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On a spree to explore different locations for your next tattoo? Have a glance at our top 10 shoulder tattoo for women that are every bit feminine and badass!

Shoulder Tattoo For Women
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The shoulders are an absolutely stunning location for women to get inked at.

The lean structure of a woman’s shoulder strikes a balance between being too flimsy and bulky. Naturally, a tattoo on the shoulder is a sign of oozing femininity and sensuality that a woman chooses to show or hide.

Over the years, the shoulder tattoo game has grown in popularity, with a number of designs sprouting every now and then. The area also wins brownie points for being less painful near the shoulder caps and the outward space. However, as you move towards the neck and the clavicle bone, pain intensity will notoriously increase and you will experience sharp tingling pain. This is due to the presence of many nerves that enable the arms and neck to move and make gestures like shrugging. The outer shoulders, on the other hand, have a thick cushioning of muscle and fat, protecting the area from the sharp needle. Thus, depending on your choice of design and the location, your shoulder tattoo will cause you to suffer.

But hey, no pain no gain, right? Even though the inner shoulders hurt bad, a clavicle tattoo is more popular than a women’s back tattoo or a shoulder blade design. Want to know the many designs you can get out of this location? Keep scrolling and brace yourself to be awed!

Floral Shoulder Tattoo Ideas For Women

Floral Shoulder Tattoo Ideas For Women
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Women’s tattoos and floral imagery are two inseparable parts of a whole. Thus, it is no surprise that flowers creep in on the shoulders, too. This one features pretty lilac blooms leading from the top of the arm to the clavicle via thin vines that cover the entirety of the left shoulder. The design is completely based on immaculate fine lining and shading techniques that produce such vibrant colours and bring the idea come to life.

Floral Shoulder Tattoo Ideas For Women ideas
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Similarly, this tattoo design weighs heavily on the shoulder blade and not so much on the top. The red plum blossoms bloom beautifully on the sculpted shoulders, making the scarlet appear even more dominating. Getting these floral bunches can be a foolproof go-to choice for females starting out on their shoulder tattoo journey for these stunners will never fail. Moreover, these colours are pretty womanly and are perfect for dainty tattoos on the shoulders.

Shoulder Tattoos For Women With Stars

Shoulder Tattoos For Women With Stars
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Girl, do not just look up to the stars, get them inked on your body! If minimalism is your deal, this shoulder design is here to teach you some tips and tricks. The tattoo artist inks dainty stars and a crescent moon completely in black. This simple approach is incredibly helpful if you are a beginner viewing different options for your first tattoo in this area. The fine lining and the location of the design will cause minimal pain, leaving you with a cute tattoo that will accentuate your femininity.

Shoulder Tattoos For Women With Stars ideas
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The frailty of this starry design is really the charm of this piece. Unlike the one listed above, this tattoo uses dot work in blue to represent stars sparkling their light and the big bright one perhaps depicts an explosive star. The elliptical path also adds some real scientific image to this graceful tattoo on the shoulder.

Top Of Shoulder Tattoo For Women With Animals

Top Of Shoulder Tattoo For Women With Animals
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There is no harm in some magical fairy dust on the shoulder, is there? Inked with an adorable fox, the design exhibits vibrant colours, magic mushrooms, and a glowy fragment of the moon. The location is absolutely perfect for the fox as it complements the bends, protecting you from less pain!

Top Of Shoulder Tattoo For Women With Animals ideas
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But if you are not a big fan of solid colours on your skin, black and grey options like this can be an easy swap. Here, a sleepy Bengal tiger sprawls at the top of the shoulder as if on a greeny bed of grass. The inclusion of red ink defines the animal’s body patterns, simultaneously providing a little more to gaze at. You can surely try other animals, things or maybe a sign that you resonate with and wish to be inked with any time soon.

Small Tattoo Ideas For Women Shoulder

Small Tattoo Ideas For Women Shoulder
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Speaking of signs, a tiny little heart sign in this area is- a) effortlessly cute, b) practically painless, and c) has never hurt anybody! This minimal heart wave shows that creativity is actually a no-brainer. Depending on your preference, you can shift this small tattoo on your clavicle or the base of the neck for a better chance of viewing.

Small Tattoo Ideas For Women Shoulder ideas
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And if you are feeling fancy, here is your sign to try a pair of goldfish that will make you stand apart from the crowd of shoulder tattoo ideas. Fragile but cute, this tattoo banks on the use of orange colour and the beauty of the location to boost its look. Also, did you know that a goldfish is a potent symbol of prosperity, harmony, and wealth in body art? All the more reasons to get it inked ASAP!

Shoulder Tattoo Designs For Women With Patterns

Shoulder Tattoo Designs For Women With Patterns
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The shoulder cap is a brilliant site to ink patterns. For instance, the beauty of this mandala art looks is in its positioning which gets you a good look at the patterns no matter the angle you are viewing with. Completely based on impeccable dot work, this mandala is sure to redefine women’s tattoo standards.

Shoulder Tattoo Designs For Women With Patterns ideas
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If you are on the lookout for more options on patterns, take a look at this rad Filipino tribal tattoo to visit the Polynesian culture with a modern stance. Interestingly, this design dumps the loud machines for the traditional hand tapping technique which involves getting inked with stick stabs in your skin.

Modern Shoulder Tattoo For Women

Modern Shoulder Tattoo For Women
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Considering you have not been living under a rock, you know about the rage caused by one line art. The idea is a sign of our contemporary times and also makes irreplaceable tattoo designs.

Here, the artist inks a portrait of a woman with the loopy curved lines forming an individual component of the full image. You can also try out a female figurine using this idea and further adorned with botanic imagery. Simple but awesome, these one line tattoo options are perfect for girls looking for a not-so-basic minimal tattoo on the shoulder.

Abstract Shoulder Tattoo For Girls

Abstract Shoulder Tattoo For Girls
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Don’t have a decided motif in mind? Why not just flow? This tattoo shows how you can play around your shoulder without any specific idea. This one exhibits smoke trails that float around the entire shoulder and clavicle area. Tactfully shaded, these ripples present a mock 3D effect that helps the design from getting banal.

Even though we asked you to flow, remember these designs tend to score higher on the pain scale. You can limit or even extend such abstract ideas absolutely depending on your tattoo preferences.

Dainty Top Of The Shoulder Tattoo For Women

Dainty Top Of The Shoulder Tattoo For Women
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Delicate tattoos have a charm of their own that needs no special introduction. For instance, this simple design is all about a game of fine lines and curves featuring the Polynesian Naupaka flowers. Hawaiian legend has it that the flower represents two forbidden lovers who were separated and killed by their families. That is why if you join two Naupakas, it forms one complete flower.

Dainty Top Of The Shoulder Tattoo For Women ideas
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This bow tattoo on the shoulder is a royal show of a dainty design. A bow and arrow design also carry the connotations of a breakthrough caused by personal triumphs. These symbols mean that you are capable of protecting yourself and gaining freedom from any kinds of restraints. The rose gold colour gradient in this shoulder tattoo effectively brings out the essence of a larger than life lifestyle while maintaining a petite appearance.

Intense Shoulder Tattoo For Women

Intense Shoulder Tattoo For Women
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Blackwork is intense and aesthetically dramatic with bold strokes of black ink smeared on the skin. However, depending on the tattoo motif the intensity of these designs can be easily mended. As for this shoulder tattoo, the artist opts for a grand show of peonies in bold black outlines. Peonies are generally inked with their natural shades to convey the meanings of love, femininity, and innocence, but here the black ink produces an intimidating shoulder wrap.

Intense Shoulder Tattoo For Women ideas
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Like peonies, the Bird of Paradise is a flower containing positive meanings associated with creativity and uniqueness. Surely this tattoo design is a unique depiction of the indigenous flower with all the drama going on in black. These ideas in blackwork are apt for the girls who know how to roll the badass way. You can try a serpent tattoo or an eagle on the shoulders to further venture into this intimidation game.

Women’s Shoulder Tattoo With Butterflies

Women's Shoulder Tattoo With Butterflies
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Get yourself some glossy papillons and see how they leverage your temperament! Butterflies are known for their innate beauty and charm. However, they are the perfect embodiment of transformation and best signify resilience. Here, the tattoo artist adopts two butterflies of different kinds. While pink butterflies stand for romantic love and innocence, the blue ones suggest a playful attitude. Getting both will mean you are someone who knows how to swing between these two moods with grace.

Women's Shoulder Tattoo With Butterflies ideas
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While coloured butterflies both look and mean pleasing things, a black butterfly is generally seen as a mark of lament. They signify hardships, grief, and loss that the wearer has perhaps grown through in life. This design opts for an undefined shaping of the insect to produce a blurred idea than a neat one. Read more on the significance of differently coloured butterflies and get inked with the one that best describes your life journeys.

Tattooing your shoulder is one of the most cherishing experiences that you can gift yourself. Go with any or both sides of your shoulders and the result will not be disappointing! Be it shoulder tattoos for men or women, these beauties will own any motif or theme that you choose to go with. Having said that, here are some suggestions to get you prepared for your next shoulder ink:

  • Sun and moon shoulder cap tattoo for girls
  • GoT inspired three dragons’ shoulder tattoo
  • Women’s shoulder tattoos with skulls
  • Self-care quotes tattooed on the shoulder
  • Shoulder tattoo with Roman numerals

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