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Tired of trying to find the best design for your next tattoo? Well, we got you covered. Check out these amazing simple flash tattoo designs perfect for you!

simple flash tattoo
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It must have happened several times that you are unsure about which Tattoo Design to get, this is the time when you end up getting a flash Tattoo Design.

Flash tattoos are designs or custom tattoos that have been pre-designed on a cardboard or a sheep and hung on the walls of tattoo parlors. Every artwork is a pre made design and help you easily choose your next tattoo.

Tattoo artists show their talent here and create these beautiful small designs that you can tattoo very easily. Not only are the statues beautiful to look at, each has a unique and different meaning. You can also customize flash tattoos if you request the tattoo artist. Generally, these flash tattoos have history attached to their designs and they go back to really early days of tattoo making.

A flash tattoo can be of different styles, like a market flash, a collector flash, or even a custom tattoo. Market flash tattoos generally include references from the pop culture, rose tattoos, heart tattoos or more. These are simple and small designs that are usually made in one sitting. The one important thing about market flash tattoos are that they are very generic and not as unique as you might think. Collector flash tattoos are very unique. These designs are made by tattoo artists, specifically according to their own style. Therefore, each tattoo artist will have a different and unique collection of collector flash tattoo. The last of the styles are custom tattoos. These designs are something that you create along with your tattoo artist and it is a mixture of your and their styles. These tattoos are highly unique and personal and show off your creativity.

So what are you waiting for? Check out this list of amazing flash tattoo designs that we have created just for you. Select your favorite design and make your next tattoo now.

Eye Flash Tattoo

eye flash tattoo
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An eye Tattoo Design is one of the classic designs that is preferred by a lot of tattoo enthusiasts. Since it is a very common design, it is possible that a lot of people end up getting the same tattoo. An eye tattoo is a representation of God’s eye watching over his children. This tattoo also symbolises guidance.

Although most eye tattoo designs are generally made with black, grey and white ink, this one is a little different from them. The tattoo artist has used bright blue colour to make the entire design. To add to the element of the design, they have added a small heart below the eye, which is a symbol of love and passion. The combination of this tattoo makes it beautiful and very unique.

Flower Flash Tattoo

flower flash tattoo
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Some of the most famous flash tattoo designs are of different kinds of flowers. Although roses and tulips are a very common choice, another very popular choice is offer peony flower. A peony Tattoo is a symbolism of beauty, nobility, love and honour. In certain cultures, like the Japanese and Chinese, they use this design as a stand alone tattoo.

Flower tattoos are generally made with different bright colours like red, pink and yellow to add more substance to the design. However, there are lot of people who prefer to make simple black ink flower designs which makes it look elegant and delicate. This is a very beautiful design and you can definitely consider this for your next tattoo.

Minimalistic Flash Tattoo

minimalistic flash tattoo
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When you visit a tattoo parlour to select your next tattoo, it is possible that you fall in love with more than one tattoos. These tattoos in the image are a prime example of this. The right hand features a deer tattoo with antlers. This tattoo is a representation of grace and someone who is at peace and has only love to give. This tattoo is also a symbolism of beauty, humility and growth. The tattoo artist has used solid black ink to make this design and it looks absolutely stunning.

There are also a lot of people who believe in numerology. Accordingly, 777 is a very positive number and it is considered extremely spiritual. 777 is also considered an Angel number, which means that there are angels in heaven who are guiding you at every step. The tattoo artist has used simple black strokes to make this tattoo. Both the tattoos are elegant and beautiful, and you can pick one for your next tattoo.

Acorn Flash Tattoo

acorn flash tattoo
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When it comes to flash tattoos, there are infinity ideas available for you because each tattoo artist has his own style. Sometimes it also happens that several tattoo artists have the same list of designs, but with their own unique personal style added to it. One of these designs is an acorn. An acorn can be made in a variety of styles.

The most common one is a simple black ink design of the nut. According to many cultures, Anacon is a symbol of growth, life and birth. Since these nuts are found in an oak tree, they are also a symbolism of immortality and fertility. These designs may be small and simple in nature, but the meaning behind it is deep and beautiful.

Rosary Flash Tattoo

rosary flash tattoo
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If you are a Christian and believe in the Almighty, this tattoo is the perfect design for you. The tattoo of a rosary is believed to keep the evil spirits and demons away from you and your loved ones. Not only this, this design will also remind you to stay on the right path and keep yourself away from all kinds of temptations. A rosary Tattoo Design is also a representation of Virgin Mary and makes you feel safe and secured just like your life is being overlooked by Jesus himself.

This tattoo has rosary beads around the forearm like a sleeve, and there is also across attached to it. This is a simple and beautiful design and you can consider it for next tattoo.

Self Love Flash Tattoo

self love flash tattoo
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Every individual has gone through their own ups and downs in this life, and one thing that is most important is to give yourself some love. To keep up the balance of work and social life, person forgets to give themselves some important. A great way to keep up with that is to get a small and simple tattoo that will remind you to give yourself some love.

This simple and minimalistic design shows a person hugging themselves and some flowers instead of a face. The meaning behind this tattoo is ‘grow through what you go through’. It means that you will be faced with some difficult decisions in life, but that will help you learn.

Baby Angel Flash Tattoo

baby angel flash tattoo
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A very common design that helps you keep your faith in God and religion is this baby Angel tattoo. This tattoo is the representation of innocence and is also the link between Earth and heaven. When you look at the statue, you will be reminded of the infinite love of God and the protection that he is providing to you every day.

This design is a very simple and minimalistic tattoo because it is only made with line work art of black ink. This tattoo has been placed on the backside of the upper arm. It may not always be visible to you, but whenever you look at it, you will be reminded of your undying face in God.

Ladybug Flash Tattoo

ladybug flash tattoo
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Ladybird tattoos are very small and an ideal choice if you want something that represents happiness, friendship and love. According to certain cultures, a ladybird is considered a good luck charm. Many people get this tattoo on themselves as a sign of protection. These tattoos can be wait in various styles and the most common one is the colorful ladybug tattoo where red and black colour is used to make the design.

However, this tattoo is of a simple ladybug made with black ink. This tattoo is so small and minimalistic that it will not be visible to you at all times, and if you wish to cover it, the body placement allows you to do so at all times.

Star Flash Tattoo

star flash tattoo
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This Tattoo Design is of different stars. The unique part about this tattoo is not only the design of the stars, but also the placement of this tattoo. There are not a lot of people who like to go for a tattoo near the ear. This entire tattoo has been made in black ink and the placement is such that it may not be visible to you at all times, but it is a conversation starter for other people. Please. Tattoos are a symbol of guidance and light in life.

Cherry Flash Tattoo

cherry flash tattoo
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A cherry is another very common Tattoo Design and it is a symbolization of innocence, purity and fertility. Although a cherry is usually made in red colour, the tattoo artists use different shades of colors to provide a special meaning to these tattoos. This design is more like a traditional Tattoo Design, where bold strokes of black and bright colors have been used. It is a simple tattoo and has a deep meaning and you can definitely consider this one for your next tattoo.

Not only a flash tattoo, simple and unique, they are also according to your preferred style. You can visit your nearest tattoo parlour and select your favorite unique Tattoo Design. Since these tattoos are simple and small in nature, it is possible that they are completed in one sitting itself. We hope that you liked our suggestion of some beautiful flash tattoo designs. However, if you want to explore further, you can also check out –

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