll be good to go.

Satanic Cat Tattoo

satanic cat tattoo
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Among other satanic animal tattoos, satanic cat tattoos are pretty common and trendy among people who love cats, worship Satan or are into demonic symbols. Those who own cats as pets, should understand where this tattoo comes from. Cats are often referred to as naughty, devilish creatures who think of themselves as some deity. And hence, this tattoo is a perfect depiction of that.

Baphomet Arm Tattoo

baphomet arm tattoo
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This is a delicate piece of artwork one might not be able to resist getting tattooed. The geometric design and the detailed head of the Baphomet make the tattoo elegant as well as scary. This satanic tattoo we see here is already pretty dark, but the blank eye holes make it a little more unsettling to see. This tattoo would look fine on any of your body parts, be it your arm or your calf. It kind of looks like a Capricorn tattoo as well. So it can represent your zodiac sign or your personal views on satanism. Either way, it’s gonna be a great choice if you’re thinking of getting this done.

Goat With A Baphomet Head Tattoo

goat with a baphomet head tattoo
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This tattoo of a prancing goat with a head of the Baphomet is a splendid example of a satanic animal tattoo. This artwork is a mixture of a horrendous looking devil and a harmless animal. This tattoo basically is a visual representation of the concept that Baphomet is both good and evil. And just like the Baphomet, there is good and evil in each one of us. And if you believe in that theory, this would be a meaningful tattoo for you to get. So look for a good artist and get to it.

Full Back Satanic Tattoo

full back satanic tattoo
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What is satanism? It is a group of ideological and philosophical beliefs based on Satan. And if you have faith in satanism and are willing to face the pain, then this is the perfect back tattoo design for you. This is the kind of artwork, incorporating Baphomet’s truest form, you’d find in the Church of Satan. And what would be better than getting one of these inked on your body? This tattoo might cost you weeks of care and a fortune, but we can guarantee, that everything you give up will be worth it.

Seductive Baphomet Lady Tattoo

seductive baphomet lady tattoo
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Devils and demons are usually considered to be the deity of seduction. And so, this tattoo can mean different things to different people. But it would be a great fit for people who are well taught in the field of the art of seduction. It also signifies the destructive, devilish power of lust. So it’d work well for people of all genders. Therefore, if you are considering getting it inked, think no more, and go for it.

Cute Satanic Tattoo

cute satanic tattoo
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We all know, goats are cute. But is the goat faced deity cute too? Turns out, he could be, depending on his artistic representation. This tattoo will be fit for anyone who’s into black magic, or even black coffee. And you could totally rock this tattoo if you love any/both of those two. And what adds up to the cuteness of this tattoo is the coffee mug which has a little pentagram drawn on it. Best part? It’d be cheaper than many other satanic tattoos. In the end, you’ll have a super cool yet super cute tattoo to flaunt and you’ll also have your kidneys intact.

Now that you’ve read and gone through our list of satanic tattoos, you should be able to choose or customize one for yourself. But you have to keep in mind, that getting inked is a lifelong commitment, meaning it would stay with you forever. Hence you can’t take risks, even though there are no rights or wrongs when it comes to inking your body. Spend some time thinking, and decide what you want. In case you are still confused, here are some more satanic tattoo suggestions:

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