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If you want to add a floral touch to your cool shoulder tattoo, then these shoulder flower tattoo ideas are just what you need.

shoulder flower tattoo
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Flowers is a popular tattoo designs of all time.

If you are looking for beautiful shoulder tattoos, then you cannot go wrong with flowers. Flower tattoos are appropriate for anyone and they all look amazing.

There are many types of flowers in the world. We are more familiar with flowers like rose, lotus, and sunflower. But there are many other types of flowers that you can get tattoos of. Flowers are, no doubt, one of the most beautiful elements found in nature and different flowers represent different meaning. Roses represent love, sunflowers represent divine beauty, lilies represent motherhood and good fortune, and lotuses are used to represent purity and eternal life. The shoulder area is perfect to showcase these beautiful illustrations of flowers. So if you want to get an amazing flower tattooed on your shoulder, then you have come to the right place. We have collected the best flower shoulder tattoo ideas just for you.

Amazing Black Ink Shoulder Blade Floral Tattoo Ideas

amazing black ink shoulder blade floral tattoo ideas
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Black ink tattoos look amazing on anyone. And if you are a fan of traditional black and grey tattoos, then this beautiful tattoo of peonies is just what you need. There is a lot of meaning attached to peonies as they represent beauty, love, honor, and also romance. They are a very auspicious flowers. In the picture, the woman has peonies tattooed on both her shoulders and shoulder blades. You can always choose to get it done on one shoulder. You can also add some other flowers to the mix if you want to, like roses. If you are not a fan of such a large design, then you can also ask your tattoo artist to make you smaller floral designs for your shoulder.

Beautiful Small Flower Tattoos on Shoulder Ideas

beautiful small flower tattoos on shoulder ideas
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If you just want a small floral tattoo on your shoulder, then this one is perfect for you. This tattoo is very small but intricate and looks amazing on the front of the shoulder which sits just under the collar bone. Even though it is a small flower tattoo, there are some really good details in it. For tattoos like this one, people usually go for flowers that mean something to them. So if you have a flower that has some significant meaning in your life or you like the symbolizations of a particular flower, then you can ask your tattoo artist to make a design for that flower for your shoulder. If you want a colorful tattoo instead of a black and grey one, then you can go for that as well.

Intricate Rose Tattoo Ideas on Shoulder

intricate rose tattoo ideas on shoulder
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Roses are one of the most popular tattoo subjects in the world right now. The Rose is also the most popular flower, so it makes sense that people love getting different types of rose tattoos. If you also want a beautiful floral tattoo on your shoulder and want a lot of roses in that tattoo, then this tattoo idea is perfect for you. This is not a very large tattoo, but it covers a big part of the shoulder. There are many intricate detailing in the tattoo and the roses look amazing because of that. If you always wanted to get a rose tattoo, then this tattoo idea is perfect for you. A rose tattoo will symbolize love, romance, courage, and beauty. Even though this rose tattoo is done in black ink, if you want a colorful rose tattoo, then you can always ask your tattoo artist to draw up a design that suits your taste.

Amazing Feminine Flower Shoulder Tattoo Ideas

amazing feminine flower shoulder tattoo ideas
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Floral designs are usually pretty feminine to begin with. But when we talk about feminine tattoos, we mean delicate and intricate images that will make a woman’s femininity shine through the tattoo. The shoulder is also a great place to get a tattoo like this because it is a pretty visible part of the body and looks very graceful as well. In the picture, we can see a very delicate design on the shoulder that continues till the upper arm. There are very small delicate flowers on the thin stems, and there are also some leaves. Even though the rest of the tattoo is done with black lines, the flowers are bright blue and bring the tattoo to life.

Beautiful Flowers and Butterfly Shoulder Tattoos

beautiful flowers and butterfly shoulder tattoos
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Flowers and butterflies have been portrayed together for a long time now. They are very closely related as butterflies can always be found close to flowers. So if you have always wanted a butterfly tattoo with some flowers, then this tattoo is perfect for you. The tattoo is not very big and looks very dainty as well. There are some beautiful blue flowers along with a small butterfly on the side. You can add any insect that you want to the flower to your liking. A lot of people even get flower and snake tattoos and they also look very cool.

Fantastic Blue and Pink Shoulder Flower Tattoo Designs

fantastic blue and pink shoulder flower tattoo designs
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Colorful flower tattoos are one of the most beautiful things ever. If you are a person that likes to show off their shoulders and body art, then this tattoo idea is perfect for you. The tattoo has some really colorful blue and pink flowers along with some dark green leaves that help the bright colors stand out. There are also some light green leaves and branches at the back which gives the tattoo depth and adds a 3D effect. You can get this tattoo on your shoulder blade as well. This type of shoulder tattoos hurt, but they can also make you look stunning if you can handle the pain.

Beautiful Cherry Blossom Tattoo Ideas

beautiful cherry blossom tattoo ideas
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Cherry blossoms are also one of the most popular floral tattoo designs because who does not love cherry blossoms right? This cherry blossom tattoo has some amazing details and really stands out on the person’s shoulder. It is a very pretty design that instantly draws the gaze of the onlooker. The tattoo is done in black ink, which makes it more prominent. But if you like cherry blossom tattoos that have a bit of color in them, then you can ask your tattoo artist to make the flowers pink, which is the color of cherry blossoms. You can get similar tattoos of plum blossoms as well, and since they have a darker red color, they will look even better on your skin.

Watercolor Wisteria Flower Shoulder and Collar Bone Tattoo

watercolor wisteria flower shoulder and collar bone tattoo
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Shoulder tattoos are amazing, but they look even better when they also adorn the collar bone. Collar bones are one of the most attractive features of a person’s body, and it looks amazing if you put a tattoo over them to highlight them. This tattoo, which is done in a watercolor style starts from the chest, right under the collarbone, goes up to the shoulder cap, and then down onto the upper arm. The tattoo is of wisteria flowers, which are a symbol of immortality and long life. This is a beautiful tattoo idea for anyone. You can also use this tattoo to cover an older tattoo that you want to get rid of. The placement makes it a little painful, but if you can withstand a bit of pain, then you will have a fantastic tattoo that will turn all the heads.

Fantastic Shoulder and Upper Arm Rose Tattoo Sleeve

fantastic shoulder and upper arm rose tattoo sleeve
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We cannot have a list of shoulder tattoos without talking about tattoo sleeves. A shoulder tattoo by itself looks amazing, but when it continues down the arm to become a full sleeve, that is when its true beauty shines. So if you are looking for a sleeve tattoo made of flowers, then this idea is just what you need. Since the tattoo is made up of roses and other flowers, it does not look intimidating even though it is a big tattoo. Instead, it looks very pretty and detailed. You can also go for a colorful shoulder and arm sleeve if that is something you want. You can also continue this tattoo on the other side till your chest and it will look amazing.

Amazing Black Ink Floral Shoulder Tattoos for Men

amazing black ink floral shoulder tattoos for men
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Who said that floral tattoos are just for women? If you are a man and want a floral tattoo that suits your personality, then we have one right here for you. Even though you can get pretty much any tattoo from the list as they will look amazing on both men and women, this one has the boldest and most masculine strokes of ink out of all of them. The tattoo is made with black ink and has a bold design. Not only does it have flowers like orchids and plums, but also bamboo leaves. There are many elements to the tattoo and it looks absolutely badass.

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