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Looking to get a cute pinniped permanently etched on your body? Then this list of seal tattoo designs would be perfect for you.

seal tattoo
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Seals are probably one of the cutest amphibians you’ll meet, and once habituated to human contact, they’re pretty adjustable to humans, whether on land or swimming in water.

You might’ve seen and fallen in love with this cuddly animal while visiting Canada, and want to opt for your first seal tattoo. If you’re an animal lover generally or a caretaker that loves seals, opt for a seal tattoo design that will remain as a symbol of your love. Well, log on to this list for more information and content as we’ve captured amazing seal tattoos, and choose your first one with just a click.

Seal tattoos can come in a lot of variety, shapes, and sizes and you can get a seal tattoo anywhere on your body. Seals are a symbol of good luck in many cultures and getting tattoos of seals might bring forth fortune and prosperity in your life and improve your hard times. Seals and their corresponding tattoos usually have the ocean life attached to them. Depending on areas in your body you can choose the quality and size of the tattoo and further decide to add extra elements. Seal tattoos can be beautiful extravagant pieces to caricatured versions, minimal but stunning blackwork tattoos, or filled with colours and you can take your pick from a huge set of miscellany.

A Majestic Seal Tattoo

a majestic seal tattoo
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One of the most extraordinary seal tattoos, everything that this tattoo represents is magical. Although it might seem at first glance that this tattoo is predominantly black ink artwork, one should note the intricate detailing of the seal in its tail and flippers, the splashing of the water and the scattered droplets of the same as well as the clean stroke of the fishhook that is used to catch seals. The deep blue of the water forms a gradient with the light blue and you will find the hint of white for the foam is perfect and makes this design look no less than a watercolour painting. The tattoo artists work long and hard to get such tattoos to perfection and it will take a lot of sincere aftercare. If this is your first tattoo it is recommended that you get a smaller one and preferably blackwork since they cause no complications and areas of your skin may be allergic to certain coloured pigments.

A Blackwork Seal Tattoo

a blackwork seal tattoo
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You will find that arms and legs are one of the most common places to get tattoos done and this blackwork seal tattoo would be a great option to sport on your forearm. Considering the length of this design, the focus here falls on the adorable face of the seal and its cute bulging eyes. The sparkle of the eye is not white ink but only the skin left blank. The blackwork is stunning- from the lightish shade on the hide of the seals to the darker spots on it, the claws on the flippers, the bubbles as well as the seaweed floating in the back. Tattoo artists love working on bigger tattoos and although it takes a lot of hard work and control of the hand you can select whatever designs suit you best. So set your date and time and get your tattoo now!

A Black And White Seal Tattoo

a black and white seal tattoo
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This seal tattoo presents to us a vibrant picture of a seal that is floating under the water while the ornate designs of the bubbles and seaweed decorate the background. As said before, artists, as well as the customer, might prefer blackwork tattoos as they are considered safer for a first tattoo, or just in general because they cause lesser complications. This tattoo captures a sort of innocence in the seal, as we learn that seals aren’t animals that are prone to fight if not provoked. The wonderful details on the snout, whiskers, and flippers of the seal add life to it and make for an amazing seal tattoo.

A Beautiful Under The Sea Seal Tattoo

a beautiful under the sea seal tattoo
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This stunning blackwork tattoo leaves us spellbound- from the fine strokes of line that represent the ocean to the extraordinary detailing on the bodies of the underwater life as well as the diver, offer us a magnificent type of seal tattoo with immaculate patterning of the ink strokes on the creatures and the human with a hint of white highlights. The size of the individual things on this tattoo can vary according to your choice, and if you want to add companionship to a lonely seal, you can take inspiration from this tattoo and add a turtle or some fish and a diver. Once you’re ready with your ideas, rest assured, you’re sure to end up with a beautiful seal tattoo.

This Flowery Tattoo Of Two Seals

this flowery tattoo of two seals
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This time we offer you this beautiful seal tattoo where two seals swim in a circle while the rest of the background is covered with small, pretty bunches of flowers. The bodies of the seals contain intricate dotted blackwork with a sort of gradient shading that accentuates the shape and coat of the seal and this same artwork spreads to the flowers as well; the time taken here will vary with artists and their means of working. The spaces on the flippers and underside are kept blank and expose the skin to make this design more realistic. The size of this tattoo is huge and your leg might be the best place to get it, although you can decide the rest while visiting your favourite tattoo shop on the next date.

A Simple Line Art Baby Seal Tattoo

a simple line art baby seal tattoo
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One of the loveliest seal tattoos to date, this line art tattoo would be perfect for first-timers. A small and simple seal tattoo of the animal waving, the cute detailing of the line representing the motion of the wave, is just a reminder of how friendly seals can be when you’re visiting them. This line art tattoo will be over in a jiffy and you’ll be content with the results of how it turns out and this would also be a great idea if you want to go for a more simplistic and minimal design instead of something that is too flashy.

A Cute Spotted Seal Tattoo

a cute spotted seal tattoo
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This spotted seal tattoo will surely be a cute addition to your arms and rest assured, a blackwork tattoo will always cause the least amount of complications. The lovely details of the whiskers and the small and big spots on the body as well as the sweet addition of seaweed add life to the seal itself and make for a wonderful but simple design. Don’t continue to fight your urge to get tattoos, trust your instincts and get this lovable tattoo now.

A Colourful Seal Tattoo

a colourful seal tattoo
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Before you’re on your way, visiting your tattoo artist, this colourful seal tattoo will steal your attention which is just a click away. This type of seal tattoo is also popular since seals are one of the most important attractions at animal shows or circuses as they can survive on both land and water. This design showcases a jet-black seal with spaces left black to highlight the shiny coat and the colourful seat and ball add life to the plain colour echoing the circus life complete with the white of the ear, eyes and snout to accentuate it. If you’re a fan of seals doing tricks, this one would be perfect for you.

A Leopard Seal Tattoo

a leopard seal tattoo
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Leopard seal tattoos are fairly common and according to the information available, they’re in contrast to the usual warm mature and are fierce predators. This design is done entirely in pigmented ink with a blue seal caught in a red box, with the green droplets signifying the water dripping from it. The beautiful coloured circles at the seal’s mouth add an artistic touch as the yellow and blue combine to make green, complete with the sweet smile of the seal sporting the fearsome fangs rounded off with white highlights in the eyes and teeth and the small whiskers.

A Colourful Line-Art Seal Tattoo

a colourful line-art seal tattoo
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Although this tattoo is done entirely in blackwork line-art, the splash of this vibrant neon blue steals the spotlight. Usually, blackwork tattoos don’t have colour but this one sports a spotted seal in blackwork with big spots on the body, huge beautiful eyes complete with white highlights, smooth whiskers, and the lines and shading on the tail and flippers. The dab of blue to signify the sea is done in an abstract shape that makes it feel like a painting and presents a great tattoo idea.

Wondering how many times you’ve looked online for ideas to get new tattoos? With one click you have all these beautiful seal tattoo ideas present right before you and you can select any idea up to your heart’s content.

From a minimal seal tattoo to a gorgeous one that demands attention, any tattoo is sure to add life to your look.

Seal tattoos are common and appreciated in all areas and they have deep symbolic meanings as well. You can go for a seal tattoo if you simply love the animal, have some spiritual connection to them or want your tattoo to have a nice inner meaning. For even newer ideas you can get the following ideas:

  • seal skeleton tattoo (although there is no means of getting information on the symbolical significance they hold)
  • baby seal tattoo
  • cartoon seal tattoo
  • artistic seal tattoo

So check out these ideas now and get your first seal tattoo soon!

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