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Looking for some cool clock tattoo ideas? If yes, you have arrived at the right place. Here are some of the best shoulder clock tattoo designs that you must check out.

shoulder clock tattoo
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Time is one of the most mysterious and valuable things in our life.

Even with so many technological advancements, men have still been unable to master this force. So why not get a clock tattoo to signify the importance of time and all the enigma surrounding it?

Clock tattoos are often intricately designed and come in various shapes and sizes. They can denote any specific time that holds great importance in our lives or can simply be a symbol of time. Regardless, they have been a very popular choice, especially among men. One of the great things about clock tattoos is that you can incorporate different styles and elements into your Tattoo Design to make it look even more interesting and meaningful. They can be a rose, birds, or even a skull. That said, mentioned below are some of the best shoulder clock tattoo ideas that you must check out for your next Tattoo Design.

Lion And Clock Tattoo On Shoulder

lion and clock tattoo on shoulder
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The above-mentioned image contains a beautiful design of a clock tattoo etched on the shoulder of the individual. To make the design look more aesthetic, the artist has incorporated the image of a lion into the tattoo. The lion, as we all know, is one of the most fierce and powerful predators in the jungle. For this reason, they are an iconic symbol of all male qualities like strength, speed, power, and strong willpower. When you combine it with a clock tattoo, it enhances the meaning further.

In this image, we can see one similar example. The artist has indeed done a great job with all the different shadings, and line works to highlight the fierce look of the roaring lion beautifully. Behind the lion’s face, we can see only a sneak peek of the clock Tattoo Design. As quite visible, this kind of tattoo is not at all easy to make and often requires a lot of hard work and patience for the tattoo artist to deliver the perfect piece. So make sure that you choose your artist accordingly to avoid any damage to your designs.

Rose And Clock Tattoos For Men

rose and clock tattoos for men
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The rose is one of the most popular designs in the tattooing world, not only because of its great design but also because of its rich symbolism. They can represent different emotions to various people. For example, some may associate a rose with love, passion, and innocence; others might view it as a symbol of grief and death. In this image, we can see a beautiful example of a rose and clock tattoo etched on the shoulder of the individual. The artist has done some very creative highlighting of the various elements to bring out the true beauty of this design. Shoulder tattoos, in particular, are an extremely popular choice among men. They are not only eye-catching but also allow men to highlight the beautiful curves of their bodies. Usually, these kinds of large-sized tattoos require a large canvas to allow for enough detail. Therefore, the shoulder, chest, and thigh are the most common placements for these tattoo designs.

Eye Clock Tattoo

eye clock tattoo
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Here is perhaps one of the unique designs of all the clock tattoos that we have seen so far. It might seem a bit odd when you first hear of the eye clock tattoo. But, it is one of the most symbolic of all tattoo designs and therefore is a must-have for all men out there. The eye, as we all know, is one of the classic icons of protection, guidance, or even a loved one watching over you. So what happens when you pair it with a clock Tattoo Design? The answer to this question lies in the above image. Etched on the shoulder of the individual is a stunning design of an eye clock tattoo that is not all very pleasing to the viewers but also generates a deep meaning of life and death.

If you look closely, you can see various other elements that the artist has included in the design, like the rose, a father holding his child, and the sea. Despite all these elements, the tattoo does not at all look chaotic or over the top. To deliver this kind of piece, an artist needs to have an accurate knowledge of depth and positioning. So if you are looking for similar ideas, then this one can be the perfect design for you.

Broken Clock Tattoo

broken clock tattoo
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Ever heard of the broken clock tattoos? Well, for those new to the tattooing world, the broken clock tattoo is a classic representation of independence and freedom. As mentioned previously, time is the most valuable thing in our lives. We are also trying to manage it by scheduling every task and appointment and working accordingly. But what if we don’t let time have the upper hand, and instead, we as humans take charge and reject this? Imagine a world where we are no longer bound by time. If you can relate to any of these ideas, then this Tattoo Design is the perfect one for you.

Broken clock tattoos can also be a symbol of leaving the past behind and moving forward in life. There are various interpretations based on the Tattoo Design. So choose what works best for you, and then go ahead with the procedure.

Compass Tattoo Ideas For Men

compass tattoo ideas for men
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Here is another interesting example of a Tattoo Design, especially for men. As mentioned earlier, there are numerous designs of clock tattoos. It can be traditional clocks, a digital clock tattoo, or even a melting clock tattoo. In this image, we can see quite a unique example of a compass tattoo etched on the shoulder of the individual. Compasses were used by early days sailors and travellers as an instrument of guidance and direction. Over the years, it has been viewed as a sign of good fortune, especially among all the explorers. It can also signify the different paths and periods of your life. Here, we can see a beautiful compass tattoo drawn on the shoulder of the individual. To make the design more aesthetic, the artist has even added a feather into the tattoo.

Skull Clock Tattoo

skull clock tattoo
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The above-mentioned image contains a beautiful design of a skull and clock tattoo etched on the shoulder of the individual. Unlike all the designs that we have seen so far, a skull clock tattoo represents death. Therefore, this Tattoo Design is not for everyone and only attracts a very niche audience. The idea behind this tattoo is to live life to the fullest and appreciate every moment throughout your journey. Death is inevitable, so instead of fearing, one should gracefully embrace it. In this image, instead of a traditional clock tattoo, the artist has a clock with Roman numerals to enhance the beauty of the whole design. He has even included certain colours like green and black to make the design even more vibrant. This one can be a great choice for those who like such colourful tattoo designs.

Heart Clock Tattoo

heart clock tattoo
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If you want to add that certain feminine touch to your clock Tattoo Design, this one might be the perfect way to do so. Instead of following the circular structure of the clock, the artist here has shaped the whole design in a heart form. The heart, just like a rose, is yet another timeless design in the world of tattooing. It is synonymous with all the powerful emotions like love, passion, friendship, and purity. So why not include this great design in your clock tattoo?

Clock and Owl Tattoo

clock and owl tattoo
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The clock and the owl are two such elements that share similar meanings. Since the owl is a nocturnal bird, it is often perceived to be an omen of death. Therefore, when paired with a clock tattoo, it only enhances the meaning further. The same idea has been portrayed through this image. Etched on the shoulder of the individual are quite an aesthetic black and white owl clock Tattoo Design. One of the noteworthy elements of this design is the shading of black and white ink done by the artist to highlight the feathers of the bird. This can be an excellent choice for someone who likes to experiment with different elements and ideas for their tattoo designs.

Clock Gear Tattoo For Men

clock gear tattoo for men
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Here is yet another stunning design of a clock tattoo, etched on the shoulder of the individual. Instead of following the traditional design of a clock tattoo, the wearer has chosen the clock gears to shape this whole body art. This is definitely one of the unique ways to customize your Tattoo Design. Shoulder tattoos, in general, look great on men, especially because they are quite pleasing to the eyes and also carry deep meanings. If you like this design, you can use it as an inspiration for your next tattoo.

Coloured Clock Tattoo

coloured clock tattoo
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For those, who like a vibrant and prominent design, this one is a must-have. The artist for this design has incorporated two beautiful colours, gold, and pink, to highlight the different aspects of the tattoo. When presented together in one single design, it surely looks quite aesthetic. When you go for these kinds of coloured tattoos, ensure that you choose colours that complement each other well.

Clock tattoos are indeed one of the most iconic designs of all time. On that note, here are a few other examples of some of the best clock tattoos.

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