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If you love these gentle animals and looking to get your first sheep tattoo done, then this list would be perfect for you.

sheep tattoo
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If you want to pay homage to this gentle animal, who gives us the necessary wool and also symbolises good luck and peace, convince your family and go get your first sheep tattoo.

Imagine counting sheep to fall asleep when we were children and the nursery rhymes in children’s literature. The Ba-Ba-Black Sheep was a favourite of all children and a part of the days of childhood innocence.

These poor creatures often end up becoming sacrificing choice animals and unbeknownst to people are an important religious symbol deeply rooted in Christianity. A Christian church leader, called ‘pastor’, the Latin word for ‘Shepherd’ (one of the oldest occupations) can tell us how it was a Christian tradition called “Yan Tan Tethera” (meaning a rhyme of adjacent numbers sounding similar) by which early English Shepherds used to count the flock of sheep they had and the tradition of counting sheep while falling asleep thus originates from there.

Beautiful Sheep Tattoo

beautiful sheep tattoo
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This image of a sweet baby sheep is one of the most adorable sheep tattoo designs. This tattoo is done entirely in coloured pigments and the touch of bright pink in the butterfly and roses add life to the grey lamb. Although a coloured pigment tattoo shouldn’t be recommended as your first one, meaning it might cause allergies if your skin is sensitive, you can still go for it if you’re looking for a simple yet beautiful tattoo design.

A Sheep Tattoo That Will Be The Cutest Addition To Your Look

a sheep tattoo that will be the cutest addition to your look
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This sheep tattoo would be a perfect choice for a first-timer as it’s primarily a line art tattoo design that is a common trend with sheep tattoos. This sweet lamb tattoo will take considerably less time meaning, less sincere aftercare and will be the right tattoo design for minimal and sweet lambs or sheep tattoos on your body.

Fun Sheep Tattoo To Sport On Your Arm

fun sheep tattoo to sport on your arm
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One of the cutest sheep tattoos, the style here is very unique- it’s a sheep enjoying music in peace. Such cartoon sheep tattoos will be a perfect choice if you want to go for minimalistic line art tattoos meaning, less problem-causing blackwork ones.

Innocent Sheep Tattoo

innocent sheep tattoo
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Mostly sheep are known to hold deep spiritual significance and are one of the first animals that became an ultimate symbol in Christianity. The lamb, meaning the God Jesus Christ as we often encounter in literature and the Bible (Abel, the son of Adam and Eve, brother to Cain was the ultimate shepherd who tended to a herd of sheep). This tattoo becomes a reflection and meaning of a spiritually pure sheep and is mainly blackwork where the work is contained entirely in tracing out the outline of the lamb, especially its legs and head and offers a very quaint tattoo idea.

Tattoo Of The Face Of A Sheep

tattoo of the face of a sheep
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The main attraction here is the lined details present in the sheep tattoo- meaning from the minimal stripes defining the face and ears to the intricate designs of the curly wool of these wool traders rend this tattoo as a sign of beauty. Individual designs originate from either the customer or the tattoo artist who will sacrifice a lot of time to get your tattoo to perfection. This blackwork tattoo stands super cool and will surely add life to your everyday style.

Baby Sheep Tattoo

baby sheep tattoo
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As sheep are known to live a quiet life, meaning they are one of the most tender animals in nature, and in a wider spectrum, the world. Lambs are often choice animals that people want to get a tattoo of due to their biblical connection to Christianity, and this simple tattoo of a lamb drawing on the ground in a line would be great if you’re getting a tattoo for the first time. New ink might be scary but this minimal tattoo would be great as it won’t hurt or take long and neither will it require much care or cause any problems later.

Bighorn Sheep Tattoo

bighorn sheep tattoo
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If you’re looking for black sheep tattoo ideas or a black sheep of the family tattoo, this would be the best one. The black sheep tattoo portrays the recessive gene in sheep, that gives them black fleece and we obtain black wool from it. A haunting image with phases of the moon, this black sheep tattoo meaning can lie on the spiritual side or be a sign of uniqueness. Despite being hailed as a common sacrifice in this world, black sheep tattoos are still very popular and the blackwork here is immaculate -with the details on the horns and the hair on the face and the glittering eyes looking nothing but majestic and a piece of beauty.

Classic Sheep Tattoo

classic sheep tattoo
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Although black sheep tattoos are popular, a classic will never disappoint. This tattoo is blackwork in nature, with ornate designs that make the fleece feel real and you can get this anywhere and in any size you want. Go for this tattoo yourself or recommend it to a loved one.

Futuristic Tattoo Of This Sheep

futuristic tattoo of this sheep
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Bearing links to Blade Runner and comically absurd, this mechanical sheep tattoo contains beautiful blackwork on the circular wool of the animal while the gears and colourful sparks and borderlines add a lively touch to it. Both the patterns of the outside and inside of the sheep are spectacular and if you want to show off a big technological tattoo this one is for you.

Sheep Tattoo Combined With Your Zodiac Sign

sheep tattoo combined with your zodiac sign
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This sheep here is sporting the horned skull of a sea-goat that represents Capricorn and is a stunning idea for a tattoo, complete with flawless detailing on both the sheep and goat horns and the gradient shading on the facial features. It will take hard work and time for this tattoo but the realism here is worth it.

A lamb or a sheep has their exact meaning related to God or a sign of Christ and although nature and the status quo of the advanced civilizations offer them up as a sacrifice, eventually the general public recognised the spiritual side to this animal, realised their innocence and refrained from making them perfect sacrificial animals.

So feel free to get your own traditional sheep tattoo meaning peace, innocence and sacrifice in a good way.

Any traditional black sheep tattoo design is very common but if you’re looking for more designs, you can opt for a wolf sheep tattoo like a wolf in sheep clothing tattoo or a flock of sheep in a tribal pattern. Happy tattooing!

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