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scale tattoo
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Scales have a connection with astrology and justice – a fascinating concept for

A set of scales has been the symbol of balance in mythology for decades.  Many people around the world aim to capture its diverse significance through the scales or Libra sign tattoos.

Tattoos are a great way to express without speaking a word, a way to wear your personality on your sleeve, or back, or even chest if you want. Why not pick the most popular Libra tattoo designs and add a little twist to them? Being under the possession of Greek goddess Dike to weigh justice or to symbolize the fascinating harmony-loving nature of Libras, a set of scales is a versatile symbol opted by millions to get inked. The best part about scale Libra tattoos is their simplicity and the ability to switch shapes but represent the same meaning. Large Libra scale tattoos or a minimalistic glyph of the sign are both widely accepted Libra tattoo ideas.

A Gothic Scale Libra Tattoo With Lady Justice

a gothic scale libra tattoo with lady justice
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A few modifications in simple scale tattoos can drastically enhance its look, such as Lady Justice holding a weighing balance can be changed with a Gothic illustration of Goddess Themis holding scales on a pair of horns. The tattoo idea brings an innovative touch to the whole concept of justice as a divine, mysterious rule rather than a humanly delivered judgment. Gothic illustration lovers are sure to enjoy this little twist. Wearers can flaunt this blend of the traditional yet modern approach to body art. Such Libra tattoos are best suited on broad areas of the body for the complete portrayal of a brilliant illustration.

Skeleton Scale Tattoo Art

skeleton scale tattoo art
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Combining the most distinct art pieces, this tattoo constitutes eye-catching aspects like a fedora-wearing skeleton posing with the scale, enhanced by intricate Mandala designs. Meticulous usage of black and grey delivers a spooky charm to the Libra tattoo while elegantly posing skeleton makes it hard to look away.

Colourful Libra Sign Tattoo Design

colourful libra sign tattoo design
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Nothing beats the vibrancy of colours, and what more can you ask for a fresh change in tattoo designs than incorporating colours. Take a break from monochromatic tattoo ideas and dive deep to explore colours. A bright patterned scales tattoo makes for a unique tattoo choice. Pick your favourite colours or dedicate the tattoo to loved ones with their favourite colours. The symbol of balancing scales perfectly syncs with the harmony-loving heart of a Libra, making it the perfect object depicting the seventh sign in astrology. An addition as simple as a few splashes surrounding Libra scales would blow life into your tattoo design.

Floral Libra Symbol Tattoo

floral libra symbol tattoo
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Flowers have the ability to brighten every space they are placed in with their beauty. A scale created out of flowers is perfect for nature-loving Libras. The flowers above can be changed with the wearer and even include a little colour to bring life to them. Each flower carries a different meaning and is aesthetically pleasing, giving more reason to get one!

Geometric Pattern With Scale Tattoo

geometric pattern with scale tattoo
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A tattoo with geometric patterns fits perfectly for the likes of people keeping things composed. Surprisingly, simple geometric patterns, too, carry symbolic meaning, wonderful to incorporate in personal pieces. A reflection of your personality and charm, geometric shapes comprising triangles, squares, or circles deliver meaningful aspects such as wisdom, peace and perfection. The given tattoo uses large geometric patterns caging a lion within carrying scales, representing wisdom and strength together. The lion can be symbolic of how justice remains a ruler.

Doodle Scale Tattoo

doodle scale tattoo
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Delicate tattoos are extremely trendy nowadays, and a small, colourful doodle tattoo like this is great for Libras to flaunt their fun side. This tattoo uses a vibrant mix of colours that combine to form a simple yet unique artwork, an exhibit for your bright, cheerful personality.

Kratos Scale Tattoo

kratos scale tattoo
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Besides delivering the fascinating traits of a Libra, a tattoo can also narrate deep stories, your own or the ones witnessed by history. The above tattoo uses Trash Polka to symbolize the Libra scale and a glyph right beside it. The fierce graphics of tattoos are multiplied with the usage of black and red ink together. Intricate detailing, stable dimensions, and a brushstroke mimicking glyph draw an intense look to the tattoo. The artwork might range high on a tattoo pain scale, but the end results will be entirely worth it. The person seems to be Kratos, based on the God of War symbol on the side and it is clear that he is restoring balance in the turbulent world of the Gods.

Scale Weighing Choices Tattoo

scale weighing choices tattoo
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Life often throws instances where one has to make choices. Choosing belief over anything can be constant for many, and the Libras looking to depict their life choices through a tattoo may go for something like this. The scale tattoo weighs two different things that a wearer can choose according to their beliefs. You can opt for something symbolic like a skull and God on both beams signifying death and life.

Snake Libra Tattoos

snake libra tattoos
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Representation of reptiles in tattoo culture is a prevalent trend that the majority of tattoo wearers enjoy. Snakes represent rebirth and transformation, but at times people also aim for a different meaning that may include temptation and power. A snake’s ability to curve around any surface makes it perfect for including in a Libra tattoo. For Libra seeking perfect tattoo ideas that illustrate strength, creativity, and courage might try getting a zodiac tattoo wrapped with a snake. Arms are perfect to ink these artworks in their entirety, so everyone can easily spot and you can also make the tattoo wrap around your arm.

Minimalist Scale Tattoo

minimalist scale tattoo
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Palm scale tattoos can be a great way to keep a small yet whole scales tattoo on your palm. In general, scale tattoos fall under the libra tattoos category and hence, it can be a minimalistic styled tattoo that expresses your zodiac sign. You can add intricate details such as flowers or constellations to add to its appeal. The details in this tattoo is clean and makes the art prominent.

These are some of the most loved Libra tattoo art ideas you can add to your ‘Tattoos to Get’ list without a second thought. Ensure to consult a professional regarding your tattoo pain tolerance before heading to get one. Some of these tattoo designs may range high on the tattoo pain scale, but precautions and safety measures are sure to turn the troubling process into one of convenience. You have the right inspiration now, so get your much-awaited Libra tattoos soon!

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