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Are you planning to get a tattoo for the first time? Here are some simple tattoos of classic designs you can get inked with!

simple boys tattoo
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A simple design can turn out to be a fascinating tattoo art if it is inked with perfection.

A tattoo is a creative form of self-expression. You can opt for different art styles and personalize your design with some creative detailing.

Your first tattoo will always hold a special place in your heart. However, it also requires a lot of planning and thoughts. A tattoo can be a great conversation starter and at the same time be a huge commitment. Starting small, you should pick a concise design that resonates with your taste. The placement of the design also plays a huge role. You should choose areas on your arm, leg or shoulder which will be comparatively less painful to get inked with. Take a look at these simple tattoo ideas with their symbolic meaning before you get your first ink!

You can go for simple tattoo designs for boys, which can include simple tattoo designs on hands for boys or simple tattoo designs for boys on arms. The best thing about simple easy tattoo for boys is that it doesn’t need to be meaningless. A simple tattoo for boys on hand can be meaningful if you want to add a deep quote with it. Of course, you can even go minimalist and try simple hair tattoo designs for boys too. After all, cool simple tattoo ideas do not stop at something like a quote. Even a geometric pattern representing the natural world in cubes and squares can be one of the popular tattoos for men and boys, with its unique tattoo idea and art style.

Simple Wave Tattoo

simple wave tattoo
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A simple wave tattoo can be a great idea for your next ink. The wave is detailed in black with tiny stars placed all around it. The waves are shaded in a bluish hue in a subtle watercolour inking style. According to your preference, you can place this simple tattoo of an oceanic wave anywhere on your skin.

simple wave tattoo ideas
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You can pair your oceanic wave with a cute dolphin tattoo like the one shown in the picture. The dolphin is inked in black and has striped underparts. The curling wave is inked in a vibrant shade of blue. Moreover, the glowing sun in the backdrop beautifully highlights the design. Together, the waves are symbolic of continuity in life while the dolphins represent free spiritedness. Thus, this beautiful design also holds a symbolic meaning.

Tribal Armband Tattoo

tribal armband tattoo ideas
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A tribal armband can be a great choice if this is your first tattoo. The armband is inked in a shade of black with intricate tribal patterns. Each pattern holds a symbolic meaning. A tribal armband is often inked to honour the roots of the wearer and celebrate the cultural heritage.

tribal armband tattoo ideas
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This stunning armband tattoo has floral detailing on the design. The flowers are shaded in black which adds to the beauty of the design. The tribal patterns are inked in black with crisp detailing.

Amazing Phoenix Tattoo

amazing phoenix tattoo
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This ankle tattoo portrays the phoenix bird in clean lines. The crisp detailing of the mythical bird makes the design look extremely elegant. The bright orange sun at the back adds a pop of colour to the phoenix tattoo design. Apart from your ankle, you can place this tattoo on your forearm or back. The phoenix, rising out of ashes, is symbolic of transformation in life.

amazing phoenix tattoo ideas
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You can opt for vibrant colours to portray your phoenix tattoo design. The fluid watercolour inking style used in shading the plumage of the bird enhances its appearance. The feathers in its wings have a pink hue while the tail coverts are shaded in blue. The head and neck of the bird have a vibrant yellow tint.

Small Lion Tattoo

small lion tattoo
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A simple design of a lion can turn out to be a stunning body art if it is inked with perfection. This monochromatic lion tattoo portrays the majestic animal with intricate detailing. The lion is framed with geometric patterns which makes the design look even more enchanting. A lion tattoo conveys the strength and courage of the wearer.

King Crown Tattoo

king crown tattoo
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A crown tattoo can be an ideal choice if you are planning to get inked for the first time. The crown has an antique appearance for its unique detailing. The shading on the crown further enhances its antique charm. You can also portray your crown tattoo in different colours and pair it up with other designs to accentuate its beauty. The crown

king crown tattoo ideas
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You can pair a king crown tattoo with a shining sword to create a meaningful tattoo design. The entire design is intricately detailed in black ink. The shading on the sword and the crown give it a realistic shine. The sword was one of the main weapons used in war during ancient times. Thus, it symbolizes bravery while the crown, associated with monarchy, usually represents triumph and glory.

Stunning Snake Tattoo

stunning snake tattoo
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A snake is coiled along the length of the collarbone of the wearer. The skin of the snake is intricately detailed with intricate patterns in black ink. Its slender forked tongue, emerging out of its mouth, is inked with precision. A snake sheds its old skin and therefore is associated with rebirth. If you want to represent the concept of beginning a new phase in your life then this snake tattoo can be your perfect choice.

stunning snake tattoo ideas
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This snake tattoo is paired with two golden swords on the skin of the wearer. The swords pierce through the skin of the snake. The fangs of the hissing snake are highlighted in white. Its skin is inked with intricate patterns. The swords are shaded in a beautiful golden hue which enhances the beauty of the design.

Cute Anime Tattoo

cute anime tattoo
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Animes have become a popular theme in the tattoo world! A cute calicifer tattoo is inked on the arm of the wearer. Calcifer is portrayed holding a log of wood in the design. It is shaded in a bright orange hue and outlined in black. The wood is intricately shaded in brown and black. The cute fire demon, from the anime Howl’s moving castle, possesses magical energy. It is associated with power and can be a great first tattoo idea.

cute anime tattoo ideas
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A small P-Chan can also be a great anime design for your first ink! P-Chan is shaded in black with beautiful floral detailing and a yellow ribbon around its neck. Its large eyes and nose have a pink hue. You can place your P-Chan on your wrist or arm to display your anime fandom.

Stunning Anchor Tattoo

stunning anchor tattoo ideas
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You can opt for a simple anchor tattoo design like the one shown in the picture. The anchor is intricately detailed in black ink. It is shaded with a blend of green and blue ink in a watercolour inking style. You can place your small anchor tattoo anywhere on your skin. Apart from being a unique design, the anchor tattoo also holds a lot of meaning. An anchor is used to tie the ship and limit its progression in the water. Thus, its symbolic meaning is associated with commitment, hope, and stability.

Artistic Constellation Tattoo

artistic constellation tattoo
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A constellation tattoo is a simple design which holds a deep significance. You can pair your constellation tattoos with a moon and a planet like the one shown in the picture. The moon and planet tattoos are beautifully detailed in a watercolour inking style with millions of stars. The constellation is kept simple in fine lines. It is considered to be an emblem of good luck and faith.

artistic constellation tattoo ideas
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A constellation is paired with a bow and arrow tattoo on the arm of the wearer. The entire design is inked in black with beautiful shading. The bow and the arrow are intricately highlighted in white. The bow and arrow are associated with a sense of direction in one’s life while the constellation symbolizes faith. Together, the design represents having a purpose in life by believing in one’s faith.

Interesting Dice Tattoo

interesting dice tattoo
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A dice is beautifully inked on the skin of the wearer in a multicoloured hue. This simple piece looks absolutely stunning with its dynamic details. The blend of colours on the dice accentuates its simplistic charm. Dice is a symbol of chance and luck. Thus, it represents taking a risk in life and making bold choices.

interesting dice tattoo ideas
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Instead of going for a single dice tattoo, you can portray a pair of them like the one in the picture. The pair of dice are inked with burning flames. The vibrant hue of the flame adds to the beauty of the design. Dice are mostly used in playing games of chances like gambling and casino, hence they are associated with luck.

You can opt for a small tattoo in fine lines or detailed with simple geometric symbols. You should consult with your tattoo artist and explain your preferences in detail. Here is a curated list of some cool simple tattoo ideas for boys in a multitude of inking styles that you can take inspiration from!

  1. Simple name tattoos in vibrant colours on the forearm
  2. The abstract tattoo art on the back with tiny stars
  3. Cool feather tattoo in watercolour inking style on the leg
  4. Simple cross tattoo on the chest
  5. Small hand tattoo of an angel wing
  6. A simple eagle tattoo on the chest
  7. Badass skull tattoo on the forearm
  8. A simple tree tattoo on the lower back
  9. Small tattoos of anime characters on the chest
  10. A simple compass tattoo on the shoulder

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