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Do you want to get a spooky tattoo for Halloween? Check out this exciting list of Halloween tattoo designs before you go for your next ink!

simple halloween tattoo
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Halloween tattoos can have a range of meanings associated with mortality, mystery, and prosperity.

Halloween is a festival celebrated on October 31 where people dress up in fancy costumes to trick or treat! Halloween-themed tattoos usually revolve around ghosts, goblins, and witches which have gained much popularity in recent years.

The origin of the word ‘Halloween’ comes from All Saints’ Eve, observed on October 31, to remember the departed souls of saints and martyrs. Many Christians, on Hallows Eve, visit the graves of their loved ones to light candles and offer prayers. It is a festival that particularly originated in the west from the Celtic festival of Samhain. However, it has now spread to many other parts of the world. People celebrate Halloween by dressing up in scary costumes, trick or treating neighbors and friends, carving faces into pumpkins, visiting haunted spots, or watching horror movies. The festival of Halloween also happens to be a popular subject when it comes to tattoo art. Halloween tattoos are an amalgamation of all the spooky elements in stunning designs and shades. Some of the popular themes include the veiled ghost, Jack o lantern, haunted house, and black cat. You can give your personal touch to your Halloween tattoo by combining your favorite spooky designs in one frame! These tattoos are a perfect blend of fun and mystery with some element of horror. Take a look at the following best Halloween tattoos and choose one that you admire the most!

Jack o lantern Tattoo

jack o lantern tattoo
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Jack o lanterns can be a classic design to celebrate the spooky season of Halloween! The neatly carved face on the orange pumpkin is quite fascinating to look at. Moreover, the orange maple leaves in the backdrop symbolize the season of fall. It originated from the Irish myth of Stingy Jack who is associated with Satan and is believed to roam the earth on the day of Halloween with a hollowed turnip. The lantern made out of pumpkin is believed to ward off evil spirits. You can style your pumpkin by giving it a witch hat and a broomstick!

jack o lantern tattoos
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The Jack-o-lantern is paired with stunning monochromatic floral motifs on the arm of the wearer. The pumpkin face is beautifully detailed in a sparkly shade of golden ink. The outer shell of the pumpkin is inked in a gradient of orange and brown ink with black detailing. Apart from your arm, you can place this stunning Jack-o lantern tattoo on your back or leg. You can also incorporate more than one pumpkin on your arm to turn this into a sleeve tattoo.

Flying Bat Tattoo

flying bat tattoo
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The cute Kawaii bat can be a perfect Halloween tattoo idea if you’re looking for a small spooky design. The tattoo artist has inked the underpart of the black bat in a neon green shade. The large purple wings of the black create a stunning contrast in the design. Its glowing green eyes and pink little ears simply add to its cuteness. Moreover, it holds a pumpkin filled with candies in its claws to celebrate Halloween night.

flying bat tattoos
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The cute bat is portrayed in a purple hue with pink detailing in this Halloween Tattoo Design. The vibrant pair of glasses and the sweet little bow on its forehead is making the design look even more attractive. Its large blue eyes are detailed in a contrasting shade of white. The tiny hearts and stars surrounding the bat further enhance the beauty of the bat tattoo.

Halloween Cat Tattoo

halloween cat tattoo
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Black cats are undoubtedly a popular theme when it comes to Halloween tattoo art. The small black cat has popped its head out of the pumpkin in this cute design. Its furs are shaded in black while its whiskers are inked in strokes of white. The piercing eyes of the cat have a gradient of orange and yellow with black detailing. Furthermore, the pink witch hat on its head makes it look even cuter. The pumpkin is shaded in bold hues of orange and yellow with a creepy face carved on its surface.

halloween cat tattoos
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If you wish to have a realistic black cat tattoo for this Halloween season then you can surely opt for this design. The black cat, inked with realistic detailing, is balancing itself on top of an orange pumpkin. The stunning white rose, placed at the bottom, accentuates the charm of the design with its beauty. You can place this design along the length of your arm or leg where there is enough room to fill the details.

Scary Coffin Tattoo

scary coffin tattoo
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A coffin is a funerary box where the dead are buried. Thus, it is a relevant theme for Halloween tattoo designs. The surface of the coffin is detailed with a veiled ghost carrying a pumpkin in front of a haunted mansion. The veiled ghost is inked in white with black dot work detailing. The full moon and the flying birds in the backdrop add to the spookiness of the design. You can place this coffin tattoo along the length of your arm like the one shown in the picture.

Planchette Tattoo

planchette tattoo
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A heart-shaped planchette can be a simplistic yet meaningful Halloween Tattoo Design to get inked with! It is a tool used in communicating with the dead and thus has found a place in the list of Halloween tattoo ideas. The planchette tattoo is beautifully detailed in a pink hue with tiny white dots surrounding its edge. Moreover, the black crescent moon in the backdrop adds a unique detailing to the planchette tattoo. You can also pair your planchette tattoo with the ouija board to create a more elaborate Halloween Tattoo Design.

planchette tattoos
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This can be a great alternative to the planchette Tattoo Design. The black planchette is detailed with an orange pumpkin and spooky ghosts. The small spider emblem on the top adds to the mystery of the design. The contrasting hues of orange and black ink used in portraying the design enhance its stunning appearance. You can place this Halloween-themed planchette tattoo anywhere on your body.

Halloween Moon Tattoo

halloween moon tattoo
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The small moon is beautifully detailed with a Halloween pumpkin, a pair of veiled ghosts, and flying bats. The dainty design can be easily placed anywhere on your skin according to your preference. You can also incorporate other designs of your choice to personalize your Halloween moon tattoo.

halloween moon tattoos
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You can also opt for this moon tattoo paired with a witch hat and a broomstick. The moon is kept simple in a stunning shade of blue. The black witch hat is shaded in grey ink while the large broomstick is detailed in brown. You can also ink a witch flying on the broomstick to make your Halloween tattoo look even more attractive.

Spooky Ghost Tattoo

spooky ghost tattoo
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The cute Halloween tattoo portrays a ghost on a maple leaf. The leaf is detailed with a view of a graveyard on a starry night. The red moon in the backdrop adds to the spookiness of the design. The tiny ghost is kept simple in white with black detailing. The tiny bats, hovering around the maple leaf, enhance the brilliance of the Tattoo Design.

spooky ghost tattoos
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A ghost is arising out of the pumpkin tattoo in this unique Halloween design. The ghost is shaded in a pale blue hue with a black outline. The creepy face carved on the pumpkin is inked in yellow.

Alluring Witch Tattoo

alluring witch tattoo
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A witch flying on a broomstick is beautifully portrayed on the leg of the wearer. Her stunning purple dress and long black hair with subtle blue highlights make the design even more beautiful. Two Halloween pumpkins are attached to the end of the broomstick. Moreover, the orange moon and the painted sky enhance the charm of the witch tattoo.

alluring witch tattoos
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You can also opt for an enticing portrait of a witch like the one shown in the picture. The white eyes of the witch add to the spookiness of the Tattoo Design. Its purple wavy hair along with the black hat creates an alluring visual. Moreover, the floral motifs at the bottom bring a feminine appeal to the design.

Halloween Skull Tattoo

halloween skull tattoo
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The ice cream shaped in the form of a human skull can be a unique Halloween tattoo idea. The realistic detailing of the skull-shaped ice cream is done with perfection. Moreover, the splash of blood in the backdrop makes the design look extremely spooky. The hazel eyeball placed on top of the ice cream adds a unique detailing to the design.

Halloween Candy Tattoo

halloween candy tattoo
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A cute candy tattoo in the shape of a pumpkin is beautifully portrayed in this design. The half-eaten candy is inked in orange with the detailing done in black ink. The candy stick is inked in alternate stripes of orange and black ink. The red swirl creates a stunning backdrop for this cute Halloween tattoo.

According to popular beliefs, the dead souls returned to their homes on Hallows eve. Thus, this festival is also celebrated to ward off evil spirits. From dressing up in Halloween costumes to visiting Halloween-themed parties, everyone enjoys this spooky holiday in their own sweet ways! Thus, you can get yourself inked with a spooky tattoo to relive the memories of the Halloween season all year round. Here is a curated list of Halloween tattoo ideas to get inspired from for your upcoming spooky ink!

  1. Creepy Halloween tattoos of hatbox ghosts on the arm
  2. Tiny Halloween tattoos of a spooky cat with a crescent moon on the back
  3. Haunted house tattoo with realistic detailing on the upper arm
  4. Spooky pumpkin tattoo with black cats on the leg
  5. Flash tattoos of witches flying on broomsticks on the back
  6. Cool Halloween tattoo of a pumpkin with a candy
  7. Realistic cat tattoo on the leg
  8. Scary veiled ghosts tattoo on the back
  9. Simple minimalist Halloween tattoos of tiny bats on the arm
  10. Horror tattoos of a realistic skull with black roses
  11. Scary Halloween tattoos of goblins in a watercolor inking style on the lower back
  12. Simple small Halloween tattoos of bats flying in the night sky
  13. Flash simple Halloween tattoos of a black cat on the back
  14. Halloween pumpkin tattoo in vibrant colors on the shoulder
  15. Scary tattoos of the invisible man on the arm

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